Saturday, May 2, 2015

April 2015 Month of Masks in Review

I hope you guys like this new post - I thought I would try something a little different! I use so many masks and only feature a couple on Wednesdays and sometimes on Sundays. I thought by reviewing my month, my readers would be able to see my reviews about more products! 

My Skincare Routine is very important to me - you can view my Daily and Nightly routines here if you are familiar with the Korean 10 Step skincare routine! Masks are a big part of this routine and since I have come to love this routine, I have incorporated so many new masks in to my routine! I love trying different brands and different types of masks! Hopefully after this post you love masks as much as I do!

April 1
Deary "Rose Idebenone Whitening Invisible Elastic Mask" ~ $2.20 (pack of 5 for $10.99). A staple in the skincare regimen that makes your face glow like a rose.
This mask was featured for Wine + Mask Wednesday so you can see the whole review here - I liked this mask overall. The fit was a bit big but it did have tabs to help it fit any size and it made my skin tone look much more even after! 

April 3
Innisfree Skin Solution Mask "Hydrating" ~ $1.87. Mask pure cotton, not through bleaching. Hyaluron is concentrated with high moisture. Dry and rough skin moisturised.
I have featured an Innisfree Skin Solution sheet mask before (not this particular type though) - I really like that the sheets are organic unbleached cotton and they feel really great on! This one delivered on the hydration for sure - my skin felt great after! (you will see a lot of Innisfree over the months as they had a buy 10 get 10 free deal)

April 7
The Face Shop Bamboo Mask ~ $2. Contains bamboo extract that provides natural minerals and helps discharge impurities. 
I really love The Face Shop sheets masks (it is one of the one stores to buy Korean beauty products near me so I loaded up) and they have all been good so far. They fit well but a little on the bigger side. These sheet masks usually have quite a bit of extra essence that I apply prior to putting on the mask so my skin always feels great after! 

April 8
Pure Smile Pure Jelly in "Royal Jelly" ~ $1 each. Memebox describes this mask as: "Lock in moisture and transform skin into a nice honey-glazed complexion with royal black honey and royal jelly extracts."
This mask was featured in my Wine + Mask Wednesday post and you can see the whole review here. This mask was so cool - as soon as you apply it, it immediately starts to bubble up! This was quick as it only takes about 5 minutes and it makes your skin feel extra clean!

April 11
Skin Food Black Sugar Wash Off Mask ~ $20.90. A leave-on mask with generous moisturizing and effective exfoliating ingredients. Grainy sugar granules slough off excess oil and grime, while a self-heating formula opens up pores, allowing skin to fully absorb the rich minerals and vitamins.
This is an amazing exfoliator!!! I have featured in a review and you can see the whole review here. Korean skincare recommends a good exfoliation once every two weeks and this is pretty much my go to - it works so well. Stays on skin for 10 minutes and then gives extra exfoliation as you wash it off! 

April 11
To Go Spa Coconut Eyes ~ $4.17 (pack of 3 for $12.50). Hydrate, Nourish, Soothe and Moisturize your under eyes leaving them refreshed and rejuvenated.
I love using eye masks - sometimes under the eyes just need an extra boost! For extra goodness with these, I put them in the fridge for a little bit prior to wearing them! It added a great cooling sensation and felt awesome! 

April 13
Beauty Clinic Mediental Snail Aquaring S.O.S. Solution Mask ~ $5. Works to repair and moisturize skin that has been damaged by the dry environment.
This mask is amazing (and a little on the expensive side) and I only use it when my skin is feeling especially bad and in need of a good refresher. I have reviewed this on the blog before and you can check out the whole review here. It is a 2-step mask with an extra essence to use before applying. Probably my favorite sheet mask!! 

April 15
Anerah Skincare Rejuvenating Mineral Mask ~ full size is 30g for $24.95 (this is just a sample size). "The Anerah Skincare Rejuvenating Mineral Mask is a blend of carefuly chosen ingredients and helps balance stressed skin, creates firmness, improves the skin texture, and draws out toxins.
This was one of my first times using a mix it yourself mask and it was a mess. I am not a fan of this mask, it was uncomfortable to wear and got so itchy I had to take it off early - I do not see myself using this again.

April 16
Tony Moly Panda Dream Eye Patch ~ $1.80. Improves dark circle 60g's the most suitable for eye skin - strong adherence black sheet - it makes the eye area brighter after use.
I'm sorry that the picture of me wearing these is so scary! These little buggers were not nearly as cute on as I thought they were going to be! Even with picture instructions on the back, it took me forever to try and get these on the right way and I still think I am not wearing them right! After a bit of a hassle, they did feel nice on and made my eyes feel good - I bought a few together, so hopefully next time I try things work out better! 

April 17
Tony Moly I'm Real Rice Mask Sheet Clear Skin ~ $4.50 ($9 for 2 at Sephora). This sheet mask treatment is infused with natural rice extract for radiant, clear skin. Perfect for all skin types, it moisturizes, brightens, and instantly invigorates your complexion. 
I have to start by saying I love Rice masks - I think they may be my favorite type of mask as they always make my skin feel amazing. This mask smelled amazing - like fresh laundry (I think that may sound weird but it was so good!) This mask was very thin and delicate and I ripped it a little bit trying to unfold it (i'm like a bull in a china shop, not the most gentle) but it worked great. My skin felt awesome and refreshed after using this! 

