Sunday, September 22, 2019

Skincare Sunday - First 50 days of my #100DaysofSheetMasks

If you've been following along my instagram stories then you know on August 1 I started a #100DaysofSheetMasks challenge, where I basically wear a sheet mask for 100 days straight! I've been really wanting to get in to masking more frequently again, so I thought this challenge was the perfect way! 

Skincare Sunday - First 50 days of my #100DaysofSheetMasks
Some masks may have been received in PR or giveaways - this post contains affiliate links

I didn't share any of the masks I used on my August Empties (I usually have a Month in Masks feature), but I thought I'd round up my first 50 days of masks and share some quick thoughts on each mask! 

Skincare Sunday - First 50 days of my #100DaysofSheetMasks

The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Clay Face Mask ~ $? 

I started the 100 days by picking a bunch of older sheet masks in my collection that I needed to get through. This is a clay style sheet mask and lasted about 15 minutes (not the suggested 30 minutes). It did have a muddy scent but it worked well. It was so clearing and my skin looked really good the next morning!
Repurchase: It's not available anymore! 

Leaders Mediu Amino Lifting Mask ~ $4.00 CAN. Leaders Mediu's Amino masks contain 17 different types of amino acid, which are natural moisturizing factors, Amino masks help to moisturize, protect, and soothe the skin by supplementing the essential ingredients for skin composition.

I should mention I have a pretty crazy double eye infection these few days, so sorry my eyes look so crazy! This was a nice, thin masks and this was very essency - this lasted for a long time and was fine! 
Repurchase: Maybe

Laneige Water Pocket Sheet Mask - Brightening ~ $8.00 CAN. A burst of hydration, this sparkling water-infused mask brightens and clarifies.

This mask worked really well - it was very hydrating and brightening! It was a super thin, really comfortable material and lasted a long time too! 
Repurchase: Yes, probably

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks x2 ~ $33.00 CAN for 6 pairs of masks. A set of individually-packaged gold foil eye masks to brighten, hydrate, and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

These masks adhere really well under the eyes and wore for a while! I thought they worked to brighten and hydrate under the eyes, leaving me looking a little more refreshed! 
Repurchase: Possibly 

Skincare Sunday - First 50 days of my #100DaysofSheetMasks

Masque Bar Watermelon Jelly Mask ~ $4.99 CAN. This watermelon hydro gel mask helps to refresh and hydrate the skin.

I love a good hydrogel mask and this one was a cute light pink shade - this came in 2 pieces to fit the face better and adhered well. It smelled light of water melon jolly ranchers and my face was slightly sticky after but soft and hydrated the next morning! 
Repurchase: Yes 

111 Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask ~ $215.00 CAN for a pack of 5 masks. 111SKIN Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mark is a luxurious hydrogel mask infused with 24K Gold and Damask Rose Extract for a replenishing result.

I always have high expectations when it comes to very expensive sheet masks - I mean, if your spending $43 for a one use mask sheet it better meet its claims! This mask was very strongly floral smelling. It was a hydrogel formula that was quite slippery and one big piece - personally, for the price and material I thought the fit would be better. My face felt sticky and tight after using this; but, my skin looked good - very brightening and refreshed! 
Repurchase: Probably not at that price, but it is good!   

ToGoSpa Bamboo Charcoal FACE Collagen Gel Masks ~ $25.00 for 3 masks. Bamboo Charcoal- The Purifier. Absorb impurities and detoxify the skin, formulated for Oily and Acne prone skin. 

It's pretty obvious that the fit on this mask is huge - it's also super slippery. There is no way you can do anything else while wearing this mask. I thought it was fine overall - if you're interested in more thorough thoughts, I posted a review on this a while ago! 
Repurchase: No 

TonyMoly Pureness 100 Snail Mask ~ $22.10 CAN for 10 masks. Glacier water and snail secretion filtrate soaked in 100% cotton sheet mask offer skin its much-needed hydration, leaving it more refined.

All I can use to describe this mask is fine - the material was okay, the fit was decent, it wore for a pretty basic amount of time and made my skin look good after wearing this. I usually expect a bit more of snail products, to this was just okay.
Repurchase: Not likely 

Skincare Sunday - First 50 days of my #100DaysofSheetMasks

Miniso Fucus Moisturizing Silk Mask ~ $4.99 CAN for 3 masks. Fresh oil control, brighten the skin tone and help skin water storage, long-term replenishment, improve dry and peeling problems and large pores, make skin moist and refreshing, enhance the skin resistance.

