Monday, June 8, 2020

Manicure Monday - Nails Inc. Freshly Juiced Nail Polish Duo

Happy Manicure Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend - I managed to virtually participate in Calgary's protest, get some baking done, lots of family time in and was in bed early last night which was so needed! 

Manicure Monday - Nails Inc. Freshly Juiced Nail Polish Duo
I purchased this duo - this post contains affiliate links

For the month of June, the #CBBxManiMonday group decided to try something new for our theme and went with a Nail Art Roulette style of picking our themes! As a group, we picked 5 colour ideas -  sunset, rainbow, pink, black & white, and neon and 5 themes - gradient, packaging inspired, matte, texture and minimalist. Then, we are each randomly picking numbers to create totally random pairings! And, what's really fun is we don't know what everyone else picked each week, so it's a surprise! 

This week I picked Neon and Matte - and welllll as usual, I stretched this is a little bit! Ever since I picked up these polishes, I've really wanted to swatch and wear them and this seemed like the closest categories it would fit in! These were really bright, so close to neon; buuuuut, these are described as "high-shine" so not quite matte! (Whoops, I did think I had a matte top coat but apparently not, so I tried!)

Manicure Monday - Nails Inc. Freshly Juiced Nail Polish Duo

Nails Inc Freshly Juiced Nail Polish Duo ~ $17.00 CAN. A vitamin-C-infused nail polish duo in juicy shades of orange and watermelon pink.

This duo is actually infused with vitamin C and other oils for glowy nails and they are actually both scented! - one is orange scented and the other one is watermelon scented. You can't smell them until they are on and it's a really light scent; but, I actually like them! These also have a patented brush to work with the shape of the nail and to minimize the number of strokes required - I love the brush! It does work so well! 

Nails Inc Not From Concentrate

Not From Concentratehigh-shine orange

The high shine isn't really super high shine - it is a little more shiny than a regular creme polish, but it's a really great finish! This is opaque in two coats and is amazing for Summer! 

Nails Inc Looking Super Juicy

Looking Super Juicyhigh-shine watermelon pink

How amazing is this pink?! This is a really really bright pink - it is amazing for Summertime, I can see me reaching for this all the time! This was opaque in two coats and is beautiful! 

Manicure Monday - Nails Inc. Freshly Juiced Nail Polish Duo

For this nail look, I used both polishes and then I dotted on some Looking Super Juicy on top of Not From Concentrate! Both shades look so nice together and I will be using both polishes so much this Summer! 

Manicure Monday - Nails Inc. Freshly Juiced Nail Polish Duo

I love this set so much! As always, make sure you check out Cosmetic Proof and Prairie Beauty Love to see what nail art combinations they picked this week! 

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