Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday - May 15, 2015

Time for another Five on Friday! I'm so excited that this weekend is a long weekend - no work for me on Monday! 


If you are just popping in - my first big news of the week is I am hosting a GIVEAWAY!!! This week it was my 1 year blogiversary and I complied some awesome products to give to one of my amazing readers!!! You can go to the original post right here!!! Good luck everyone! 


My long weekend plans don't include camping or anything exciting - they include major spring cleaning! I will be cleaning the house top to bottom and outside and inside and going through everything! Doesn't sound too exciting but it's got to be done! 


Mother's Day was this past weekend and I got spoiled! I maybe dropped a hint or two that Lush had some awesome Mother's Day goodies and I needed them, so I am so excited! I have actually never tried any of these products - surprisingly as much as I love Lush, I haven't tried very many products yet! I am excited for all of these! 

I'm considering a new monthly post, but have been slightly undecided! What would you guys think of an empties post? Something you would be interesting in reading? I actually really love watching youtube empties videos, and I follow a few bloggers that do these posts! I just went through so many awesome products this month and thought they would be fun to blog about! 

Source Mott's
Mmmm... yesterday was National Caesar Day! I love a good Caesar! I'm not going to lie, I didn't even know this day existed until I heard someone on the radio talking about it, but I was happy to celebrate when I found out! I always think it's weird that when I travel to the States and there are no Caesars there - personally, a Bloody Mary just doesn't do it for me - it's just what we are used to I guess! 

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! 


  1. hi I'm with you on the no exciting long weekend plans - just nice to have 4 days off! I've never heard of empties videos - will check out you tube. Caesar day was all over Twitter yesterday, they really are good and its fun to have friends who go all out with fun garnish! love pickled asparagus in mine!

    1. Oooh nice - you got 4 days off, I only got 3! I will take it though - always nice to have a long weekend!
      Did you check out empties videos? I don't know why they are so addicting to me!
      I love the crazy Caesar garnishes - Earls makes a homemade beef jerky for theirs and it's the best thing ever!

  2. The panda eye patch is the cutest thing ever :3

    1. Aren't they so cute?! I love all the k-beauty panda goodies!