Sunday, February 8, 2015

Skincare Sunday - My Nightly Korean Skin Care Routine

Welcome to my first Skincare Sunday! I thought it would be fitting to do a few posts about my routines and eventually get in to my favorite products!! 

My longest Skincare Routine is my nightly skincare - this is sometimes 10+ steps! (But in the end it is so worth it!)

Thanks to Memebox and a few other boxes I found along the way - I have drastically changed my skincare routine - from 2 steps to 10 steps! I like the Korean approach that as long as it takes you to get your face  ready in the morning, it should take you just as long to care for it at night! 

So this is my interpretation of the 10 step Korean Skincare Routine (you can view Beauteque's 10 step routine on their blog here and Into The Gloss's interpretation here - both have been helpful to me!). 

Step 1: Make-up Removal 
It is important to use a gentle remover or wipes, especially to remove eye make-up prior to washing your face! Be gentle and don't pull too much - this step is helpful so you aren't scrubbing or pulling too much while cleansing!!

Here are the make-up removers I am currently using (of course this doesn't mean these are the best products, just what I like/have):

  • Benefit They're Real! Remover
  • Purederm cleansing tissues
I also like The Face Shop Herb Cleanser Makeup Remover and Sephora Gentle Makeup Remover - I usually prefer using the makeup remover wipes as I find using other removers with cotton pads a little too rough on my eyes!

Step 2: Cleansing
This step could also be a 2-stepper as a lot of Korean skincare regimes recommend a cleansing method of double cleansing - which is step 1 oil cleanser and step 2 foam cleanser (I will post about this in more detail in a later post as I am waiting for my first oil cleanser!)

There are many different kinds of cleansers, and I actually recommend having a few different cleansers - I like foam cleansers for before bed for a deep clean and a gel/regular cleanser for the morning time! 

While cleansing, be gentle and when you are done - make sure you pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it dry!

Here are a few of the different cleansers I am using right now:

  • SkinFood Egg White Pore Meringue Foam
  • BWC Facial Cleanser
  • Vitamin Cleansing Dessert
  • BareBox Organic Facial Cleanser
  • Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder
I love this SkinFood Foaming Cleanser - this is my go to nightly cleanser to help remove the rest of the make-up and deep cleanse at night! (The other gel kinds are more gentle and I often use them in the morning for a lighter cleanse!)

Step 3: Exfoliate 
* Note this step is not daily! This step is recommended only once or twice a month. While exfoliating, focus on areas where blackheads are prevalent. This is done to polish and brighten the skin! 

If you do any type of facial peel as well, it would grouped in with exfoliants and not recommend more than once per week! 

Here is a look at the exfoliants/peels I am using right now:

  • DalTokki Facial Scrub
  • SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off
  • Tosowoong Black Sugar Facial Scrub
  • Juice Beauty Sensitive Apple Peel
  • Sonya Dakar Flash Facial
  • Tony Moly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream
I love both the rice and the sugar scrubs - they are amazing!! And the Juice Beauty and Tony Moly peels are both very gentle! 

Step 4: Toner  
The toner stage (also referred to as the "refreshing stage") is for restoring your skin's PH levels. I find American toners to be way too harsh and drying on my skin - there is a definitely a difference with Korean toners! They are much more gentle and help prepare your skin for the next! 

Here is a look at the toners I am currently using:
  • Tosowoong Timeshift Skin Toner
  • The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisture Toner
These toners have both convinced me that toning your skin is okay (up until 6 months ago I had not done it on years because everything I was using was way too drying!).

Step 5: Essence  
This is considered the "essential" step in Korean skin care - it is the first step for deep hydration! You'll see more results from essence than any other product because it treats skin on a cellular level. Essence is a concentrated formula that specifically targets wrinkles, fine lines, and dull and uneven skin tones. Korean essences typically contain an active ingredient that optimizes your skin's natural cell turnover rate (think skin regeneration) and with regular use you will notice that your skin is more smoother and brighter. - courtesy of SokoGlam.

Here is a look at the Essence's I am currently using:
  • ProYou Magic Silky Shiny Skin Essence 
  • Tosowoong Syn-ake Natural Pure Essence
  • IOPE Essential Facial Oil
For best product absorption, apply directly to skin - it is also recommended you use a tapping method as opposed to a rubbing method to apply!

Step 6: Ampoule  
An ampoule is a concentrated essence - this step could also be referred to a "serum/booster". It is not uncommon to use 1 or more types of ampoules at the same time - remember a little goes a long way! Again, apply directly to your skin using the tapping mothod! 

Here is a look at the Ampoule's I am currently using:
  • Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen Ampoule Essence
  • Carestory Collagen Ampoule
I also love the SoyBio+ Lumpoule but usually reserve it for my morning routine! 

Step 7: The Sheet Mask  
*Note this step is not daily! (Although it could be if you wanted it to be - it wouldn't hurt your skin, would just be time consuming!) It is recommended to be done twice a week - I personally do sheet masks twice a week and another type of mask 1 night per week! 

Sheet masks come in many shapes and sizes - pick a type that you think your skin needs! I personally love anything brightening or hydrating! 

