Friday, February 13, 2015

February 2015 Mask Genie Subscription - 5 Mask Pouch Review

Mask Genie is a newer all mask subscription service - January 2015 was the first mask pouch sent out! I didn't catch wind of this subscription until the end of January, so I had to wait until February to try it!

Mask Genie offers 2 different pouches:
  • 5 masks for $12
  • 10 maks for $22
Both include shipping costs!

This subscription is a little different - you do not have a re-occuring subscription, you just email when you would like the next month! They do not have a subscription website, it is through the Facebook page. Some people may not be comfortable signing up for a service through email, and I would not regularly recommend it, but viewing the Facebook page and the reviews, I believed it was legit! 

I ordered the 5 mask pouch, and it shipped early in the month. Here is a look:

It comes in a cute little organza bag - there is no product card, so I will have to look up the products. MaskGenie also does an un-bagging youtube video to show and explain every mask she puts in the pouches!

Looks like a good mix of mask types - here is a closer look:

Foodaholic Snail Natural Essence 3D mask ~ $2.30 per mask ($22.98 for a pack of 10). Is a nutritious mask which contains Snail Secretion Filtrate effective for skin to nourish and elasticity, filled skin with rich moisture and makes the skin tight and shiny. It gives your skin a fresh cool feeling and is rich with moisture and nourishment for healthier skin. This mask will tighten your skin and provide long lasting moisture with moisture retaining properties.
I'm sold on snail products - I love them! MaskGenie explains that she included this mask because it is a great starter mask - they are inexpensive and the 3D fit mean they work for so many face shapes and stay on nicely! 

Tuningface Essence Mask Sheet "Different Moisturizing" ~ $2.10 (set of 10 for $20.99). Convenience sheet type essence mask to give hydrating to tired skin. More moisturizing effect for dry skin. 
There were a few different types of these masks sent out - I am happy that I got moisturizing as that is generally what I look for in a mask! I always like finding good masks that aren't too expensive so if I like them, I can repurchase! 

SkinFood Black Bean Nose Pack ~ $0.91 (set of 7 for $6.38). Containing black bean extract, this nose pack removes blackheads and dead skin on nose, keeping it clean and smooth. Easy and convenient way to keep clean nose skin.
I used to love using these as a teenager and hadn't used them in years until I got some in my Memeboxes - I love them because even though it is kind of gross, you can see how good they work! Good to use once a week or as required!

Beauty Clinic E.G.T. Midnight Capping Pack ~ $1.99. Protein components so that the skin returns to normal balance, create healthy skin. Leaves skin rhythm activation, shaping smooth skin texture.
This mask contains spider peptides and snail slime + other good ingredients for improving skin's appearance overnight! This is an overnight mask - which I love using (I have found them very restorative) and the best part is this is a multi-use mask and reseals! MaksGenie explains you should get about 3 uses out of this mask, but she has used hers 7 times generously and still has some left! I love the Beauty Clinic brand and have found their masks amazing (they are usually a little pricier than normal!).

Deary "Rose Idebenone Whitening Invisible Elastic Mask" ~ $2.20 (pack of 5 for $10.99) A staple in the skincare regimen that makes your face glow like a rose. 
I have been a little apprehensive to try "whitening" products (I have this fear my face will be 10 shades lighter than my neck) - but I have looked into it a little more and realize I don't have much to worry about. They do not bleach the skin, instead help to get rid of dark spots, make skin more even-toned and brighter! I am going to use these and get over my fear!

So for $12 (including shipping), I received 5 masks with a total value of $9.51. I am a little disappointed that the value did not at least match what I paid for the pouch; however, I don't have a big selection of masks near me and would have to pay for shipping overseas if I was buying them off of websites or ebay anyways!

On that note - I love the curation of this subscription! I love trying new masks (and finding new brands to love!) and even though this had 5 masks - they were all different! I like this pouch and am going to subscribe again next month! i know this subscription isn't for everyone, but I like it!

Have you tried MaskGenie's Mask Pouch? What do you think?

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