Monday, January 11, 2021

Manicure Monday - Bio Sculpture My Winter Garden Polish Collection Swatches

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend - Alberta has extended our lockdown restrictions, so things remain really quiet for us! 

Manicure Monday - Bio Sculpture My Winter Garden Polish Collection Swatches
This collection was sent to me as PR samples

Bio Sculpture recently released their Winter polish collection - My Winter Garden and it's lovely! I really loved their Summer Vintage Poetry collection and I love that they are small, curated with 5 polishes - I loved these deep shades and think that the tones of all of these polishes are perfect for Winter (especially the purple, it is stunning!) These polishes are all $20.50 CAN each and the Bio Sculpture polishes contain plant extract from aloe vera, lemon, and ginseng and they are a vegan and 10-free formula! 

We aren't picking a theme for the month of January for our #CBBxManiMonday, so we are all doing different things this month (which is great because I have a few new polishes I've really wanted to swatch, and honestly, I haven't been feeling the most inspired for new nail art - I'm hoping it comes back to me soon!)

The Bio Sculpture creme formula is a great polish formula - it is opaque in two coats and wears well. I love this beautiful eggplant purple! It's honestly one of my favourite purples ever and it's lovely! 

I love this lighter peachy clay shade - it's lovely and feels very unique. It's deeper and a little more muted than a typically peach, so it feels very fitting in a Winter collection. This is swatches with two coats.

I love this shade of grey, because it is not a typically grey at all and it's a really unique polish in my collection! This was also opaque in two coats. 

This was the only polish that had a bit of a different, thinner formula than the others in the collection - this picture is two coats and it is still slightly transparent, so it could use 3 coats next time! 

This is a really pretty deep maroony, berry read and it's a lovely shade - it's a little deeper than the typical bright red, so again perfect for Winter! 

I love this collection overall - I like that it is small and feels very curated within the theme and the shades are perfect for Winter! 

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