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September 2020 - Monthly Empties

Whoops, this is pretty late - time for a look at my September beauty garbage:

September 2020 - Monthly Empties
Some products may have been received as PR samples - this post contains affiliate links

Too Faced Damn Girl! 24 Hour Mascara ~ sample size shown (full size is $32.00 CAN and travel size is $17.00 CAN). A high-intensity mascara for maximum drama and lift with revolutionary, creamy-mousse formula for extreme volume without a heavy feel.

This mascara was one of my Favourite Makeup Products of 2020, so I was excited to try this again. Last year, this mascara made my lashes so full and dramatic, without clumping! I loved how my lashed looked, and this time it still made my lashes full, but it was also really smudgy under my lower lash line and I didn't like wearing it this time around. 
Repurchase: Maybe
Lip Smacker Lip CafĂ© Frappe Lip Balm in Mocha Chip ~ $3.95 US. The dome-shaped lip balm delivers the sweet taste of a caramel frappe while providing extended hydration to your lips.

I like the Lip Smacker formula and these little frappe balms are so cute and smell great - this one was fine. 
Repurchase: Perhaps, I have lots of other kinds to try first

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in 030 Sand Beige ~ $13.99 CAN. Catrice's HD Liquid Coverage Foundation is an ultra-lightweight, high coverage foundation for a natural looking finish.

I tried this foundation earlier in the year when Catrice was available at Shoppers and it made my Monthly Favourites in January! The foundation is a medium to full coverage finish and was super lightweight.
 It dries down and sets well without looking dry and wears all day! This was a really great formula! 
Repurchase: Yes, already have a back up! 

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop ~ $23.00 US. It contains concentrated pure vitamin C and key ingredients directly from nature. Its innovative multi-solution and non-irritating formula is to revitalize, maintain, and transform the skin. 

This vitamin C serum was really good - it even made my Best of 2019 Skincare! This was really gentle, yet effective on the skin and helped with my hormonal breakouts and it really helped them disappear before surfacing or surfacing, but going away quickly. I thought this was really solid and brightened and refreshed my skin and approved the overall appearance! 
Repurchase: Yes, I will after I get through my other serums

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist ~ $37.00 CAN. An ultra-fine, hydrating mist formulated with a juicy blend of 84-percent watermelon, hyaluronic acid, and hibiscus to refresh skin and enhance makeup.

I'm a big fan of this Glow Recipe mist (in fact, I'm in love with the whole watermelon line) - I was a little worried 
because it seemed almost too dewy on me at first, but it's really lovely, you just have to shake it up well first! It is the finest mist that that I've ever used - this mist made my skin soft and hydrated! It made my Favourites in July
Repurchase: Yes, I will 

Shiseido Future Solution LX Replenishing Treatment Oil ~ deluxe sample (full size is $210.00 CAN). A luxurious and silky-smooth oil that instantly blends into the skin to provide intensive nourishing benefits while plumping and softening the skin, and adding a soft sheen.

This is a meant to be a multi-functional oil for the face, body, hands, nails, and even hair - it was a super softening to the skin and I ended up preferring to use it as a body oil. I found the scent a little too strong and floral and didn't enjoy it on my face. 
Repurchase: Probably not 

September 2020 - Monthly Empties

Drunk Elephant 
T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum ~ sample shown (full size is 118.00 CAN). An AHA/BHA night serum that resurfaces the look of congested skin by lifting away dead skin cells to improve the appearance of skin tone, texture, fine lines, wrinkles, and pores.

This was a good night serum - I think I got 2 or 3 uses out of this, so I was able to use it over a week. I thought it worked well, but it so expensive, I have found good AHA & BHA serums for much less! 
Repurchase: Not likely

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb ~ sample shown (full size is $50.00 CAN). A lightweight gel-cream that provides a burst of hydration for a healthy glow and acts as a cooling and refreshing "drink of water" for dull, dry skin.

