Friday, July 29, 2022

Five on Friday - July 29, 2022 ~ Terra Moons Celestial Equinox Quad, Kiko Milano Mood Boost Radiant Blush in Perfect Mauve, Kiko Milano Fruit Explosion Eyeshadow Palette in Rose Alchemy, Fenty Beauty Resting Peach Face Cream Blush & Mini Gloss Bomb Cream, and Kiko Milano Winter Sales Eyeshadow Palette 03 Sunset Time

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a good week - I've been computer-less enjoying a week at the cabin with all the family! 

Since I'm away, I'm skipping a life update for my Five on Friday post (and will save my update for next Friday!) and instead I'm sharing and swatching 5 palettes that I've been keeping in my collection for a while and totally missed getting reviews up on them in a timely fashion! 


Terra Moons Cosmetics UO Exclusive Celestial Eyeshadow Set ~ $24.00 CAN. Eyeshadow set by Terra Moons Cosmetics for Urban Outfitters, featuring four pressed pans of shades inspired by the celestial elements. 

This was an exclusive set for Urban Decay - they've previously had a couple of sets with them and they were little sets of pre-existing shades, so when I found out they were all brand new, I knew I had to pick them up! The shadows are stunning and the Harvest Moon shade even made my Favourites one month last year. I have played with them, but didn't get a review in time, so now this set isn't available, but I always like to have swatches saved in case these things do come back! 

Aries ~ shimmery mauve shimmer

Perseus ~ duochrome greenish blue shimmer

Stargazer ~ beautiful reddish yellow duochrome

Harvest Moon ~ burnt rustic orange shimmer

All of these shadows are stunning - they are super metallic and textured and they are so pigmented on the eyes. They wear well and are gorgeous! I always keep my eyes out for these sets! 


Kiko Milano Mood Boost Radiant Blush in Perfect Mauve
€14.99. Ultra-pigmented blush with a radiant finish.

I picked up a whole bunch of products when I was in Italy from Kiko Milano - this brand doesn't actually ship to Canada, and some of their products are in Ulta in the U.S. but they also don't ship to Canada. So this isn't readily available to my audience, but I think the swatches should still be out there for everyone else who can buy it! 

Here is a look at the Mood Boost Radiant Blush in Perfect Mauve (or Perfect Purple depending on your translation). I don't always reach for a mauve or cool toned on my cheeks, but I do sometimes in the Winter, so I thought this would be a good addition to my collection! I love the shimmer and I think this formula wears nicely! 


Kiko Milano Fruit Explosion Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Rose Alchemy 13.99 €. Palette with 9 super pigmented, multi-finish eyeshadows: matte and metallic. Adjustable look, from natural to intense.

Okay, how stinkin cute is this palette?! I could not resist picking up this palette - it looks like a Kiwi! This was in the sale section because it's an older style from last year's Spring or Summer collection, but I had to try it. Also, with 9 shadows, this is still a super small and compact palette so was thinking it would be good for travel! 

This is the 02 Rose Alchemy palette - the two others in the line have the same packaging but different colours (it would have cute if they were all slightly different fruits on the outside!) This has a good mi of mattes and shimmers and does go from light to dark, but the palette is a little more muted than I thought it might be. 

Here is the palette swatched - not the easiest as my fingers were bigger than the pan sizes. These don't swatch great but the formula is good - I would call this a pretty average or every day palette. I've been using it a lot for work, it's good pink neutrals and easy for a quick 5 minute look. Nothing outstanding about it, but a good basic little palette. 


Fenty Beauty Resting Peach Face Cream Blush & Mini Gloss Bomb Cream Duo ~ $35.00 CAN. A limited-edition set with a full-size Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush and a Mini Gloss Bomb Cream, both in brand-new, set-exclusive peach shades.

I have been holding on to this set forever to review - actually since before last Christmas since that's when it was released. Now, usually Fenty releases a limited edition set with a new shade and then that shade comes to their regular line a few months later and I thought I would line up my review for that - no dice at all. Now, they did just release a new Gloss Bomb Cream in Peach Pout, which I can only guess is this shade or super close to it because I haven't seen it in person. No sign of that blush yet though! 

Here is a look at the Resting Peach Face Cream Blush & Mini Gloss Bomb Cream swatched on me.

Believe it or not, I haven't tried the Fenty Cream Blush before and I love it - this formula is fantastic and this shade is gorgeous! I really hope that it comes out as a permanent shade because that line could use a peach! Also, I have tried the Gloss Bomb formula, but not this Gloss Bomb Cream before - it is a little more opaque than the original gloss bomb, but this shade is so pretty and looks gorgeous on the lips! 


Kiko Milano Winter Sales Eyeshadow Palette 03 Sunset Time ~ £ 11.99. An all-in-1 silky touch eyeshadow palette. Matte and metallic finishes.

This is such a pretty shadow palette - again, picked up on sale in the store in Italy and I just couldn't resist these shimmers and this colour story! A lot of their palettes tend to be on the neutral side and I liked this mix of purple and pinks. 

Here is a look of the four shadows swatched - the pigmentation is great in this palette, you can tell the difference between the previous palette. This is gorgeous on the eyes, the shimmers are super impactful and the eye looks are really pretty with this! 

I hope you all enjoyed the Five on Friday with a twist - have a great long weekend! 

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