Friday, March 25, 2022

Five on Friday - March 25, 2022 ~ Movie Night, Turning Red, Little Passports Subscription, Plants vs Zombies Finds, and Wordle & Variations

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Spring! So exciting for the changing seasons and warmer weather! 


I purchased everything in this post (the subscription was a gift from family) 

My bestie and I have been making lots more time for movie days lately, but this past weekend we decided to stay in and snuggle up on the couch for a new movie! We even ordered pickup from Cineplex for dinner and popcorn and it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday night! 


We Watched Turning Red on Disney Plus and we loved it! Love that it's set in Canada, love that it's the first full length Pixar film directed by a woman and loved the diversity in the cast! I also really enjoyed the early 90s vibes - boy bands, tamagotchis! So cute! 


Elliott was gifted a Little Passports subscription for Christmas, and we just got the fourth delivery! Little Passports is a kids subscription company that focuses on "play-based science and geography kits delivered monthly." 

They offer 5 different subscriptions for ages 3 - 8+ and they have 3 different Geography based subscriptions and 2 Science subscriptions. So, Elliott is getting the Early Explorers meant for ages 3-5 and it's described as "discover the world’s wonders, from oceans to art to animals through hands-on activities, games and stories." This subscription is $27.95 US monthly, and you can also add on a book for $9.95 - you save more if you subscribe to a longer term. The first month comes with a little suitcase and passport to set you up for future months. I think this subscription sends you things based one your subscription term as opposed to having a new set of activities each month (meaning every subscriber will get the Space theme for month 4 of their subscription term, instead of Space being only the March 2022 theme). 

So, this is the third month and the theme is "Space" - each month you will receive a themed package with an interactive souvenir, activity booklet, a puzzle, stickers, and more. The Space theme came with an activity book, stickers, cards, a book a puzzle and a stamp set. Super cute! 


How do we feel about finding used things for gifts?! Honestly - I'm totally good with it, why not?! My kid is so into Plants vs. Zombies so finding these books (the only new ones are graphic novels and our reading level isn't there yet!) - so I've been tracking down all the previous books and I'm so excited to give them for his birthday in May! And, I have a few little decorations too! Also, most of these are from ebay and one was a lucky snag at a local used book store! 


Okay, I know we are all obsessed with Wordle and I've been loving it too, but I've made a whole little routine in the mornings and I've been loving some of the variations that have been coming out! So, on top of doing wordle I've added a few others in: Factle is trivia style game with a new fact each day and you guess the order, Worldle is a geography style game based on shapes of countries and your are given directions and percentages when you guess, and then I do Hogwartle which is just like Wordle but with words from the wizarding world! Just a few fun games to add in to a morning routine! 

I hope you all have a great weekend - we are having the family over for a wine night and I'm looking forward to it! 


  1. I love Turning Red! I can't believe people were hating on it!
    Also, Hogwartle - so hard! I tried and struggled with it quite a bit!

    1. I feel like I'm better at Hogwartle than regular wordle!