Sunday, February 15, 2015

Skincare Sunday - My Morning Korean Skincare Routine!

I thought since I started my Skincare Sunday posts with my Nightly Routine, it made sense to to the second post with my daytime routine - trust me, there is no way that I can do that many steps in the morning! (plus a lot of products are sticky and might not look great during the day!)

I will just include my pre-makeup steps for you! You can view here where I interpreted my day-time routine! 

If you are interested in viewing my Korean nightly skincare routine first, you can check it out here!

Step 1: Cleanser 
There are two types of cleansers I like to use in the morning: gentle gel/cream cleansers, or light exfoliating cleansers (I usually use these about once per week, and a gel cleanser the rest of the week).
I would save the foam and oil cleansers for nighttime when your skin requires a deep cleanse! 

Here are the cleansers I currently use in the morning:

  • Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Cleanser
  • Tatcha Polished
  • Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser
This Beauty Without Cruelty gel cleanser is awesome - it is my go-to morning face wash! When I want a gentle scrub in the morning, I use the Tatcha and the Suki!
Step 2: Toner
As explained in my night-time post - this is an essential step. I do not recommend using an American toner as most are too astringent and drying on the skin - they are another cleansing step. Korean toners are made to restore the pH balance of skin, and to being adding moisture. This is much more gentle on the skin!

Here are the toners I am currently using:

  • Tosowoong Timeshift Skin Toner
  • The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisture Toner
Both of these toners are awesome - I had not used toner in years until I found Korean toners! 

Step 3: Refresher/Water Pack 
I like to follow up my toner with a quick refreshing mist (this can also be used anytime during the day when your need a quick refreshing!) or a water pack! They both add a quick blast of moisture and my skin needs all the moisture it can get!

Here is the refreshing mist/water pack I am currently using:

  • Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturizing Refreshing Mist
  • SkinFood Facial Water Vita-C Cream
These are both awesome - so refreshing. I really like to use them to make sure around my hairline gets moisturized as it can get dry and moisturizer makes the hair greasy. With both products, a little goes a long way!

Step 4: Serum/Booster
This is a very important step in the day-time routine as well (it is not nearly as involved as all the essences and ampoules of the night-time routine) and you should use at least a light one during the day. Find a serum that targets a skin care need - I always try and find products with hydrating qualities because my skin is so dry!

Here are the serums/boosters I am using during the day:

  • Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Serum
  • SoyBio+ Fermented Lumpoule
  • Nude Progenius Treatment Oil
  • Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster
I have to say, I really love all 4 of these products - I am sad I am almost done this serum. Now for the morning, you can use 1 serum if you like, but I actually use a combination of a few of these products each day! The SoyBio+ lumpoule gets used everyday - I add a drop to my combination! Don't be scared to mix more than 1 - a little product in all of these goes a long way!

Step 5: Moisturizer 
This step could again be a 2-stepper if your skin needs it: emulsion and moisturizer!
Emulsion is a light moisturizing - if you have dry skin or live in a dry climate or in winter, you should include an emulsion in your skin care routine! If you have oily skin, you probably only need an emulsion or a moisturizer. 
Moisturizer is to add the final layer of your day skin care routine - they range from light to heavier, pick one for your skin. I always have a bog range so I can pick what my skin needs for the day!

Here is the emulsion I am currently using:

  • Nature Republic Argan 20 Steam Emulsion
And here are the moisturizers I am using during the day: 
  • Eco-beauty Good Day. Day Moisturizer
  • The Face Shop Calendula Essential Moisture Cream
  • Neogen Code 9 Gold Cacao Cream
  • Clinique Moisture Surge
The emulsion is delightful - nice and light and not greasy at all! And, all of these moisturizers are great for day wear. The Code 9 cream is a little thicker, but it is amazing! It is my go-to everyday (and it smells amazing!).

Alright, so my 5 step day skincare routine is very manageable and packed with layers of moisture! It is actually very quick as well!  


  1. That BWC cleanser wrecked absolute havoc on my skin when I used it for the third time! I stopped, let my skin heal and then tried it again and so far so good. LOL! I have been curious on the Dermalogica Skin Booster but gosh, it's so darn pricey. Think it's good for dry skin?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Oh no that's not good - hopefully this time it's good, i find it so gentle!
      And I love the Dermalogica booster (but I got it in a FabFitFun box instead of buying it full price!) - it does work very well for dry skin! I love it!

  2. Where did you get most of the Korean products here in Calgary? I have been shopping online for that. Let me know thanks Renee!

    1. I use ebay a lot! Nothing much in Calgary, except from The Face Shop in most malls here!

  3. I love Nature Republic! One opened near me and it is so adorable

    1. I'm so jealous - I wish I had more k-beauty stores near me!