Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Honey Badger Wine + SNP Tiger Sheet Mask)

On some weeks, Wednesday just cannot come soon enough! Ugh - wedding planning is no joke! So on that note, I am thoroughly looking forward to relaxing night! 

My theme for this week's Wine + Mask Wednesday is "Animals"! I thought this was a fun theme and I have the perfect pairing for you guys (but mostly for me!)

My Wine of the Week is:

Honey Badger Sweet Red ~  $10 - $15. I was so excited when I saw Honey Badger wine!!! I have watched the Honey Badger youtube video as embarrassingly amount of times - it is hilarious! I had to have this - here is how it is described:
"Honey Badger is first and foremost a red wine, produced from only the finest Shiraz and South Africa’s very own, exclusive Pinotage grapes.

Precise blending is done after maturation and a sweet concentrate is added, giving it that marvelous sweetness that leaves you wanting more.

Honey Badger Sweet Red wine boasts a smokey, chocolate nose with some woody notes also on the palate. It showcases a ripe berry character and rich, full finish."

I like that is made with a grape exclusive to South Africa, it makes me think that this will taste much different than anything I have tried before! Here is a look at the wine:
This was a lot darker of a red than I was expecting (I see the word sweet and think that it will be lighter in color), but it did explain that it was a sweet Shiraz so it makes sense that it is dark. It was very different tasting than anything I have had before! I quite like the combination of a sweetened Shiraz - it has all the deep chocolate/smokey flavors but in a fresher way, which I liked! I would have it again! 

To match my animal wine, I also have an animal mask for you:

SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask ~ $1.50 - $5. Seriously, how cute are these animal masks?! I know I talked about the Otter Mask last month in my Monthly Mask review, but I haven't given an animal mask a full review yet! I love the animal mask idea - I think they are so fun to wear! Here is how this mask is described:
Strengthens the vitality of skin, minimizes wrinkles and prevents the appearance of age. Softens rough skin, moisturizes and gives a healthy glow. 

An anti-wrinkle mask is not something I generally go far - luckily wrinkles are not a problem for me yet (but i'm still youngish and would like to help prevent them!)

Here is how I used the mask:
1. Cleanse and tone skin
2. Open package and unfold mask (if there is any extra essence, you can apply this to your face prior to putting the mask on)
3. Place mask on face and smooth out - use the tabs to get the best fit possible
4. Leave on for 10-20 minutes
5. Remove and pat in extra essence
6. Complete nighttime skincare routine

Here is what the mask looked like on:

I thought the mask fit fairly well - there was lots of tabs to get a good, snug fit and it did not budge for the 20 minutes I wore it. This does have a slight perfume-y scent to it (it actually reminds me of a laundry scent), but I prefer unscented masks personally. After 20 minutes, there was only a little essence left to pat in. My skin looked great, but I have to say this was not the most moisturizing mask - my skin felt soft but not as hydrated as I like after using a face mask! This particular type is not my favorite of the animal masks (the otter mask was very hydrating!)

Have you jumped on the animal mask bandwagon yet?