Friday, September 18, 2020

Five on Friday - September 18, 2020

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have had a great week - mine was pretty normal, nothing too crazy! Someone pointed out that it's been 6 months since things shut down in Canada for the pandemic - while things have slowly opened up, it's certainly been different. We are planning on sending out little guy back to daycare next week and my older son has been in school for a couple of weeks now! Crazy! 


I purchased everything in this post - this post contains affiliate links

Can you guys believe that it is almost Fall?! Where did that go?! I do love Fall even though we don't get a long Fall here in Calgary - it basically goes straight from Summer to Winter here. Do you guys have a cozy, Fall read that you love?! I always reach for The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and it is the perfect book to snuggle up with with the colder nights coming (especially with scented candles inspired by the book - I am actually burning them on Tuesday and cracking open this book for the first day of Fall!)

It's actually the only book that I re-read every year, because it is just my favourite stand-alone book! Yes, I'm so in love that I bought multiple copies of it - my husband ordered me a signed copy and I've picked up different editions to add to my collection! And, because I'm so in love, I need all the bookish goodies inspired by the book that I can find! First is this adorable shirt from Etsy, tote and pencil holder from Owlcrate, candles by Novelly Yours, and a mug from Out of Print


I couldn't resist picking up Midnight Sun last month when it was released - I mean 2020 has gone to shit, so why not transport myself back to 2005 and read something I loved 15 years ago, retold by Edward Cullen's perspective (yes give me all the sparkly vampires). I'm not expecting a literary masterpiece, but Twilight was such an enjoyable read back in the day.

So, when Novelly Yours announced that the Novelly Yours Exclusive Candle Box was going to be a "Return to Forks" theme, you know I couldn't resist some candles to go along with my current read! The box was a mini candle box, so instead of the regular $35.00 US + shipping, it was $27.00 US plus shipping! This box includes three 9 oz candles, a woodmark, a pin and a magnet and the items are all exclusive to the box. The candles that came in the box are:
  • The Volturi ~ blackberry, ozone, cedar, bourbon, patchouli
  • The Cullens ~ honey, lilac, sunshine, apple, vanilla, pear
  • Forks, WA ~ forest, rain showers, moss, rocky beach
The Cullens candle even had some glitter on it! And, the pin has the classic, and so the lion fell in love with the lamb quote, with some different quotes on the woodmark and magnet! So much fun! 


While we are on the topic of my being a bookworm, how adorable is this To Be Read jar by Fortune Jars?! I sent a list of 100 books on my TBR list and the print them off and fold them in to these adorable little stars! I'm going to use this to pick up some overlooked books in my collection! 


I decided to pull out the weekly tracker that I received in a past owlcrate just to keep track of some habits that I've been trying improve on: 10,000 steps per day or exercis, digital scrapbooking, reading, using my water pik and mouth wash and wearing a sheet mask! I didn't think I would use this thing, but I'm very happy I pulled it out! 


I picked up my 2021 planner and I couldn't resist this 2021 Cat Parade BiWeekly Planner - it's so adorable! I love it! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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