Thursday, November 18, 2021

Trendmood Box Vol. 13 Unboxing

I will always have such a soft spot for beauty boxes, so whenever I see one that catches my eye, I have to pick it up! 

Trendmood Box Vol. 13 Unboxing
I purchased this box - this post contails

The Trendmood Box isn't technically a "subscription box", but it's pretty similar - every couple of months, she releases a curated box with new items or full brand boxes, etc. So once you buy one box, you still need to continue to buy them every time they are released. Or like me, you can just pick the one that interests you! 

Each box is priced a little differently, but usually around the $50 US mark with 5 to 6 items - the Volume 13 box was released on October 28, and it was $55.00 US + $12.00 US shipping to Canada (with the exchange rate, I paid $88.03 CAN for this box). 

The past boxes look great, but I was the most intrigued for this one because of the two Danessa Myricks products that I haven't been able to find anywhere! Here is a closer look at all the products in the Trendmood Vol. 13 box:

Trendmood Box Vol. 13 Unboxing

Lilly Lashes Level Up Lash Enhancing Serum ~ $82.00 CAN. A powerful results-driven lash serum promoting ultimate volumizing, strengthening and conditioning benefits while enhancing the overall appearance of your natural lashes in as little as 4 weeks.

Okay, I never have used a lash serum ever - I actually have naturally long lashes, so this kind of freaks me out (I'm not really sure why). This is meant to give best results over 12 weeks - so it just takes one dip for both eyes each night. I'm not positive if I will use this or not yet! 

Danessa Myricks Infinite Chrome Flakes in Fire Ball ~ $25.00 US. Light up any beauty look with these lightweight, easy application multi-chrome flake toppers. Instantly dramatize any eye looks with just a tap or a swipe.

These are chrome flakes that can be used as a stand-alone shadow or a topper. This is described as an "innovative, self-setting, high impact, cooling water-based formula" that creates an intense prism of light. You do not need a mixing medium or adhesive and it won't have any fall out!

The shade Fire Ball is described as "golden amber with lapis blue shift" - it is stunning and I can't wait to try this out more! What a gorgeous, unique product! (Also, this box came with one chrome flakes, but multiple shades were sent out at random!)

Danessa Myricks Twin Flames Liquid Eyeshadow in Everlasting ~ $35.00 CAN. A multi-chrome, high impact liquid shadow that displays an ethereal shift between two shades that complement each other. When applied, its high pigment immediately resonates through a dazzling multi-dimensional chrome look.

This has been a product I have been wanting to try for a while and it *just* came to Sephora (although, they have a small amount of shades to pick from). So, this line has 10 original shades that are opaque and ultra-pigmented; but, this shade Everlasting is an opalescent shade that are meant to add an extra sparkle to your eyes and face or on top of your favorite eyeshadow.

The shade Everlasting is described as "mint green & apricot with a duochrome finish" - it is gorgeous and appears incredibly long-wearing, I also can't wait to try this! I'm going to do a full post dedicated to these lovely Danessa Myricks products asap! 

Trendmood Box Vol. 13 Unboxing

Diana Madison Beauty The Glow Factor Sheet Mask ~ $8.00 CAN. A deep hydration, clean beauty face sheet mask leaving the skin velvety smooth, dewy and luminous.   

I've actually never heard about this brand before - looking at it, it looks like Diana Madison is a beauty influencer that has created her own beauty line. This sheet mask is a hydrating rose hip oil mask and it sounds great! I'm excited to try it out. 

Caudalie Vinopure Pore Purifying Gel Cleanser ~ $35.00 CAN. A cleanly formulated, nondrying gel cleanser with exfoliating, natural salicylic acid and hydrating grape water to purify skin and absorb excess oil.

This is another product that is just fine in the box - I like a gel cleanser as a second cleanser or a morning cleanser, so this will get used eventually. I like that this is meant to purify the skin and control oil, that's always something that I need for my skin! 

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow Body 12% AHA/BHA Resurfacing Body Serum ~ $53.00 CAN. A visibly resurfacing, hydrating body serum that softens rough areas and targets bumps with 10% lactic acid and 2% BHA, quickly delivering visibly smooth, glowing skin.

Yes - this was a product I'm very excited about. I'm currently using an AHA cream on my arms as I have keratosis pilaris on my upper arms and it helps clean them up! I think I will save this for closer to the Summer, so I can keep my arms and legs nice and smooth! Excited to try this one out! 

Trendmood Box Vol. 13 Unboxing

Kinship Pimple Potion ~ $19.00 US. Clears + prevents acne pimples.

This is a spot treatment and it uses retinal & salicylic acid to target pimples and spots. I haven't heard of Kinship before, but it sounds like a good brand and the packaging is really cute. This is a product I will use eventually, I have a spot treatment that I'm using right now. 

Kinship Brightwave ~ $32.00 US. This illuminating eye cream contains clinically-proven actives to brighten, hydrate and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Again, like the spot treatment, this is a product I will use eventually as I have a current eye cream that I'm using. I like the sound of this, as it's meant to brighten and hydrate! 

This box cost just under $90, and it came with about $289 worth of products - a huge value! I will everything in this box (likely, maybe not the eyelash serum), but I'm certainly most excited for the Danessa Myricks products and can't wait to try them right away! 

Have you picked up a Trendmood Box before?! 

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