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August 2020 - Monthly Empties

Here's a look at my Monthly Empties:

August 2020 - Monthly Empties
Some of the products featured were received as PR samples - this post contains affiliate links

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Perfecting Primer ~ travel size (full size is $8.98 CAN). A skin tone perfecting formula that brightens dull skin while decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and pores to provide a flawless, smooth finish.

I finished this in my most recent Project Pan post - this was a good primer and a really decent drugstore option. I personally have enough primers to last me the next 5 years, so it isn't something I will consider repurchasing for a while; but, it is a good primer! 
Repurchase: Not right now 

L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara ~ $14.49 CAN. Voluptuous volume. Intense length. Full lash fringe. Feathery soft.

This was one of my most favourite mascara formulas (but that was back in November 2017) and it was still good this time using it - I found it maybe a touch clumpy this time using it, but it was still a great voluminous formula.
Repurchase: Probably 

Milani Rose Butter Lip Mask ~ $14.99 CAN. Formulated with Rose Oil, Shea Butter, Cupuacu Butter & Hyaluronic Acid, this overnight lip mask hydrates, conditions, and helps repair lips as you sleep for smoother, softer, petal-perfect lips.

This isn't an empty, but a toss - I have been trying to find a cheaper alternative to the best Laniege lip mask and I concede, there is nothing better. I am tossing this because it burned and caused little bumps and blisters on my lips. It was the only new lip thing I had used so it's out. Gone. 
Repurchase: NO

Coola SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray ~ $51.00 CAN. A makeup setting spray with 70+ percent certified organic ingredients to reduce shine, refresh UV protection, and keep makeup looking fresh all day. 

Another empty from my 20 in 2020 Project Pan - this was a previous favourite from August 2019 and I wanted to make sure that I used it before the SPF expired. This worked great, the only issue I had was the alcohol scent was so strong on this. I do love this as an added SPF layer and also for reapplication when wearing makeup in the sun. 
Repurchase: Probably 

Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Brightening Serum ~ $68.00 CAN. A potent, lightweight Vitamin C and AHA serum concentrated with smoothing pineapple juice and hyaluronic acid to brighten and even tone.

This was easily one of my Favourite Skincare Products of 2019 - this serum is fantastic!  It uses pineapple juice, vitamin c, and chamomile to brighten and even skintone and it truly delivers on these claims! My skin has looked really great since I've started using this and it smells like juice. I loved this. The only thing was right at the end, there was a little harden chunk left at the bottom so I couldn't quite use everything. 
Repurchase: Yes I will 

Indeed Labs Watermelon Melting Balm ~ $24.99 CAN. This oil-based cleansing balm melts onto the skin and creates a gentle lather when mixed with water to dissolve makeup, dirt and oils, all while nourishing dry and dehydrated skin. 

I love this cleanser - it made my Favourites in March - I love that it comes in a tube, the packaging is a huge plus for me. The product itself is fantastic - I forgot sometimes to use a second cleanser and didn't need a micellar water or eye makeup remover first. It was just so effective! 
Repurchase: Already have! 

August 2020 - Monthly Empties

Ombrelle Kids 50+ SPF Water Resistant Lotion ~ $? 

This was good - basic kids SPF sunscreen. i also used it on me with no problems and I liked it. It looks like this specific kind isn't available any longer and may have been reformulated since I used this.
Repuchase: Doesn't look like I can, but would pick up a similar one 

Graydon Aloe Milk Cleanser ~ $33.00 CAN. This creamy, gentle cleanser helps remove dirt, make-up and excess sebum without stripping your skin of its moisture.

This was a really gentle milky cleanser - a creamier formula with a lot of foaming action. It's the type of cleanser I love to use in the morning, just really nice and gentle on the skin. 
Repurchase: Maybe 

Ren Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream ~ sample shown (full size is $64.00 CAN). A moisturizer that combats chronic discomfort, redness, and sensitivity to ensure skin glows with renewed health and stays looking younger for longer.

This was fine - it was a good moisturizer, nothing outstanding for me personally. Did the trick, moisturized. It's always hard to see claims after 2 uses, so maybe this is better over a longer period. I also found it a little thicker than my typical face cream so maybe better for drier skin or Winter.  
Repurchase: Probably not

Perricone MD Cold Plasma+ Advanced Serum Concentrate ~ sample shown (full size is $190.00 CAN). A powerhouse serum concentrate that targets skin’s individual needs, immediately and over time.

