Friday, October 14, 2022

Five on Friday - October 14, 2022 ~ Thanksgiving Weekend at the Cabin, Salmon Spawning in the Columbia River, Time to Read My Favourite Book - The Night Circus, Herb Planter, and a Mini Shopping Haul

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a good week - it's been a busy week here (anyone find that's always the way it works with short work weeks?!)

I purchased everything in this post

We spent last weekend at the cabin in Fairmont, B.C. for Thanksgiving with the family - I haven't been out in October before but it is absolutely beautiful! We enjoyed the beautiful weather, spent a day in Invermere and spent the nights bundled up looking at the stars. Perfect family weekend! 

What was really amazing about this trip too is seeing the Columbia River full of Salmon - they have all finished spawning, so kayaking isn't harming them at this time (sadly for their circle of life, they are taking their last trip in this river) - it was really amazing to see how many fish there are in the river!) Check out the video on my insta post, it's so cool! 


This week I started my 7th re-read of my all-time favourite book - The Night Circus! I rave about this book all the time, but it's the perfect time to pick it up! Le Cirque De Reves opened on October 13, 1886; it's the most amazing Fall book to read! Pick it up!


We did a fun thing this week and we made a little herb cart this week! How cute did this turn out?! We are really trying to take advantage of our South facing window, but it's a huge patio door so it's hard to put plants in front of. So, enter this adorable 4-tier slim cart - I picked it up from Amazon. 

The herb plants were from an amazing place - NuLeaf Farms! They are a local farming company that focuses on indoor vertical hydroponic herbs and it's so cool. They produce a ton and even gave me a tour when I ordered plants and went to pick them up! Highly recommend! 


There is a little Facebook group that I'm party of that does these group buys and I picked up some from things - a shimmery table linen, a couple of body bags, and these cute little gameboys for gifts! 

I hope you all have good weekend! 

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