This was a good moisturizer - it was nice and light and a perfect day cream. 
Repurchase: Possibly 

Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced ~ sample (full size $140.00). An iconic, instant skin perfector, now in a new, advanced formula with greater instant correction benefits and boosted radiance and blurring effects. 

This can be used under foundation or on its own to enhance the skin. I was surprised that it was really pink when it came out. It did make my skin look nice and glowy - it could be easily mixed with foundation. But, for $140 it didn't make my skin look perfect.
Repurchase: Not likely...

Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil ~ sample shown (full size is $34.99 CAN). Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil is a preservative-free oil that is truly the most natural way to moisturize.

This was a good face oil - I did like using it and thought it kept my skin deeply nourished. 
Repurchase: Maybe 

Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum ~ sample shown (full size is $45.99 CAN). Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum works to exfoliate the skin, improving the appearance of sun damaged, aging skin.  

This was a good serum, I had been using it in the morning. I prefer my Vitamin C serum and they are slightly thinner than this and I prefer that for my morning serum. 
Repurchase: Not likely 

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Moisturizer with Ceramides ~ sample shown (full size is $79.00 CAN). A rescue cream infused with six African oils and a plant ceramide complex for intense moisture and replenishing barrier support.

This was quite a heavy moisturizer - I couldn't use it on my combination skin during the day; but, I did enjoy it as a night time moisturizer. I have heard good things overall about Drunk Elephant, but this just wasn't the best for my skin type. 
Repurchase: No

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Creme ~ deluxe sample shown (full size is $110.00 CAN). A moisturizer for new bounce and glow with radiant vitality.

I also thought this was a heavier cream, so it wasn't great for me during the day. Also, for $110 cream, this didn't do anything extra special, even as a night cream. 
Repurchase: No

Kosmea Clarifying Facial Wash ~ $42.95 CAN. This gentle, foaming clarifying facial wash doesn’t dry out your skin or strip it of vital nutrients; it actually replaces it with essential fatty acids, vitamins and provides it with anti-ageing properties. 

This was a good cleanser - it works to remove skin impurities without being drying and it uses a gentle foaming agent from coconut that sooth the skin while cleansing. I thought this worked well, but the packaging got so dirty and that drives me crazy! 
Repurchase: Maybe 

The Inkey List Oil and Water Double Cleanser ~ $9.99 CAN. A daily rinse-off Cleanser containing a 2 in 1 formula. The oil phase contains naturally derived botanical oils to effectively remove makeup and impurities. The water phase cleanses and nourishes the skin.

This is a dual cleanser product that contains water, and the oil part contains sweet almond oil and sea buckthorn oil. You mix this up and then cleanse the skin with the combination. I thought this actually worked good, it is better for in the morning. But, this was a little messy at the end as the water and oil don't get used up at the same rate. 

September 2020 - Monthly Empties

Stemulation Daily Microderm Scrub Face and Body ~ $34.00. This gentle exfoliating cleanser is formulated with natural ingredients to help refresh and energize the look of dull and damaged skin. 

Honestly, I can't tell you how happy I am to finally have finished this up! Seriously, I think I got this in 2016 and it isn't a great scrub, I only used it on my body and it didn't do much.
Repurchase: NO

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Lavender Body Oil ~ $16.00 CAN. Lavender has been used for generations to soothe and calm sensitive skin. This Toxin-FREE Body Oil combines this precious herb with rich Jojoba and Coconut Oils.

I really enjoyed this body oil - it was perfect to use after a nighttime bath and it was so relaxing and nourishing! 
Repurchase: Yes, I would 

Cheri Arome Detox Black Lava Bath Salts ~ $13.00 CAN. Activated charcoal is known to pull out impurities and heavy metals from the skin, and the light soothing fragrance will have you relaxed in no time. Just add a handful (or more) to warm bath water and enjoy!

I love bath salts - they are so great in a bath (I always mix a few different bath products). This one was nice and soothing in the bath and I enjoyed them! I love that this is a Canadian company too! 
Repurchase: I would consider it! 

