Sunday, January 17, 2021

Five on Sunday - January 17, 2021 ~ December OwlCrate, Lucie Bakes, Bridgerton, and Palettes of the Week

Happy Sunday everyone - should be my Friday, but I guess this week got a little bit away from me! (I took Monday off, and then on Tuesday, I thought my little guy was sick as he was up since 4 a.m. so it had already been a week before I even got it started!)


December 2020 Owlcrate
I purchased everything in this post - this post contains affiliate links

I just received my December Owlcrate subscription and this month's theme is "Love Is A Battlefield" - each month the book Owlcrate includes is signed by the author and comes with a note from the author as well - they often have special edition covers just for the box, and they seem to include a lot of exclusive items just for Owlcrate, which is so fun! As a bookworm, I have been loving this subscription!  

The items included in this month's box are:
  • Book - These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong ~ This is described as an imaginative re-telling of Romeo and Juliet set in 1920's Shanghai. This book is a gold hardcover, signed and the dust jacket has some beautiful art! (If you want to see it, I'm going to share a little video unboxing on my instagram today!)
  • Puzzle ~ This is a 300 piece puzzle inspired by the Moon Festival scene from An Ember In The Ashes - it was designed by @bloodydamnit
  • Leg Warmers ~ These are inspired by Serpent & Dove and they are meant to pair well with boots, leggings, jeans and more! These are really cute and I'm glad that even though I haven't read the books yet! These were designed by @paperbackbones
  • Mini Decorative Rolling Pin ~ This is a cute little rolling pin inspired by Spinning Silver, it has a lovely little foliage design on it and it will look so pretty on cookies or dough! 
  • Hand Cream ~ This is a Fiction Bath Co. exclusive hand cream inspired by Of Fire and Stars - it's called Ice & Shadows and it's described as peppermint woods scented! 
  • Enamel Pin ~ this month's pin is inspired by the book of the month and it is designed by Iron and Ink Designs - it says These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends. 
  • Wooden Ornament ~ this wooden ornament is inspired by The Wrath and the Dawn and says "Some Things Do Not Have To Be Said. Love Speaks For Itself." - it was designed by Juniper and Ivy Designs.
If you are interested in signing up, Owlcrate is $29.99 US per month, plus shipping, ($14.99 to Canada). 


I powered through all the Christmas Cookie Challenges and I saw Lucie Bakes on there - she was amazing, so I had to check out her shop and I'd like to fancy myself a cookie baker, so I ordered a ton of her adorable cookie cutters! I can't wait to make some latte and wine cookies! 


Have you guys watched Bridgerton yet?! I'm usually so slow on watching new shows (I'm stuck on old shows, like an O.C. rewatch), but for some reason, I jumped on this! And, I devoured this in a couple of weeks - it's only 8 episodes and it gets steamy! I loved it! 


Omg, Elliott learned to ski this week! (I'm not a skier at all, so this is not me taking him, but it's too cute not to share!) We are so close to the mountains and Mitch and his family are big skiers so they get them started young! Mitch took Elliott this week and he loved it! They are already planning when to go again! 


I'm still carrying on with using a different palette every week and here is a look at the past 4 weeks: the Urban Decay Stoned Vibes mini eyeshadow palette - you can see it swatched and a look with it here. I used this and decluttered it, it did not live up to my expectation. Then, I used the ColourPop Disney Designer "It's a Princess Thing" palette - I still love this palette, it's easy to wear and a great formula! You can see my swatching and using it in a look here

Then, I used the ColourPop The Child Shadow Palette - I loved this palette and the formula is fantastic! It's a great green neutral colour story and you can see it swatched and in a look on my post here! And then I used the Wet n Wild Ice Cream Bee palette - this was a Summer release that took almost 2 months to arrive. The formula doesn't seem great, but I'm hanging on to it as I'd like to try it a little more before getting rid of it. (You can see it swatched here). 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 


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