Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday Day (Pelee Island Gewurztramier + Innisfree Skin Solution Trouble Care Sheet Mask)

I'm really starting to enjoy these Wine and Mask Wednesdays - it is a perfect excuse to relax with an awesome face mask and a glass of wine! Nothing better!

I have been looking forward to trying these masks from Innisfree! 

So, to pair with my mask, the wine for this week is:

Pelee Island Gewurztraminer - $12. Pelee Island Winery (In Kingsville, Ontario) is the oldest (and biggest?) estate winery in Canada. 

I have actually never tried this wine before! Here is a closer look at the label:

This Gewurztraminer is described as:
"This wine has a spicy aroma and exotic taste of mangoes and peaches". The tasting notes also tell you to look for hints of lychee, citrus and pear. 

I certainly tasted the citrus and pear - my palette isn't refined enough to taste everything suggested! I really love a good Gewerztraminer, so this isn't my favorite but it is good - I would purchase it again. 

Now, on to the mask pairing! Since this was a new wine for me this week, I thought the mask of the week should be new to me as well! This week's mask is:

Innisfree Skin Solution Mask - Trouble Care ~ $1.91 CAN. I have never tried Innisfree mask's - but have heard some great things about them! Recently, Innisfree had a buy 10 get 10 free on all their skin solution masks, so I jumped right on it! 

Innisfree is an natural company, and while I haven't tried many products, I have liked what I have tried so far!:
"Innisfree, the pure island where clean nature and healthy beauty coexist in harmony. Innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju allowing for vibrant beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature."

The trouble care is for reddish and dehydrated skin - my skin has not been great the last little while so I need this! Here is a closer look at the directions and ingredients:

This mask contain propolis (extracted from honeycombs for clear skin) and jeju green complex (for healthy skin). 

It is an easy sheet mask to use - first wash and tone face, remove mask from package and fit on face. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, remove, pat excess moisture in to skin and complete skin care routine. 

Here is how the mask fit:

It's not the best fit, but it was sturdy and I could move around for the full 20 minutes without it coming off! (Also, the mask is unbleached cotton so it may have some specks in it - these are cotton seeds.)

I thought after 20 minutes, that my skin felt improved, hydrated and less red! I enjoyed this mask - I am looking forward to trying the other types I got too! 

Have you gotten in to Wine and Mask Wednesday?

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