Friday, May 22, 2015

Five on Friday - May 22, 2015

Time for another link up for Five on Friday!!

I really loved only having a 4 day work week - it was nice and quick!! It has been a busy week with some wedding plans so I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend! 

Here is what has been happening this week:

This past weekend saw me plant my very first garden!! Last Summer in the new house was only setting up the backyard, there was no time for flowers and vegetables! So I planted a few pots full of mixed flowers, tomatoes, a blueberry bush and a lilac tree! In my veggie garden I planted: zucchini, squash, beets, carrots, beans, radishes, and lettuce! I am looking forward to seeing if I can grow things!! 

Over the long weekend, I did a 12 hour house clean!! This included a couple hours in my closet trying on every item of clothing a getting rid of things - look at this pile! Holy! It felt so great to de-clutter the house and my closet! Now it's time to do some auctions and make a little $! 

This week has been an awesome mail week - omgoodness!

I got this awesome t-shirt (I ordered this last month from The Wonder Forest campaign to raise money for animal shelters)! It is adorable and for a great cause - I love it! 

I also got these amazingly adorable Hanaka Macaron Facial Masks! You know I am a sucker for any adorable face products (especially masks!) You can expect a review on these babies soon! 

In addition to these goodies, I also got a good Sephora haul (I will make this a new post!) and I got my Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower dresses!! I felt a little spoiled this week! 

This week has been crazy for some of my favorite reality show! 

I am really happy that Kaitlyn was chosen to be the Bachelorette - she is different than the typical girls on the show and I like that! However, there is some drama that happens this season!! I am withholding judgement as to what happens during the season! 

If you would have asked me if I would have wanted Mike to win Survivor at the start of the season, I would have told you no way!!! But, as it progressed he worked his butt off and earned the win in my opinion!! 

The Amazing Race dating season - I'm not sure I liked the Blind Date twist, but I understand them trying a new twist on the show! I like Laura and Tyler - I thought they worked well together (but I was totally rooting for the Olympians!)

Do you have reality shows that you follow?


One of my favorite things about this beautiful weather is enjoying a good beer on my patio! And this Fruli Strawberry Beer is amazing!!! Yum!

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend, xoxo


  1. Doesn't it feel like a load lifted off your back when you purge your closet like that?! I just did the same thing a few weeks ago and then this past week went and got some closet organizers and between the combo, it feels like I have a brand new closet and wardrobe!

    1. Yes - it felt awesome!! So good to clear it out - I should have thought about some new organizers, that would have been perfect :)