Saturday, July 16, 2022

Unboxing BellBees Mystery Box!

It's been a little since I've jumped in and bought a mystery box; but, I love BellBees - they are a lovely curated shop with great selection of fantastic Asian Beauty brands! They are Canadian and Women owned! 

Unboxing BellBees Mystery Box!
I purchased this box on my own

Because they have such a great selection of brands, I couldn't resist when they released Mystery Boxes for purchase - Standard for $50, Medium for $75 and Large for $100. (Since I've been on a stricter beauty budget, I've been mostly saving my money to know exactly what I'm purchasing, but the brands and the surprise aspect pulled me in!) I picked up the middle size so that I could get in on free shipping too and it came within the week! 

Here's a look at everything that came in my Medium Mystery Box from BellsBees:

Unboxing BellBees Mystery Box!

Mary & May Sensitive Soothing Gel Blemish Cream ~ $27.50 CAN. Banish blemishes with this face cream from Mary & May boasting 71.8% heartleaf extract and 9.7% tea tree extract. It is also enriched with Panthenol and six kinds of hyaluronic acid, which act as humectants for the skin.

Oh, this doesn't say on the packaging that it's meant to clear skin and target blemishes and calm and cool the skin. I love a gel moisturizer in the Summer; it's such a nice texture when it's hot out! I'm excited to see this brand - it's not one I've heard of or tried, but I'm excited to check it out (I think it will be good knowing what BellBees focuses on curating!)

Mary & May Vitamin B5 + Bifida Toner ~ $28.50 CAN. With 1% Vitamin B5 and 3% Bifida fermentation lysate, this toner is proven to improve skin tone, texture and moisture levels in two weeks. The brown glass pump bottle keeps it hygienic and convenient for use while minimizing toner decomposition by air and sunlight. Use the Vitamin C + Bifida Lotion for optimal results.

This is meant to strengthen the skin barrier as well as glow, calm and hydrate the skin. I use hydrating toners every morning and every other evening, so this will easily get used and it sounds great. I'm happy to see this, but was hoping a little to see more than one brand for the main skincare products in the box! 

Catiss Black Cat Moisturizing & Matte Lipstick - Roasted Pumpkin Orange ~ $31.50 CAN. Turn heads with one-of-a-kind CATISS cat paw design lipstick, a limited edition moisturizing and matte lipstick to brighten your day!  An amazing Roasted Pumpkin Orange easily customize your look with natural colours while keeping them hydrated.  Formulated and enriched with ECO Cert certified natural and organic ingredients with patented Hyaluronic Filling Spheres for long-lasting intense hydration and protection.

Okay, I'm sooo excited to get one of these - I have seen Catiss on the BellBees instagram page and it's the cutest lipstick and lipbalm line, but they are a little pricer than I should be getting. This one is a matte shade and it looks like a nudey-deep orange shade (I'm glad we aren't doing bright orange!) It's actually a really pretty shade and it looks perfect for Fall - can't wait to try this! 

BellBees always adds a ton of extras in their packages, so I loved that they added a whole bunch of other products in this mystery box - there is a cute tote (that is perfect for Summer), a scarf, a little beach set, a hair tie and a whole envelope of samples! 

Here's a little look at the huge envelope of samples - there is so many different samples! I always use these little samples for travel or my Summer trips, so these always get put to use.

So, this box was $75.00 CAN and it came with $87.50 CAN worth of makeup and skincare products, plus a whole swack of extra goodies in there. I would have loved to have two different skincare brands or maybe a little mask or something to add a little variety to the products. But, on that note - these are all brands I haven't tried yet and I am excited to try everything! 

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