Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Finally Trying Victoria Beckham Beauty - Cheeky Posh Cream Blush, Lid Lustre Eyeshadow and Posh Lipstick

I have been wanting to try out Victoria Beckham products forever - this brand was on my list last year to try, so I got a few lovely products from my husband for Christmas and I was so excited to finally try out the brand! 

Finally Trying Victoria Beckham Beauty - Cheeky Posh Cream Blush, Lid Lustre Eyeshadow and Posh Lipstick
I purchased these products (or my husband did)

I will start by saying that certainly, this brand is a little pricey - it is a luxury type brand, along with the rest of the Victoria Beckham name, so that doesn't surprise me. But, it is what has stopped me from trying from the brand for so long - they are a bit more of an investment when you pick them up! 

I do think these reviews are important so that if you are considering picking these up, you want to know if your going to like the formulas or not! So, I have only tried these single products and I've used them quite a few times, so it's a good time to share my thoughts! (Also, bit of a spoiler if you saw my January Favourites, you know I really love a couple of these products!)

Finally Trying Victoria Beckham Beauty - Cheeky Posh Cream Blush, Lid Lustre Eyeshadow and Posh Lipstick

Here's a look at the three products swatched, and then I will share more detailed thoughts on all of them! 

-Posh Lipstick Moisturizing Colour Balm in Spice 
-Cheeky Posh Cream Blush Stick in Playground 
-Lid Lustre Crystal Infused Eyeshadow in Starlight 

Finally Trying Victoria Beckham Beauty - Cheeky Posh Cream Blush, Lid Lustre Eyeshadow and Posh Lipstick

Victoria Beckham Lid Lustre Crystal Infused Eyeshadow in Starlight ~ $45.00 CAN. Your smoky-eye-in-a-single-swipe fine pressed eye shadow for otherworldly shine at your fingertips.

This is described as a creamy, soft pressed shadow that delivers a buildable, multidimensional brilliance on the lid! It's made of ultra-fine pearlescent pigments that are infused with real crystals for that high shine finish. The shade Starlight is a "24k gold" shade that has been infused with Japer known to provide protection and absorb negative energy.

It's no secret, but I'm a total sucker for single shadows - and I love trying all the formulas and I tend to love them. You can see the swatch above, this is pigmented and textured, but it smooths out so nice on the eyes. I know this is a luxury price, but it is a lovely formula. I'm not sure I need crystals in my eyeshadow to protect me, but if I'm paying $45 for an eyeshadow, I guess it better have something special inside! 

Finally Trying Victoria Beckham Beauty - Cheeky Posh Cream Blush, Lid Lustre Eyeshadow and Posh Lipstick

Here is a look at Starlight on my eyes - this is a gorgeous, shimmery creamy powder shadow! I do prefer this applied with a finger - I do think it offers a really pigmented, smooth finish. It wears really well too - lasts a long time on the eyes and stays bright.

While I do love this shadow, and it's a favourite of mine because the shade and formula are lovely - I do think there are plenty of great single formulas at a variety of price ranges. These tend to be my most reached for formulas, so I feel like I can splurge on them since I use them so often! 

Victoria Beckham Cheeky Posh Cream Blush Stick in Playground ~ $53.00 CAN. A weightless cream blush like no other: buildable colour, velvety texture, skin-softening finish, all day wear.

This formula is described as a weightless cream blush that offers a velvety texture, buildable colour, soft finish and a formula that lasts all day. It also says it "goes on bold, but can sheer out or build up without white cast". The shade playground is a mid-tone terracotta and it's gorgeous. 

I got really in to cream blushes the last couple of years, and this one is fantastic - this is the other product that made my Favourites. I love this formula. It does go on opaque and blends out nicely. I actually prefer to build it up from lighter, so I apply this with a stippling brush from the tube and then apply to my cheeks. It dries down weightless and wears well - it leaves such a beautiful finish on the cheeks. The shade and formula is stunning - it's long-lasting and has a nice satin finish. 

Heres a look at Playground on the cheeks - you can see the swatch above that it can apply pigmented. I do think it shows up a little more than this picture shows, but it's a really nice finish and wears well. It's basically been my non-stop since December and the shade Playground really can be worn with so many looks! 

Victoria Beckham Posh Lipstick Moisturizing Colour Balm in Spice ~ $52.00 CAN. Luxe Lips in a Single Swipe with Posh Lipstick Moisturizing Colour Balm.

This is described as an "ultra-creamy moisturizing lipstick" that comes with rich colour, buttery shine and a light-as-air formula. It is also enriched with botanical waxes and superfood ingredients. The shade Spice is described as a mid-tone ginger. 

This is a nice shiny formula - it comes with a nice lovely sheen on the lips. It's somewhere in the middle of a cream lipstick and a tinted lip balm and I like that. I tend to reach for tinted balms, so I do like that this is a step up on the opaqueness from there, but not a full opaque lipstick that could be drying. 

Here is a swatch of Spice on the lips - it is definitely a 90's light brown shade (fitting with the name Spice) and it's not something I reach for often, but I do actually like the finish on the lips. I do prefer lighter shades in a creamier formula as these do have some movement to them so they can smudge a little. 

This is a nice formula - no complaints. I don't wear lipstick daily, so this is something that comes out on weekends or when I'm out. It's a nice formula and I can see myself reaching for it! 

Here's a look with all the products on - lid lustre on the eyes, cream blush on the cheeks and the posh lipstick on the lips. I'm loving how this look came together, and honestly I'm happy with all of these products! 

Again, here's a look with all the products - my favourite of the bunch is the Cheeky Posh Cream Blush, followed closely by the Lid Lustre. The Posh Lipstick formula is good too - it's just not something I reach for as often as the other two products. 

So, while these are indulgent products, if having fewer nicer things is on your list, then I don't think you'd be disappointed. I'm enjoying all the formulas! 


  1. VB's makeup products are fantastic! I have not tried this particular eyeshadow though - only the palettes and her lipgloss years ago and have not looked into her stuff since, but maybe I should again! They all look lovely on you!