Friday, January 6, 2023

Five on Friday - January 6, 2023 ~ My 2022 Tarot Spread, Reviewing My 2022 Goals, Setting Goals for 2023, 2022 Brand Recap and Brands To Try in 2023

Happy Friday everyone and happy first Friday of 2023! I always find it a little hard to get back in to the work groove after the holiday break - it was a busy week, so I'm happy it's Friday and looking forward to a weekend with Elliott (he was at the cabin for a week so it was quiet here after Christmas!)


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I love getting prepped for the New Year - I'm not big in to resolutions or anything, but I am in to feeling reset and refreshed and planning and looking ahead! So, since I got the beautiful Phantomwise Tarot deck (designed by the talented Erin Morgenstern - my favourite author) in November, I have been trying to get back in to tarot. I often just draw a card a day to manifest the day, but I saw her do a spread for the year - a card a month, plus a summation card for the year. This is my year ahead and I really enjoyed summing up each month and will make sure to reflect back on this! 


Let's talk GOALS! I'm not really one for resolutions in the New Year, but I do sometimes like to set goals for the year, especially with the blog, beauty usage, hobbies and shopping! 

But, before, I dive in to 2023, did I meet my 2022 Goals I set:
  • Be more plant based - I'm not planning on going fully vegetarian, but I would like to drastically reduce my meat intake and make some good choices regarding my impact overall on the planet. 
I love reviewing this because this so quickly came to me becoming fully vegetarian right away in January and only ate meat two times this year. I am more pescatarian and do eat fish and seafood but not too often. Anyways, I'm always looking at ways to reduce my impact on the environment! 
  • Focus on what I have - I love consuming, so I really want to be mindful about what I'm purchasing and using. I really culled my makeup collection this year and I want to be more conscious about what I'm bringing in. I'm hoping to stick to a budget, not buy unnecessary products (for example, I have enough mugs, tea, candles, bath bombs, shower gels and lotion - so I can only buy those when I use up most of these). So I want to use the library more, Shop My Stash, Dupe the Vibes of palettes, etc.
I did pretty good on this - by June I hadn't bought anything on the list. At the end of the year I got a couple more bath products because of the Lush Kitchen Subscription, and I think I picked up one lotion this year. I did reasonable in sticking to my budget. I think where I went off a little was books - I still bought so many right off the bat, let them sit for a long time and then didn't really enjoy them. But, overall I still did pretty good on this one. 
  • Stick to a $200 a month budget for beauty and books - this one is straightforward, I'm hoping to only spend $200 per month on beauty products and books (I'm not great at a budget, but I'm really going to try!)
I actually did pretty good on this - I think there was only one month where I was up to $250, but really I stuck within $25 of this budget almost all the months and I impressed myself - this one is going to sick! 
  • Scrapbook at least 2 years - I have really been trying to get back in to my digital scrapbooking, so I want to try and finish at least 2 more years! 
I did this - I scrapbooked 2015 and 2016, 2015 was a big year so it took a long time, but I'm on a good roll now! 
  • Focus on Self-care - I really let my self-care slip a little last year (just in terms of routine and taking care of myself), so I want to make sure that I'm maximizing my routines, using all my masks, beauty tools, and going for a few beauty treatments when I need it! But, also try to stress less and focus on keeping my mental health good! 
Honestly, this is probably the goal I could work on the most - I need more masking and bath and treat-yo-self time. I mean don't get me wrong, I still got in my beauty routine and downtime but I just didn't do much extra which I normally love to do! 


These aren't just goals for blogging, but my few goals in general:
  • Be More Thoughtful in My Spending - this is somewhat time tied in to two goals from last year, but again it's to help focus on what I have and save money. I can tend to get a little blind by the new and shiny, and I want to make sure that clothing and house stuff is actually stuff we need or will use. I just purged 3 huge garbage bags of stuff in a big clean of the house, so we've got lots of things. But also, thrifting, second hand, thinking of where it's made and the impact, etc! 
  • Scrapbook 3 Years - again similar to last year, but scrapbooking is my OG hobby, before reading, before blogging, back to when I was a teenager, I was a scrapbooker. So, I'm really trying to get my yearly books done and caught up on everything! 
  • Masking & Indulging Myself More - in line with the selfcare goal and not really sticking to it - I want to mask more (I used to do it every night and this has really slipped) so I want to make sure I'm taking time for me. Between work and home stress, I need me-time, so baths, self care and skin care!! Also, I want to go for a nice skin treatment this year! 
  • Play and Have More Fun With Makeup - as things have gone back to "normal" I thought my love of playing with makeup would come right back too. I mean, my content is always going to evolve her to books and lifestyle posts as my interests develop, but I never want to lose that love of makeup and fun looks! It's truly something I love doing! 
  • Move My Body More - I want to be clear, this isn't about diet culture, losing weight, restricting or anything, it's just about not being so lazy. I want to do something (yoga, pilates, weekly volleyball) every other day for my health. I've been doing the 30 plants weekly and I just want to take care of myself and show myself that love a little more! 

And, I like to set a few new-to-me brands to try each year, so here's a look at the brands I wanted to try in 2022: 

-Kiko Milano
-JoJos Bath Bombs 
-Victoria Beckham Beauty
-Hindash Beauty 

I did try 3 of of 5 - Kiko Milano, VB Beauty and Hindash. So, I did pretty good. I did also try some other new to me brands this year that weren't on the list: Rare Beauty, Catiss, Jason Wu. Again, nothing crazy as I was trying to stick and use what I have! 


And, here's a few brands I'd like to try in 2023:

-Jojos Bath Bombs 
-Conserving Beauty 
-SeaFlora Skincare 

A couple carry overs and just a few I'm interested in! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. I also want to move my body more. I turn 40 this year and things definitely don't feel the same as they did even when I was 35! My problem is that I can't decide on a good time to exercise or sweat since I don't take showers in the morning and I don't wash my hair every day. It's still something I am trying to figure out. Oh and sadly you must have seen that Jojo's Bath Bombs is no more for now, but definitely try Phytosurgence!

    1. Omgoodness, I 100% had to go back and see - I didn't know! Should have jumped on them sooner! (Although I still have a year supply of bath bombs and products lol!) I'm the same way, I've been really enjoying doing walking workouts and low impact yoga on my no sweat days just to move but not exhaust myself. More about keeping everything happy and moving and it's worked so far!