Friday, November 19, 2021

Five on Friday - November 19, 2021 ~Vancouver, B.C. Trip, Tiger King 2, Britney is Free, 2021 GoodReads Choice Awards, and Vegetarian Meals

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - I got home from B.C. this week and just had an easy week! 


I purchased everything in this point

I had a long weekend in Vancouver this past weekend to visit my sister with my Mom and it was a great weekend! She lives close to Granville, so we enjoyed checking out all the sites there. We did lots of shopping, lots of planning our Italy trip, and having a great visit! 

It was stormy as we were leaving B.C., but wow, have you guys seen the flooding that has been happening?! It's absolutely devastating - if you are in a position to give, please do! 


I don't know if this is a great segway, but I've been thinking a lot about my environmental footprint and one step I've been trying to take for the last month is to eat less meat (I can't commit to being vegetarian, but I'm only having meat one meal per day max - plenty of days with no meat) and it's been going well! But, I never want be preachy - I'm only mentioning it because I want you to share your favourite meatless meals with me! I need more options! Thanks! 


Okkkkayyy you guys - Tiger King 2 was released this week and I've already dived in! Have you?! It's only 5 episodes and I want more! I'm only two episodes in, but damn - it just gets crazier and crazier! 


Have you been following along with Britney Spear's case?! I've been a fan forever, but the last 2 documentaries that have been released have really shown how restrictive and predatory her conservatorship has been. Well this week that conservatorship has ended and Britney is free! I think she is starting to speak out with her platform, and since we do know she has some mental health diagnosis, I think we need to let her speak and heal and begin to come in to her own! 


Are you guys GoodReads fans? They just released their 2021 Awards and I went and voted for some favourite books - I actually think that I've read a ton of new releases, but there wasn't too many books on this lists that I've read! What did you vote for?

I hope you all have a good weekend! We are decorating for Christmas and I'm so excited! 

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