April 18
Lush Fresh Face Mask "Catastrophe Cosmetic" ~ $6.95. A cooling, calming, deep cleansing blueberry mask for sore and troubled skin.
This mask is amazing - I have featured it before on a Wine + Mask Wednesday and you can check out the full review here. This mask is made with blueberries and is blue when you put it on - it smells amazing!! Note, when you buy Lush's Fresh Face Masks you only have about a month or so to use them since they are made with all fresh ingredients (so this may be on here more than once!) This is one of my favorite masks; I buy it quite often! 

April 19
Dal Tokki Facial Scrub ~ around $25. This facial scrub is made from the Korean glutinous rice cake - known to be rich in various vitamins and nutrients - and it works to smooth out and clarify the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells and dry, flaky patches. It's sticky, cheesy formula is not only fun to play with but also rejuvenating and nourishing to the skin. The natural rice cake grains gently exfoliate without any stimulation and and is suitable for all skin types and ages. 
While I guess this isn't "technically" a mask - you apply it like it is! It is an exfoliant but you apply it, scrub it and rinse off which makes it a wash off mask to me! I featured this product in a Skincare Sunday post and you can view the whole review here. This turned out to be a gentle exfoliator which was great on my sensitive skin (although I did get some in my eye during the wash off process that stung). 

April 22
Lassie'el Raspberry Age Defying Yogurt Massage Mask ~ $6 for 4 mask packs. "Deeply replenish and revive dry, dulled skin with a rich blend of yogurt extracts that effectively sloughs away dead skin cells and skin impurities from the pores and prevent oxidation of the skin. The yogurt formula consists of lactobacillus, raspberry extracts, and collagen extracts which all work to fight and diminish appearance of wrinkles and sagging, aging skin."
This mask smelled incredible - I can't even explain to you how good! I featured this on a Wine + Mask Wednesday and you can see the full review here. Prior to using this mask I put it in the fridge for a little while and it was a great idea - it went on nice and cool and felt so refreshing! My skin felt very soft after using this mask! 

April 23
SNP Animal Otter Aqua Mask ~ $2.43 (pack of 10 for $24.35). By replenishing moisture energy to dry skin lacking hydration the aqua mask makes skin soft and smooth. It contains coconut water, hyaluronic acid, and trehalose to supply lacking moisture and balance skin.
How cute is this mask?! I love it - I may be slightly obsessed with getting animal masks after trying this one! The best part is this also made my skin feel super hydrated and soft after use! I am happy I got a few other kinds to try, but I think there is a reason the Otter mask is the most popular - it is adorable and it works! 

April 24
Repeat - I did say I had to use this within a month! Of course, I love this mask.

April 26
Innisfree Skin Solution Mask "Moisturizing" ~ $1.87. Ceramides that inhibits the evaporation of water and moisturise the skin dry and rough intensive.
The essence in this mask was quite different than most sheet masks (usually the essence is clear and this one it was almost milky/creamy). It also smelled like coconuts which was awesome and made my skin feel soft after! I liked it!

April 28
Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask in "Pearl" ~ $1.99. For brightening and vitalizing. 
I was really looking forward to trying this mask - how cool is it to be wearing pearls on your face?! Sadly, this mask did not have nearly enough essence as I am used to from other masks and it was pretty much dry after 20 minutes. It also felt slightly tingly on my face at first (it did go away eventually). 

April 29
My Beauty Diary Red Vine Mask ~ $2. My Beauty Diary Red Vine Mask is a brightening and revitalizing product.
I guess I should have looked in to what this mask was for prior to using it - i'm sure i didn't need 2 brightening and revitalizing masks in a row! I featured this mask on my Wine and Mask Wednesday post and you can read the full review here. This mask was saturated and had lots of extra essence and it smelled like grapes! I really enjoyed the fit of this mask and it didn't budge for 30 minutes which was awesome! My skin looked brighter after using this! 

I hope my month of masks was not too overwhelming - I like to look back and see what I like and did not like about each mask! I recommend using masks at least twice a week for your skin, but you can certainly use them more often! 

Do you like the Month of Masks in Review?


  1. I like this new review section - I don't use masks often but I am inspired to start again. I am also thinking it is a good routine for my daughter to start as she is turning 13 soon and has changing skin. Do you know any good masks or types of masks for oil/blemish control - or targeted pimple treatment? So far her skin is pretty good and I hope it stays that way. thank you - I love your blog.

    1. oh thanks - I was hoping this new post would be helpful! I just thought it was such a waste to only review a few!! It really is a great routine to get in to for you and your daughter - there are so many good masks for all skin types!
      I think the Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic is great for controlling blemishes and the Innisfree spot treatments that I link here: have worked amazing overnight for targeting pimples! In terms of oil control, sadly my problem is the opposite with super dry skin so I have no recommendations for that! I appreciate the positive feedback :)

    2. Thank you for the ideas - the Innisfree spots have great reviews and Lush is always fun. I tend to have dry skin as well and I haven't used blemish & oil control products for a while. I noticed some of your Friday 5 friends are taking summer break - so weird how summer holidays start for American kids in May!

    3. That is super early!!! Way to long for the kid to be out of school I say - mom son is 10 and I know he does not need that much time off of school :)