Friday, September 13, 2019

Five on Friday - September 13, 2019

Happy Friday the 13th! Did you know that not only is today Friday the 13th but it's also a Full Moon tonight?! So, it was fun that for a facilitation course I was doing all week ended with me doing a presentation on magic and Harry Potter! 

And, that's why it's been a super quiet week around here - I have been in Edmonton for work all week and I thought I would have a little more time for myself! But, I treated myself to a mani pedi night and a night of shopping, so I did still take some time for myself! 


Products won in giveaway, everything else way purchase by me

I was so excited to win the amazing giveaway from Lamb's Soapworks and Be Better YYC - I have been really interested in trying more locally made beauty products, so this seems like the perfect timing to try these out! 

I picked out the Vanilla Cream & Coffee Emulsified Sugar Scrub (which smells so unreally yummy, it's not even funny!), and then I picked out 3 bath bombs - Pineapple Sage (smells amazing and a real savory sweet scent), Mango Papaya (classic delicious scent), and Oatmeal Honey (really gentle soothing scent)! Can't wait to try these out! 


How amazing is this water bottle from Baun Bon?! I've shown her work before - we've owned mugs and given these as gifts! She recently shared this Belle artwork on her instagram and I had have it?! It's so perfect and I've gotten so many compliments on it! It's perfect! (These are $30)


Sticking to the drink theme, have you guys tried the new Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks?! Duuuuddeeee... move over PSL, this is where it's at! I love a PSL but I also love a cold brew and this is the perfect, less sweet version and it's so yummy! I've already gone back a couple of times for more! 


We're sticking on the drinks train still because I HAVE to talk about the Cold Garden Cakeface Beer! It is described as "A Marzen style lager brewed with real vanilla beans. This beer has a pronounced malty sweet base teeter tottering with a touch of floral, noble hops. The malty base goes on to perform a clown ballet with the vanilla beans resulting in a flavor reminiscent of a birthday cake. An extended lagering process makes this a light drinking session and/or dessert beer."

I don't love most beers; but, this is light and really easy drinking - it is yummy and not too sweet at all. Seriously, I had quite a few of these in a row! So yummy! And, Cold Garden is a local Calgary based brewery! 


September is the month of the Calgary Corporate Challenge! Last weekend I participated in Volleyball and we had a lot of fun as always! I'm not participating in too many events this month; but, I do help coordinate it on an organizational level so I'm pretty involved! 

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! 

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