The secret to sheet masks? They force your skin to absorb the nutrients and moisture better than if you just applied a cream or serum—before the product has a chance to evaporate. The immediate effects are addicting, after one use your face is slightly more plump and much brighter due to all the moisture your skin just absorbed. - From Into the Gloss

Here is a look at my mask collection (don't judge):
  • The Face Shop in every kind!
  • Velive Girlish Masks
  • Snail Aquaring SOS Mask
  • Lassie'el Yogurt Massage Mask
  • Wonderucci Cacao Brightening Masks
  • Secret Nature Volcanic Ash Pore Pack
There is clearly more in these piles than I have listed, but I seriously have a ton of masks! I agree that the results are addicting and they make your face so smooth!! I love The Face Shop sheet masks as they are only $2 each - but most of them deliver results!

Remember, each Wednesday I will be reviewing a new mask - so make sure you check back on Wednesdays!!

Step 8: Eye Cream 
This is concentrated formula for brightening your eyes and focusing on fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes! Like the essence and ampoule, apply this product by gently tapping into the skin!

Here is a look at some of the eye creams I am currently using:
  • Philosophy Time in a Bottle for Eyes
  • Palmetto Derma - Lifting Eye Cream
  • Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Eye Gel
  • Shara Shara Green Oasis Lifting Eye Cream
With these products remember, a little goes a long way! 

Step 9: Moisturizer  
This step is self-explanatory! But, it can also be broken down in to 2 steps: Emulsion and Moisturizer.

An Emulsion is a lighter version of a moisturizer. For those with oily skin, you may not need to apply anything heavier than an emulsion! Those of use with dryer skin, should be applying both layers! I actually do not currently have an emulsion but I have one on it's way to me:
  • Nature Republic Argan 20° Steam Emulsion
On the other hand, I have a ton of moisturizers! They vary from quite light to heavier - I love having a variety so I can match it to my skin's daily need!

Here is a look at the moisturizers I currently have:
  • Eslor Moisturizer
  • BareBox Organic Moisturizer
  • Juice Beauty Moisturizer
  • Dermalift Lotion
  • Etude House Moistufull Collagen Lotion
  • Tosowoong Syn-ake Moisturizer
  • Eco-Beauty Day Moisturizer 
I have more than shown here - some of these are more meant for day use and some are thicker for adding deep moisture before bed! Again, I love having a variety because every day my skin is a little different!

Step 10: Night Cream 
By this point your face feels like a 6-tiered cream cake and your skin has major shine—or as Korean women like to call it, a dewy, "moist glow." The point is, your skin needs to stay hydrated as you recharge overnight. - from Into The Gloss

The Night Cream (or Night Pack) acts as a barrier to seal in the moisture in, but still allows the skin to breathe! 

Here is a look at the Night Creams I am currently using:
  • DewyTree Aqua Collagen Peptide Sleeping Mask
  • Derma E Hydrating Night Creme
  • Yes To Carrots Night Cream
  • Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack
These are all great, but the Banana Sleeping Pack smells so amazing!!  

It's hard to believe we have made it through 10 (or more) steps to get ready for bed! But there is a big pay off for putting this much care into skin - I have noticed a difference! My skin is smoother, brighter, and more hydrated! It also isn't that time consuming when you get used to it! 

Tune in to next Sunday to see my Day Time Skin Routine!! (Don't worry, it is not nearly as many steps!)


  1. This is awesome! I've been wanting to incorporate more of a Korean skin care routine and products into my life, and this breaks it down so well! Thank you! :)

    1. Great - so glad you found it helpful! It can be so overwhelming figuring out which product to use when, especially with so many differeny products! It is well worth the switch over to spending a little longer on skincare!

  2. This is a great entry. I absolutely LOVE KBeauty products. They are A-MAZE-ING!

  3. Oh wow this looks amazing. I'd love to try out some Korean skincare but can't seem to find it where I live. These look fabulous xxxxx

    1. E-bay is always a good place too - look for sellers from South Korea and many offer very reasonable shipping (usually free)

  4. Wow, I love Asian skincare products! So many new things to try from your very comprehensive list! I'm awaiting the arrival of my first Memebox :)

    1. Hope you love it! Memebox is what got me addicted to all of this!! Enjoy!

  5. Amazing routine! Your mask collection is phenomenal, I wish mine looked like that. I need to try more Korean products but I just don't know where to find them.... I love the Rice Powder from Tatcha! xx

    xo Brigette from

    1. Thanks, I have a bit of a mask problem - I started with memebox but if you are interested look on ebay, lots of sellers have free shipping from Korea and really reasonable prices!

  6. I LOVE your mask collection! Mine's just about the same but I can't stop buying them! They're so great to use, especially on my lazy days! I think your skincare routine is great, it def gave me an idea on what I need to incorporate into mine!

    1. I can't stop buying them either - no matter how many I have, I just keep getting more! Glad you liked it - thanks :)

  7. Oh my gosh! So many cool-looking products. Korean makeup/skincare has some of the cutest packaging. It's like art. Thanks for sharing. This inspires me to try new things. :)

    1. Yes their packaging is amazing! I love when products look good :)