Le Labo Rose 31 Body Lotion ~ hotel size shown (full size is $84.00 CAN). Enriched with vitamin E, vitamin A, aloe vera, coconut and olive oil, this paraben-free hand and body lotion perfumes, softens, and smoothes your skin.

Holy schmoly, this brand is expensive - we stayed a pretty fancy hotel at the end of August/start of September, so that's where these samples came from! I actually bought scents from this brand and then realized as I was going through my empties that it was the same brand as the Fairmont hotels! Any ways, this was a pretty strongly rose scented lotion, a little too strong for my liking but the formula was good. 
Repurchase: Probably not 

Le Labo Rose 31 Shower Gel ~ hotel size shown (full size is $65.00 CAN). Enriched with Vitamin E (antioxidants), Olive Leaf Extract (moisturizing properties), Aloe Vera, Flaxseed Extract, this shower gel cleans the body and the mind, as long as you take a shower by yourself.

I much preferred this scent in a shower gel instead of a body lotion - also, this worked as a bubble bath and was good. Not complaints, but I'm not going to run out and spend $65 on a shower gel unless it instantly takes 10 years off my skin !
Repuchase: No, but I will happily use it again

September 2020 - Monthly Empties

Graydon Matcha Matcha Mint Shampoo ~ $25.00 CAN. This moisturizing vegan shampoo cleanses your hair without drying out your roots - which can lead to irritation or dandruff.

I love the scent of this shampoo - it smells amazing! I find it cleans my hair okay, but I have noticed my hair looks greasy again within a day and I prefer something that lasts a little longer between washes. 
Repurchase: Have another one, but after that, no

Graydon Matcha Mint Hair Smoothie ~ $25.00 CAN. This 3-in-1 hair conditioner for sensitive scalp detangles, conditions, and nurtures the most sensitive of scalps.

I really like this conditioner - it made my favourite products back in August 2018 and the scent and formula is really good! 
Repurchase: Yes, likely 

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo ~ full size for $37.00 CAN. A formula that enhances hair smoothness, volume, strength, and shine.

I feel like this just wet up in price - I used to pay around $30 for this, close to $40 seems a little crazy. I do love this formula, it's probably my favourite or at least top 3 favourite dry shampoo formulas. It smells good, little to no white cast and adds just the right amount of texture to the hair (just a little, not too much). 
Repurchase: I want to, but I don't know for that price 

Le Labo Rose 31 Shampoo ~ hotel size shown (full size is $65.00 CAN). Enriched with Provitamin B5, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, this shampoo will wash your hair. And moisturize it. And make it smell wonderful. And make you look beautiful. And that's it. Our shampoo does not contain parabens. It is vegan and cruelty-free.

Le Labo Rose 31 Conditioner ~ hotel size shown (full size is $65.00 CAN). Enriched with Provitamin B5, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Olive leaf extract, this moisturizing conditioner will smooth, soften and perfume your hair. Our conditioner does not contain parabens and is vegan and cruelty-free.

These are scents made for the Fairmont hotel chain, but you can purchase them on their site as well (it will just have fairmont on it). I thought these were pretty good - the scent wasn't my favourite for haircare but they weren't bad. 
Repurcase: Too pricey for me 

September 2020 - Monthly Empties

Joe Fresh Cotton Pads ~ $2.00 CAN. 

I always say that these are just good; but, once you use a really crappy cotton pad, you realize that these ones are actually really good! Really good! These ones work well for my face and nails, so they are good! 
Repurchase: Yes

Live Clean Fresh Water Hydrating Liquid Hand Soap ~ $4.99 CAN. Fresh Water Hydrating Liquid Hand Soap is the perfect blend of vitamins A & E, panthenol and certified organic botanicals of rosemary and chamomile to gently cleanse and moisturize leaving hands feeling soft and smooth.

