Friday, November 17, 2023

Five on Friday - November 17, 2023 ~ The Fragile Threads of Power Book Review, 94 Takes The Cake, Life On Our Planet, Love Is Blind Season 5, and My Cats!

Happy Friday everyone - I hope you've all had a great week! 


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Oh man I love sharing a book review and I love this book - The Fragile Threads of Power by V.E. Schwab is an adult fantasy novel. This is both a carry-on of the Shades of Magic trilogy, but the start of it's own trilogy (I would recommend the Shades be read first though because this book is layered and the more background story you know, the better for this!) This book takes place 7 years after the Shades of Magic and while we mostly stay in the present moment, there is some flashbacks throughout the years.

We go back to our favourite characters and mostly in Red London, but there is a current plot to overthrow the throne and Maresh crown - all of the characters do what they do best to stop this and it's so detailed, but everything just builds up so well. I was happy to see Kell and Lila so much, but the new characters we meet are amazing and I cannot wait to see where this next book takes us! So well written! “There is nowhere you go, that I cannot follow.” Ahh 5 stars! 


This past weekend I hung out in Okotoks and visited 94 Takes The Cake - I love this spot and the decor inside is so amazing! I had a London Fog and Macaron and both were delicious. This is the cutest cafe/shop I've been in, so I try and visit every once in a while! 


Oooh - this Life on Our Planet is so good! The graphics are amazing and the plot is great - my 6 year old loves it and honestly, so did the rest of us watching! It was perfect for everyone kids and adults. All about the start of the plant and all the life since then! 


Also in my Netflix binge time this past week, I'm a little behind on Love is Blind so I finally watched season 5 and what a train wreck. The couples were not great and I guess there was a few couples that they didn't show that were pretty abusive or aggressive so yikes! 


My middle children, Max and Mephisto, are not shown on here very often - so hi kitties! I love when I see them snuggling, because they honestly don't do it very often!

I hope you all have a good weekend!  

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