Thursday, January 12, 2023

Best Product Discoveries of 2022 - Hair, Skincare and Body

I always love rounding up my favourite products of the year - I just completed my Favourite Makeup of 2022 and I'm excited to share the rest of the best products I tried this year! (Also, I do mean what I tried this year - some products were not released this year! 

Best Product Discoveries of 2022 - Hair, Skincare and Body
The JVN & Skoah products were received as part of their ambassador programs - this post contains affiliate links

I personally didn't try a ton of new products all year - I'm really working on trying something and using it all up before trying too many other new products in the same category! With that being said, everything I talked about on my Monthly Favourites, I still love; but, when I think of the best products of the year, I think of the ones that have been total standouts or game-changers in my routine! 

So, here's a closer look by category:


JVN Complete Conditioning Mist ~ $24.00 CAN - (also available for $18.00 US on A leave-in for frizz free hydration & detangling. Instantly hydrate, remove frizz, and detangle your hair with this leave-in Conditioning Mist packed with a moisture multiplying complex for clean, effective haircare. Perfect for all hair types.

This is a leave in conditioning product that can be used on wet or dry hair - wet hair to detangle and hydrate and dry hair to refresh dry hair or ends! It is meant to detangle, hydrate and strengthen hair, and it's sooo good! It's just nice and lightweight does the job, makes it easy to brush hair and leaves hair super soft and frizz free!

JVN Complete Nourishing Hair Oil Shine Drops ~ $30.00 CAN. A silicone-free, weightless, multitasking hair oil that reduces frizz, hydrates, protects against damage, and quickly leaves a high-shine finish.

I will be honest, I was a little hesitant to try a shine oil on my hair, just because I have super thin and fine hair - it can look greasy pretty instantly. But my hair got really dry last year and so I thought I should try this. You just need the smallest amount and I just lightly add it with my hand to the ends/bottom of my hair and just gives a beautiful, smooth shiny finish to the hair! Smells lovely too! I use this every other day and it has become a must have in my routine! 


Holy Snails Shark Sauce ~ $38.70 CAN. This hydrating and brightening serum contains 5% niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and 3% n-acetylglucosamine, the optimal concentrations for these research-backed ingredients to work synergistically to fight hyperpigmentation. The sea kelp bioferment, the result of fermenting sea kelp with lactobacillus to break it down into smaller and more bioavailable compounds, smooths skin and traps moisture without heaviness, making Shark Sauce a great oil-free liquid moisturizer.

This is a niacinamide serum that's meant to fight hyperpigmentation and even skin tone. This product was created out of a lack of transparency in the skincare world of creating a serum but not using an appropriate concentration of the active ingredients, creating subpar results. 

I've been using this nightly in my routine and I'm impressed with the results - I tend to get a lot of redness and hyperpigmentation and using this over the year, I've noticed an improvement. It's also nice and gentle on the skin and can be mixed with other serums. I'm love the formula and my overall skintone evenness has improved. 

Skoah Illuminate Serum ~ $110.00 CAN. Sun damage? Acne scarring? Melasma? This serum provides a 1-2 punch for brightening the skin and reducing of hyperpigmentation from sun damage, acne scarring, melasma or aging.

Okay, this is also a niacinamide serum, but I tried this later on in the year and also very much enjoyed it! This formula mixes niacinamide with arbutin, tranexamic acid and peptides to make this perfection combination for skin brightness. I do suffer from redness and I can say with using this for a month and half and longer, and I certainly saw a visible reduction in the redness and my skin looks so good using this. I do use this as an evening serum, and still use a vitamin c in the morning. This needs to be used with an spf given some of the ingredients in here! Personally, I alternate evenings using these serums and enjoy them both! 

XO Face Care Lunar Veil ~ $210.00 CAN. The lightweight overnight mask that seals in moisture, protects, and supports the natural regeneration processes of your skin. Perform your evening skin care routine and seal it in by applying a layer of Lunar Veil. The bio ferment sea kelp acts as the ultimate, nourishing antioxidant, while calendula and chamomile balances and hydrates the face. This soothing combination multitasks overnight so you can wake up, rinse, and face the day with smooth skin.

Silly me - I absolutely loved this earlier this year and I haven't repurchased it yet (only to get through my backlog of night products and then I will repurchase) and I forgot to save the packaging to take a picture of it! This is such a gorgeous formula - it features bio ferment sea kelp, calendula, and chamomile and seriously delivers on the nourishing and the soothing. It protects and supports the natural regeneration processes of your skin and seals in the moisture - even the first night of using, my skin felt super smooth the next morning, so after weeks of use, it made my skin overall so soft and improved! This is the brand's hero product and it is with good reason, it's amazing! 


Commodity Book - Personal Travel Spray ~ $35.00 CAN. Conjuring the nostalgic, crisp, woody essence of Book Expressive with sandalwood and cedarwood, this softer rendition puts the emphasis on freshness with the addition of aromatic black tea. It’s a soft, aromatic, woody scent that reads close to the skin.

This is profiled as an Earthy and Woody scent and the key notes are Black Tea, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood. I'm terrible at scent descriptions, but the fragrance is described as "the original Book Expressive was inspired by turning the pages and breathing in the smell of dry paper mingling in with the open fresh air. In Book- Personal, I took that inspiration and wanted to create a quieter, more peaceful and warm experience." (Commodity scents come in two types Expressive in black packages and Personal in white packages. I personally prefer a more subtle scent as I actually rarely wear perfume, so the personal scent profile is perfect for me) This is perfect for me - I love it. It is a warm, cozy scent that is lovely! 

What was your favourite product of the year?! 


  1. Yayyy Shark Sauce! It's probably my favourite niacinamide serum along with the one from AXIS-Y.

    1. Yes - i'm loving it! (I will have to check out the other one too!)