Friday, July 9, 2021

Five on Friday - July 8, 2021 ~ Telus Spark Science Centre, Kananaskis Nordic Spa, Cats, Topbox Circle and Palettes of the Week

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had an amazing week - I'm feeling refreshed and lovely, had some self-care this weekend with a little spa night and got my eye-brows all done and tinted up for a little vacation time next week! 


I purchased everything in this post myself, with the exception of the L'oreal serum 

This past weekend, I took the kids to the Science Centre and we had so much fun. They have a venus themed space exhibit and a fun new Astro cafe with amazing ice cream designed after all the planets! We did all the exhibits, caught a movie in the dome theatre and played on the big brainasium park outside! Such a good spot! 


Last night, I finally made it out to the Kananaskis Nordic Spa and it was lovely - I have been wanting to go here since it opened a couple of years ago! It's a group of pool meant to be used in a specific pattern: Hot, Warm, Cold, Rest, Repeat. It has a ton of different pools and rest area - hammocks, saunas, it's lovely! There is even a little Bistro to have dinner at. It was such a lovely night of relaxing! I think I will do a whole little blog post recapping my time! 


Okay, I couldn't resist sharing this picture of my kitties - how cute are Max and Mephisto?! They rarely sleep or snuggle near each other, so I'm glad I caught them together! 


I just got a new Topbox Circle - I love that they now just send you something if they want you as part of  the reviews (because before you had to try and get it, and I just don't check the website that often!) I just received the L'oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Midnight Serum and I can't wait to try it!  


I have been a little unmotivated with wearing eyeshadow and makeup in general lately - I'm really hoping that it improves with our masking going away soon! The palettes of the week I've used lately are: Too Faced Tutti Frutti Sparkling Pineapple Eyeshadow - this is an oldie, but a goodie (I happen to love the formula of these specific palettes so much), and you can see it in action on me here. Then I used the Catrice x Eman Eyeshadow palette - this is a pretty little neutral palette and I like the formula from Catrice, you can see it on me here. Then, I used the Viseart Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette - I think this is such a pretty 9 pan palette and I enjoy the formula; you can see it on me here! And, my most recent is the Natasha Denona Zendo Eyeshadow Palette; and this is sooo lovely! One of my most recent loves and you can see 3 looks on me here

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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