For $190 full size, this thing better immediately make me look 10 years younger and alas, it did not do that, so I will be unable to pay almost $200 to repurchase this again. I mean, I thought this serum was fine and it felt good, but I didn't see any life changing results. 
Repurchase: Not unless I win the lottery

Glamglow Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer ~ deluxe sample shown (full size is $64.00 CAN). Volcasmic is a lightweight, creamy pressed moisturizer with transforming minerals to help absorb oil while hydrating skin, without adding shine.

I'm still trying to make my way through an older stash of products, and moisturizers is probably what I have the biggest backlog of. I actually quite liked this and it was great for my combination skin in the Summer, and I loved the scent of it. But, it looks like this product has been discontinued. 
Repurchase: Not available anymore

Olehenriksen Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer ~ sample shown (full size is $53.00 CAN). An oil-free moisturizer, rich in antioxidants, to weightlessly hydrate, even tone, and smooth skin texture for a healthy-looking complexion.

This was fine - it's a little hard to tell with a 2 use sample pack, but I didn't mind using it. I thought it was really light-weight so I'd certainly be interested in trying it again. 
Repurchase: Need to try again to decide

Oh K! SOS Clear Cover Blemish Patches ~ $6.99 CAN. Cover your spots through the day or night with these cute, shaped and ingredient-impregnated blemish patches. 

I tried these once before and thought they were okay, not great; but, just trying them a second time, they are really not good. They didn't work well and they were incredibly hard to remove without ripping and didn't adhere well.
Repurchase: No

August 2020 - Monthly Empties

Lush Beautiful Shower Gel ~ $9.95 CAN. You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face.

This was a delicious citrusy shower gel with a hint of glitter in it. The formula was nice and thick I loved the grapefruity scent - sadly, this has been discontinued, but apparently it is the same scent as 1000 Kisses so I might pick something up in that scent! 
Repurchase: No can do, but I always get these shower gels 

Gilchrist & Soames Mineral Bath ~ hotel sample. 

I don't know what it is, but if I go to a hotel, I have to use their bath and body products and finish them up. This was fine and I'd use it again, 
Repurchase: No

Living Proof Restore Repair Hair Mask ~ deluxe sample (full size is $50.00 CAN). A replenishing deep-conditioning mask made to repair dry, damaged hair for long-lasting softness, shine, and smoothness.

This is a pretty good hair mask - it really softened my hair and left it super smooth and soft. I also think that $50 on a hair mask is crazy - I think I can mimic the results with a more affordable hair mask. 
Repurchase: Probably not 

Green Butterfly Co. Flower Power Mineral Bath Tea ~ $15.00 CAN for 1lb. Made with a delightful blend of essential oils including, Tangerine, Sweet orange, Patchouli, Neroli and Cedar. Flowers harvested locally include, calming Calendula, rejuvenating rose, relaxing Lavender, and skin softening Sunflower petals. 

This is a local company from just outside of Calgary and I picked this up at a market. I loved this blend and it was great in the bath, but the flowers were certainly messy to clean up. I should have put them in something to help with clean up. 
Repurchase: I might 

Live Clean Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Replenishing Body Wash ~ $8.09 CAN. Live Clean Argan Oil Replenishing Body Wash features 100% Argan Oil to nourish and replenish the skin for improved texture and tone, while certified organic botanicals of Grape Seed and Olive Leaf extracts help to protect the skin’s moisture barrier.

Body wash isn't the most exciting - this one was a good formula though and was good to use. It's also huge so it lasts forever! 
Repurchase: Maybe

August 2020 - Monthly Empties

Clear Care Plus Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution ~ $19.97 CAN. Not only does CLEAR CARE® PLUS Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution clean and disinfect your contact lenses with the bubbling power of hydrogen peroxide, it also surrounds your lenses with long-lasting moisture.

This is a great contact solution - I switched to a hydrogen peroxide solution over a year ago (with only one mishap of not letting it rinse long enough). This is at least a 6 hour solution; but, it's great! Much better at cleaning than regular solutions!
Repurchase: Yes! 

Bausch and Lomb Renu Fresh Multi-Purpose Solution ~ $2.27 CAN for travel size. Experience the feeling of wearing a fresh pair of lenses cushioned in moisture, renu fresh is proven to fight germs, clean lenses, and removed irritating protein deposits daily from your solf lenses.