A silk mask always intrigues me to try and this was one was pretty good! It was super thin and wore really well on the face. It came with a ton of essence and lasted a long time. Pretty good overall - my skin looked and felt good after. 
Repurchase: I still have a couple more to use! 

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask x3 ~ $28.00 CAN for 1 mask ($106.00 CAN for 4 masks). A reusable, dry sheet mask with a revolutionary biomimetic delivery system that hydrates, lifts, and brightens the look of skin.

I just posted a detail review of this mask and you can see my full thoughts here - it's worth checking out if you've never used a dry sheet mask before! But, if you want the short review - this mask is fantastic! It's a really nice change to have a dry mask and it really brightens and boosts the skin! Plus, you can use it up to 3 times! 
Repurchase: Yes! 

Happy Skin Facial Mask - Green Tea ~ $6.00 CAN. Antioxidant-rich green tea gives your complexion a revitalizing boost.

Based on the packaging, I was really hoping that this mask would be a printed mask - just hoping I would get to look as cute as the packaging! This had a very strong purfumey scent; but, it was a decent mask and wore for about 30 minutes leaving my skin feeling really nice! 
Repurchase: Maybe

Miniso We Bare Bears Moisturizing & Glossy Eyes Mask ~ $3.99 CAN for a pack of 5 eye masks. It is made from silk fiber materials, light and delicate texture, with excellent replenishment property and comfort, bringing your eyes a natural protection. 

This is a super then eye mask that goes all around the eyes - if you want to see what it looks like on, I've done a previous review of this mask,  you can check it out here. These adhere so well and wear for a long time - I even pulled out my face roller and used this around my eyes with this mask! 
Repurchase: Yes, I still have more to use too 

Skincare Sunday - First 50 days of my #100DaysofSheetMasks

Inc.redible Baddie Double Perks Rainbow Sheet Boob Mask ~ $11.00 CAN. An ultra-hydrating sheet mask to perk up your pair. 

How could I resist a boob mask that's a rainbow?! If your curious about body masks, I posted a more detailed review of this mask here (no boobs in the post, I'm keeping it PG). These were cute and fit well, but I could have used them a little bigger personally. They lasted about 20 minutes and were hydrating - these would be good before a big occasion or event! 
Repurchase: Possibly 

Sephora Collection Supermask - The Mud Mask ~ $8.00 CAN. A two-part sheet mask that has been infused with a mineral mud formula to mattify, balance, and remineralize the skin.

I really love mud sheet masks - they are much less messy and easy to clean up after. This picture itself makes the fit look weird (I accidentally stretched out the piece between the nose and mouth so it looks too big). But, this is one of my favourite masks - you can see a previous review of it here and it actually made my best of beauty products in 2018 it's that good! It's a two piece mask, it adheres well and leaves the skin clean and refreshed! 
Repurchase: Yes!

The Saem Zoo Park Brightening Lamb Mask ~ $5.23 CAN. The Brightening Lamb mask, formulated with the ingredients found in milk and who’s color is similar to a white lamb, eliminates dull dead skin cells and provides radiant glow to skin by moisturizing and nourishing skin.

I'm not sure looking at the mask without the package for reference if you would ever guess that's a lamb, but it's still kind of cute! It was a little big but still wore for about 30 minutes on my face. I found this to have a very strong perfume scent, and I'm not usually too sensitive to scents, but I found this one really lingered. 
Repurchase: Not likely 

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Mask ~ $3.99 CAN. The super-hydrating technology, with hydrating serum, hyaluronic acid and naturally-derived ingredients, recharges the skin with moisture for 24 hours.

This is a super soft, easy to wear mask. It's a little big on me, but it adheres really well. It's super moisturizing as it suggest and my skin feels and looks super smooth and soft after wearing this! I have a past review if you are interested in more detailed thoughts. 
Repurchase: Yes 

Skincare Sunday - First 50 days of my #100DaysofSheetMasks

Disney Star Wars Face Masks Set£13.89/$19.06 US for 4 masks. May the Face be with You! New To our range and with men in mind are the Star Wars Sheet Face Masks.