This was fine - these hand soaps are huge and last a long time! This one had a nice scent and I do like the formula of these. 
Repurchase: Yes, likely

Coppertone Kids Sunscreen Lotion ~ $9.97 CAN. Hypoallergenic. Non-irritating.

This is a good kids screen - no complaints from me.
Repurchase: Yes 

Exact Soft & Smooth Dental Floss Picks ~ $3.00 CAN.

Nothing special; but, these actually make my family floss so we buy them! 
Repurchase: Yes 

SmartMouth Original Activated Mouthwash ~ $26.13 CAN for a 2-pack. Patented zinc ion technology eliminates and prevents bad breath for 12 hours with each rinse.

I picked up this up because I've heard really great things about this mouthwash - it has two sides and it mixes as you pour it out to the cap and it's supposed to be special science to combat bad breath. I do really like this. 
Repurchase: Yes 

September 2020 - Monthly Empties

Lush Peachy Bath Bomb ~  $6.95 CAN. If you like big peaches and you cannot lie, this cheeky bath bomb won't disappoint. Pop it in the tub and it'll slowly fizz, releasing juicy grapefruit, fresh peach juice and sweet davana as it goes.

This is so cute and I love that it's such a fun little bath bomb - it smells amazing and I love a peachy scent and the grapefruit adds such a nice touch to this! It was really good! 
Repurchase: Yes, if it's available again 

Lush Love Boat Bath Bomb ~ $6.95 CAN. Head to the tub with this fizzy yacht and watch it zoom around, leaving groovy pastel colors and a powdery sweet lemon-orange scent in its wake. 

This is a super cute little love boat - it had a little surprise of some confetti inside and left the bath a pretty purple and smelled so fresh! 
Repurchase: Yes, I would 

September 2020 - Monthly Empties

JM Solution Water Luminous Silky Cocoon Mask ~ $2.50 CAN. The JM Solution Water Luminous Silky Cocoon Mask contains cocoon extract, silk proteins, and 3 kinds of hyaluronic acids to nourish and moisturize the skin with hydrating moisture.

This was a really good mask - it fit really well and had lots of essence. The essence was a little gooey, but it was super hydrating and smoothing and I really enjoyed it! It lasted about 45 minutes and left my skin feeling so nice! 
Repurchase: Yes 

Beauty 360 Detox Sheet Face Mask ~ $? 

I picked this up at a CVS and it wasn't great - the mask was huge and it didn't do much. 
Repurchase: NO

My Beauty Diary Mexico Anastatica Pore Refining Mask ~ $1.80 US. This sheet mask is saturated in a refreshing essence formulated with mushroom and aloe extracts to hydrate and balance the skin.

The Beauty Diary masks are pretty good, but this one wasn't my favourite - it fit fine and had a good amount of essence, but it didn't do anything special in terms of benefits to the skin. 
Repurchase: Not likely 

Sephora Collection Clean Eye Mask - Cucumber ~ $5.00 CAN. A bio-cellulose eye mask made from vegetal origin and formulated with 91 percent natural-origin ingredents that target specific under-eye concerns.

I liked these eye masks - I love a bio-cellulose formula and these adhered so well under the eyes! These were good and hydrating under the eyes. 
Repurchase: Yes 

So in September I used up 36 products - this is a pretty good amount of products, even though some of them were samples, I'm still getting through products! 

I'm going to add up the totals of each category I'm using up to see how much I use up by the end of 2020, so these numbers are from the start of the year:

-Makeup: 39
-Skincare: 75
-Bath and Body: 47
-Haircare: 26
-Nails: 3
-Masks: 38
-Other: 41


  1. That Lip Smacker has such cute packaging!! Looks like you used a lot of great products this month.
    Jenna ♥
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  2. You'll have to track down the Live Clean hand soap in Peppermint Vanilla which only comes out for the Christmas season. The scent is heavenly.

    1. Yes! I love that scent, I actually have one in that scent on the go right now!