Friday, January 22, 2021

Five on Friday - January 22, 2021 ~ XO Treatment Room Thursday Special, Cookie Cutters, and January Declutter

Happy Friday everyone - I hope you had a good week! 


I have to start by saying, it's been a little quiet this week and I will be honest, I've had a pretty long, emotionally draining week - nothing crazy, just a lot on my plate at work and it's just been a lot! So, I'm so happy it's the weekend. And, I would normally apologize for the lack of posts, but honestly, I think it's okay to not be sorry for taking time to yourself when you need it - I've been going to bed early, having bubble baths, reading and just doing what I need! 


I purchased everything in this post

I've been really excited to try more and more from Xo Treatment Room's skincare line, XO Face Care - but, the funnest thing is that Annie (the creator) always does some type of Thursday special - sometimes it's limited edition products, giveaways, etc, but this past week she was giving 3 luxury lip oils with any order over $75 (these are a treatment oil and she wants those who get them to help pick the scent for the final product)! Plus, when the final product is released, they will be in kitty cat tubes! I just decluttered my old exfoliant, so I picked up a new one! 

You should definitely follow along on their instagram, but be warned you will want to pick up every Thursday special! I have to talk myself out of a lot of them as my skincare collection is pretty full! 


I'm really fancying myself a wannabe cookie decorator after watching a ton of holiday baking shows, so naturally I had to place an order from Cheap Cookie Cutters and I'm so excited to get baking! I got some basic shapes and some fun ones - baby yoda, wine glass, and beast's rose! Love them all!


It's 20 year old Renee - can you believe this was my very first profile picture for Facebook when I got it in 2007! So, little Damian was here is only 2, but it's hard to believe this weekend he is turning 16 this weekend! I won't get too sappy until his actual birthday, but it's hard to believe that it's his Sweet 16! 


And, I'm doing my January declutter a little early - there was a few last minute stragglers from the end of the year (the Bite liquid lipstick mini and Glamglow mask), and I had to get rid of these Me! Bath bombs - if you saw my Worst of 2020, then you know these are no go! Also, the Riversol serum just wasn't great for me, and the Cake Beauty dry shampoo sheets were getting old. The only new product was the Bio Sculpture polish and the formula was just too thin for me! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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