Oh yes, these are printed Star Wars masks from Mad Beauty and these are too fun! I've tried the printed Disney Princess and Villains before so when I saw they released a set of Star Wars masks, I had to pick them up (plus a few other fun Disney characters!) These masks all fit quite big and the sheet is quite thick, but interestingly enough, I find them effective too and they are pretty hilarious! Stay tuned for a full review of these masks soon! 
Repurchase: You never know 

Skincare Sunday - First 50 days of my #100DaysofSheetMasks

Miniso Collagen Eye Masks
 ~ $??

These masks worked well when I needed them - I was feeling pretty haggard, and they helped smooth and brighten my under eyes. 
Repurchase: Maybe, I think I have more to use still 

SooAe Unicorn Glow Eye Mask ~ $3.77 CAN at Walmart (or $6.50 CAN at SooAe Canada). This cute and fun unicorn hydrogel eye mask helps skin look bright and revitalized.

Is this not a super cute mask?! A unicorn printed hydrogel mask that's a light pink - you can see a full review on this mask on my post here. I thought it could have been a whole face mask too - this did adhere well though and didn't slip around. It had a strong floral scent, but worked well! 
Repurchase: Yes, I would 

Happy Skin Facial Mask - Collagen ~ $6.00 CAN. Marine collagen plumps fine lines and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

I thought this mask fit a little big and the material is a little bigger than I usually prefer - but, this lasted for 45 minutes on me. My skin was nice and hydrated and smooth after wearing this.
Repurchase: Maybe

Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask (Tea Tree) ~ $2.00 US. With its compact woven cells, this sheet masks adheres lightly to skin to effectively deliver active ingredients.

This was fine - these masks look like they are discontinued now. I think it's pretty big, but it smoothed over and fit well. This refreshed and clean my skin pretty well.
Repurchase: Nope, not available 

Skincare Sunday - First 50 days of my #100DaysofSheetMasks

Soo Ae Masks (Variety) x7 ~ $3.77 CAN each. 

I dedicated a whole of trying Soo Ae masks; there was a whole variety - hydrogel mask, lip patch mask, rose petal sheet mask, hydration alert sensor mask, charcoal hydrogel mask, cucumber slice masks, and a turmeric cream mask (but this one actually did not turn out to be a sheet mask). 

I loved that there was a huge variety of masks types from this brand, all affordable and easily found at Walmart. I'm planning my full thoughts for a whole review post on all of these, so stayed tuned! 
Repurchase: Yes, for most of these! 

Skincare Sunday - First 50 days of my #100DaysofSheetMasks

A'Pieu Icing Sweet Bar Sheet Mask - Pineapple ~ $3.12 CAN. Brightening and Lifting effect. Offers deep hydration and nutrients to your skin.

This mask smells amazing - just like pineapple! So good! It was a nice thin material that is really easy to wear. This had lots of essence and wore a really long time - it was brightening and hydrating. 
Repurchase: Yes

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Mask Sheet ~ $5.42 CAN. Moisture and collagen infused sheet adheres securely on facial contours, delivering a generous shower of beauty essence that provides an immediate moisturizing and plumping effect to restore skin's youthful glow.

This masks material is amazing - it is like a biocellulose but creamier and it wore like a dream! So soft and hydrating on! The essence was creamy and it smelled like orange sherbert. I found it so nice to wear and it made my skin feel really good after! 
Repurchase: Yes, I want to! 

Mad Beauty Disney Eye Masks - Oh Honey x3~ £6.00/$8.23 US for 3 pairs of masks. The Disney Eye Masks are some of their most loved characters & are designed to make anyone feel like special.

These little eye masks are super cute and come in either Winnie the Pooh, The Little Mermaid shells or Minnie Mouse. Overall, I found them a little lacking in essence so they were a touch dry and didn't last long (about 10-15 minutes). But, they are cute and did refresh my under eyes a little. 
Repurchase: Probably not...

7th Heaven Charcoal Detox Bubble Masque ~ $4.99 CAN. When exposed to the air, it begins to bubble and foam, digging deep into pores removing dirt and excess oil leaving skin feeling clearer and looking fresh.

Bubble masks are so fun to wear - they really work to clean the pores. This mask only needs to be worn for 5 to 10 minutes, so it's a quick mask and it bubbled up nicely and rinsed off easily. Made my skin feel really clean! 
Repurchase: Most likely 

Skincare Sunday - First 50 days of my #100DaysofSheetMasks

Oerbeua Hold me Tight, Nourishing Mask ~ $5.00 US. If you’re looking for an effective nourishing mask, you’ve come to the right place. Using ingredients that are full of skin-boosting vitamins, this mask will leave your skin feeling baby smooth.

