Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Cheekbone Beauty Face Palette in Stardust Shimmer - Swatches and Try-on

I've already chatted about this palette a few times - mainly in my September 2020 Monthly Favourites, so spoiler alert, I really like this palette! 

I've tried Cheekbone Beauty for the first time earlier this year when I picked up their new Sustain Lipstick and loved it! After trying and loving this face palette too, I'm super impressed with the brand and everything that they stand for! 

Cheekbone Beauty Face Palette in Stardust Shimmer
I purchased this palette - this post contains a referral link

Cheekbone Beauty is an indigenous female owned Canadian brand and they are working towards their brand being-carbon neutral. Their goal is to lead by example and be a fully waste free company by 2023! The owner, Jenn Harper's story is pretty inspiring about overcome a struggle with alcoholism and Cheekbone Beauty is all about inspiring and helping indigenous youth - Cheekbone Beauty gives back to indigenous education initiatives in Canada.  

So when they announced that they were coming out with another product in the Sustain line and it was face palettes, I jumped immediately at the pre-order to pick them up and I've been using this for just over a month and am really happy with it! 

Cheekbone Beauty Face Palette in Stardust Shimmer

Cheekbone Beauty Face Palette in Stardust Shimmer ~ $49.00 CAN. These silky, pigmented powders are so easy to use and add the perfect amount of colour and warmth to your look. These kits are simple and foolproof.

These palettes were actually a relaunch in new, recyclable (or compostable) packaging with an extended shade ranges, for deeper and more fair complexions. These palette come in four pre-filled palette ranges - Earth Matte, Sand Matte & Shimmer, Deep Matte, and Stardust Shimmer. 

But, also if these shade ranges don't work perfectly for you, you can Build Your Own Palette Face Palette by picking 3 of the shades from their range that work for you for the same price! And then, if you happen to go through one of the shades faster, you can pick up Eco Refill singles in any of the shades to keep your palette going! 

Cheekbone Beauty Face Palette in Stardust Shimmer

I picked up the Stardust Shimmer palette because it certainly appealed to me the most with the shades, especially the blush and the highlighter! The formula of these is a really nice powdery formula and they wear well and have great pigmentation (but not too strong so the blush doesn't look overkill when you apply it, it can be built up!) They last all day and go on nice and smooth! 

Cheekbone Beauty Face Palette in Stardust Shimmer

The shades in the Stardust Shimmer palette are:

8 Golden Dust ~ Medium Golden Shimmer Highlighter 
3 Cheek Dust ~ Peach Shimmer Blush 
9 Glow Dust ~ Fair Shimmer Highlighter 

The shades are so pretty 3 Cheek Dust and 9 Glow Dust are perfect shades for me, and 8 Golden Dust is a little too dark as a highlighter for me, so I've been using it as a cheek topper too and it's pretty that way! 

Cheekbone Beauty Face Palette in Stardust Shimmer

Here is a look at the Cheekbone Beauty Stardust Shimmer on me - I have 3 Cheek Dust on my cheeks, 8 Golden Dust lightly over the blush and 9 Glow Dust on my cheekbones! I love how these shades look on me, and they have been perfect as every day shades on me and it's such an easy to wear formula! (Also, the lipstick is the Cheekbone Beauty Sustain Lipstick in Keyah). 

If you are interested in purchasing from Cheekbone Beauty, I do have a referral code: (note an affiliate code, but does add some "points" so don't feel pressured to use it) and also, if you haven't purchased from them, you can save 10% off your first order with the code WARRIORS2020. 

Cheekbone Beauty Face Palette in Stardust Shimmer

Have you guys tried Cheekbone Beauty yet?! 


  1. Oooh thank you for sharing this brand! It is always so great to discover new brands! Those shades are GORGEOUS