Saturday, March 12, 2022

Five on Saturday - March 12, 2022 ~ Dreams Lie Beneath Book Review, Cat's Birthday, Cat Fountain, Dollar Store Find and 30 Plants a Week

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - I'm always happy for the weekend and it was a good, easy week here! 


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I'm so excited to share another great read - I recently finished Dreams Lie Beneath by Rebecca Ross and I really enjoyed this! This is considered a young adult fantasy novel, but I also think it is in the new adult range, the age of the main characters isn't really specified and it feels older to me personally! 

This realm we are is under a curse and needs magician to fight off nightmares every new moon - this starts with our main character Clementine with her father protecting their area, when they are challenged as the warden of the town (hello duelling magicians, but with a nightmare fighting twist!) She seeks revenge on Phelan, but of course, she gets more than she expected with him. But also, as she gets closer to Phelan, she is drawn in to a conflict with this curse that has been going on for over 100 years and they have to find a way to work together to overcome the curse! 

You know I will read anything that is compared to The Night Circus and a duelling magician vibe just sounds right up my alley (and it was totally right!) This book had so many elements I love and the writing was fantastic! The main characters have great tension - I love a revenge story, but also an enemies to lovers with a little magic in there. What I also enjoyed were all the side characters and their dynamics with the curse - it's a little who done it, who will win feeling as well! I liked that the magic was more subtle and how it was used with the nightmares. I really loved the plot and I enjoyed how this story played out! 4.5 for me! (Also, this is the OwlCrate cover, I actually love the original cover as well!)


This week Max and Mephisto turned 9! We got Max when she was really little, and we didn't get Mephisto for a few months later, but it turns out they are only a few days apart - and now they've been with us for 9 years! They got a water fountain for their birthday so they are happy (and they can stop yelling at us for running tap water!)


Here's a look at the cat fountain we picked up for the cats - it is the Catit LED Flower Fountain and they love it (actually stopped bugging us for tap water overnight!) Also, yes my cats are super messy, but they love this! 


Another great Dollarstore find for toys - this is a little easter stacking game and we love it! You set it up, roll a dice and scoop out the matching bunny colours! Elliott loves it - good concentration game! 


Okay, I've mentioned before about eating 30 unique plants each week - I've kept it up for 9 weeks now, so I'm going to stop tracking it and think I can keep it up now without marking it down! I do think overall I've felt really good doing this! 

I hope you all have a good weekend! 

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