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I love that this mask has Marie Antionette on the front of it - like yes, after wearing this, I would like my skin to look like a 19 year old queen with a spending problem. This material was a little thicker than I normally like, but this had a lot of essence and lasted about 25 minutes. My skin did look nice after wearing this and was very soft and smooth! 
Repurchase: It's sold out! 

The Body Shop Aloe Calm Sheet Mask ~ $6.00 CAN. Enriched with cucumber extract and Community Trade organic aloe vera, this mask leaves skin feeling instantly smoother, hydrated and more settled.

This mask wore nicely - it was a little thicker material, but it still fit really nicely to the face. This was really nice and gently scented, wore well and my skin was really calm and smooth after! 
Repurchase: Yes probably 

Papa Recipe Papa Recipe - Bombee Whitening Honey Mask Pack ~ $25.78 CAN for 10 masks. Contains diamond powder and glutathione that nourish and smooth the skin, thereby helping make your skin vibrant, bright and crystal-clear.

Papa recipe masks have really impressed me and this one was no different! This mask was super soft and comfortable to wear. It lasted a really long time and was moisturizing and hydrating! It wore well and fit well. It was a really solid mask and made my skin look and feel really nice! 
Repurchase: Yes 

Pixi Beauty Glow Boost Sheet Mask ~ $14.00 CAN for set of 3 masks. Give your skin the amazing boost it needs with this exfoliating microfibre sheet mask with 5% Glycolic Acid, Aloe Vera & Ginseng.

This mask was really smooth and fit very well! It came with a lot of essence. Because this is a BHA mask, I would not wear this for over the suggested time of 10 to 15 minutes. My skin did look bright and refreshed after wearing this.
Repurchase: Likely, I have more to try 

Skincare Sunday - First 50 days of my #100DaysofSheetMasks

Orgaid Organic Sheet Masks x3 ~ $9.99 each. 

The material of these masks is really lovely - it's super thin and fits like a glove on my face. The Vitamin C material was a little thicker, but still fit really well. I did think these wore well, but left my face a little sticky after. But, with that, these were super nourishing and my skin looked smooth and soft the next morning! I will be doing a full review of these soon. 
Repurchase: Likely!

Skincare Sunday - First 50 days of my #100DaysofSheetMasks

Erno Laszlo Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask ~ $48.68 CAN for 6 pairs of masks. A silky, all-in-one hydrogel eye mask with ingredients to tackle the major signs of undereye dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.

These masks were fine - they adhered well and lasted a while. They were comfortable to wear and did soften my under eye. 
Repurchase: Mmm... not sure, I have more to try 

Creer Beaute - Rose Of Versailles Face Mask in Antoinette Deep Moist ~ $16.54 CAN. With precious gold, pomegrante flower extract, camellia extract, hyaluronic acid (moisturizing), phospholipids (skin protection).

While this mask looks a little thicker than I prefer, it fit perfectly and wore so well. It came with a handful of extra essence to apply first. The essence was really hydrating and my skin felt so smooth and soft after wearing this! 
Repurchase: Maybe, it's a little expensive when not on sale! 

The Body Shop Seaweed Balance Sheet Mask ~ $6.00 CAN. Enriched with cucumber extract, mineral-rich seaweed and Community Trade organic aloe vera, this mask locks in 24hr hydration and leaves skin feeling instantly refreshed and mattified.

This mask came with a whole handful of extra essence as well - I wore it for 15 minutes and my skin did feel a little tight after, but this was hydrating and a little mattifying. It had a nice gentle scent as well.
Repurchase: Maybe! 

So, 50 days in the challenge was September 19, 2019 and 100 days will take me to November 8, 2019! I will recap the second half of this journey too! But, after 50 days, my skin has been so hydrated, smooth and clearer! I personally have noticed less redness and my skin tone is more even. I have less big breakouts too! I'm loving this mask challenge! 


  1. What a great recap! And yes, I read it all. ;-) I may just have to splurge on that Charlotte Tilbury dry sheet mask eventually. Also looking forward to your Soo'Ae review, I love their masks! I need to mask more often! I keep buying them, lol!

    1. Hahaha - thanks for sticking through it, I knew it was a doozy! The CT is worth the splurge! And I keep buying the SooAe, love how affordable and accessible they are!