Saturday, January 14, 2023

Five on Saturday - January 14, 2023 ~ New Plant, Costco Finds, Calgary Zoo, New Miley Cyrus Music, and New Reddit Obsession

Happy Saturday everyone! Phew, what a week - this is when everything is back at and I'm exhausted! I know I was back to work last week, but this week the boys were back in school, basketball started again and so did volleyball for me. The adjustment I think is hard on everyone, so it feels like it's been a really long week! 


I purchased everything in this post

I'm actually trying not to buy a lot of extras or useless stuff this year - if you saw my goals, I'm trying to be thoughtful about everything I pick up. But, this Monestera was only $19.99 at Costco, and since I spent more than that on protein bars for my husband, I figured this couldn't hurt. It's huge and lovely, but I didn't research that this is labelled as "toxic" to my kitties - I did a bit more diving and saw nothing is toxic, but there is crystals on the leaves that are an irritant (I'm not saying that's good, just I'm not going to kill my cat accidentally). So, I got an elevated stand and they don't like it so it works. 

But, is this the slow entrance to my Plant Mom era?! I have a rubber tree that is huge because it only needs to be watered once a week, plus my herb cart that is half thriving/half dying so I'm hoping that I can keep this lovely alive! It's super pretty! Any other suggestions for good starter plants?! 


Also, while at Costco, I picked up these Buffalo Tencel Pull-On Joggers and they are a delight. I can't find an online link, but seriously, they are super soft and comfortable! If you see them in stores, highly recommend you pick one up! 


Elliott and I spent a day at the Zoo this past weekend and it was so good - we had great weather, all the animals were really active, there are babies - gorilla, red pandas, and a big fluffy penguin. We saw lunch time for a bunch of animals and had a great day! 


Miley Cyrus' music is pretty hit or miss for me; but, I'm loving her new release - Flowers. Hoping when she drops the whole album it's this good! 


Okay, you guys have you ever delved into the AITA threads on Reddit?! I've never been a huge reddit person - I don't always get it, but after seeing all these pictures of the questions shared on instagram, I had to check it out and wow - people are crazy! Anyways, I can't stop reading them and determining who the AH is! So entertaining! 

I hope you all have a good weekend - I took down Christmas today and having brunch tomorrow!