Friday, March 18, 2022

Five on Friday - March 18, 2022 ~ St. Patrick's Day, OwlCrate Cara Kozik Harry Potter Mugs, Avant Garde Tofu Katsu Curry, ColourPop Haul, and the Bachelor/Bachelorette

Happy Friday everyone - hope you all had a great week and a great St. Patrick's Day! 


I purchased everything in this post

Last year we started setting a trap to catch a leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day (we needed some covid activities okay?!) - so of course the other night we had to set our trap back up with some new goodies! We put a big gold coin and some lucky charms in there, but sadly we didn't catch them this year! Any trap tips for next year?! 


Alright, OwlCrate was sending this collection of Harry Potter mugs in boxes for a while. But of course, following everything with J.K. Rowling over the last year, they stopped sending them out. We only ended up with 5 of the 7 mugs, so they did offer to purchase the other 2 mugs to complete Year One and Year Seven (nothing goes to J.K. Rowling, only to the artist and OwlCrate), and I love the HP series so much, so I did want to finish this set! (I ordered these last year and we have been waiting for a while to get them and they are sooo lovely!)


Oooh - I love a good recipe share and I love this! This is Avant Garde's Tofu Katsu Curry and it is amazing, this is an Korean inspired curry and the sauce is amazing! I struggled a little with the tofu and it might just be better with a faux chicken tender or something similarly breaded. Honestly though, this is probably the best curry sauce I've made - it's so delicious! 


I don't usually share my hauls on these posts because I do a wrap up, but because this is a part of my February Haul, I didn't have pictures - I know shipping is so slow right now, but this took actual weeks to get to me because of delays! I'm being slow with my makeup reviews, so I will get to this one eventually! 


Did you watch the Bachelor season finale this week?! I know everyone was saying how crazy it was - it was pretty meh for me. I didn't really enjoy Clayton and I think he just wasn't a good fit for the role. But, I'm most shocked about the announcement about there being two bachelorettes - these women really defended each other and made sure to mention that they don't want a competition, so I'm hoping it by no means comes to that - I would hate for them to share men or potentially develop feelings for the same guy, it would feel icky to do them like that. So, what do you think will happen?

I hope that you have a good weekend! 


  1. Oooh, definitely trying out that Tofu Katsu Curry! For the curry block, I have those Glico Japanese Curry Blocks - will that work?

    1. oooh yes, that's what he uses (or it looks like it) - I didn't have any so mixed Curry, Garam Masala and flour and it was amazing!!