When I'm not using the Clear Care solution, I'm using this for a quick rinse or when I need a faster solution time. 
Repurchase: Yes 

Mitchum Clinical Soft Solid ~ $8.99 CAN.

Deodorant is nothing special; but, I love the clinical strength formula and this brand is my go-to. I like that it is both an antiperspirant and a deodorant.
Repurchase: Yes

Acuvue Oasys x 2 ~ $57.00 CAN each for a 12 pack. 

These are my go-to contacts - my eyes are usually pretty dry and these work well to keep them hydrated during the day! I just had to get my eyes checked and changed my prescription a little, so these were the last of my old prescription. 
Repurchase: Yep, but in my new prescription 

Marvis Aquatic Mint Toothpaste ~ $10.00 CAN. Marvis Aquatic Mint Toothpaste has a sweet and cool touch of mint with the cool freshness of the sea. Alum powder based, it polishes the teeth smoothly without being harmful for the enamel or the gums. 

This toothpaste is so good - I love how fresh this leaves my breath! It's super cooling and refreshing and I like a lot of the flavours, but this is my favourite.
Repurchase: Yes! 

August 2020 - Monthly Empties

Soak Fizz and Bubbles Poisoned Apple Bath Bomb ~ $7.95 CAN. Top notes of strong green apple and background notes of subtle peach.

I'm trying to use up al my old Halloween bath bomb stock so that I can refresh my collection and this one was so cool! It's a gorgeous blue and shimmery black! This smells fresh and fruity - apple with a hint of peach and it is so yummy and I love how colourful it turned in the bath. 
Repurchase: I would yes 

Sweet As Candy The Pumpkin King Bath Bomb ~ $6.00 CAN.The Pumpkin King himself can entertain you in the tub with his melting face and blue insides! Scented in peach coconut.

Jack Skellington is my absolute favourite Halloween character and this bath bomb from Sweet as Candy looked amazing - I couldn't resist picking it up! This is a handmade Calgary company and I love the products I've tried from them. This bomb smells like bubblicious gum to me and I love a good sweet smelling bath! (This was last year's scent and this year it was candy apple). 
Repurchase: Yes, but it's already sold out this year! 

Lush Rudolph Bath Bomb ~ $5.95 CAN. The sweet marzipan scent will have you glowing as the cozy benzoin and rose put you into a relaxed state that even Dancer, Prancer and Vixen couldn't tease you out of. 

Okay, this little Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer bath bomb is too cute - it's big pink nose is adorable. Again, a good little classic bath bomb in a nice relaxing scent - it kind of broke though as I was taking the antlers out.
Repurchase: Maybe, I didn't like the paper in it

Soak Fizz and Bubbles Pennywise Bath Bomb ~ $7.75 CAN. Top notes of green stem, lemon and cedar leaf combine with middle notes of lemon, spiced fruit and mixed florals, and bottom notes of earthy musk.

How amazing does this Pennywise look?! The detail is fantastic and it's perfectly creepy for Halloween time. This is a great, Fall scented bath bomb and it reminds me of a spiced apple cider and it was a good bath bomb! 
Repuchase: Yes, it was good

August 2020 - Monthly Empties

Dr. Belmeur Deep Moisturizing Mask ~ $4.00 CAN. The gauze mask sheet drenched with Moisturizing Ceramide™ serum (a mixture of ceramide and Vitamin E derivative) nourishes and deeply moisturizes sensitive skin.

This is a really good, super moisturizing mask! It fit pretty good and adhered well because it had a lot of essence and my skin was very hydrated and smooth after wearing this. 
Repurchase: Yes

JM Solution Glow Luminous Flower Firming Mask Rose ~ $2.50 CAN. The cellulose sheets adhere to the skin closely to provide maximum delivery of nutrients, leaving your skin radiant and glowing!

This was a nice, thin mask that had lots of essence and fit really well. This wore for almost 40 minutes and left my skin feeling very soft and smooth. 
Repurchase: Maybe 

August 2020 - Monthly Empties

Pure Aura Karma Glitter Hologram Foil Sheet Mask ~ $7.79 CAN. A fun holographic foil mask to soothe and hydrate your skin.

This was one of my favourite products of August and it's a really cool mask! This is a foil mask - this outer layer is meant to help keep the essence on the skin and I find it really helps the product absorb in to the skin. The back side of the mask is charcoal based so it's meant to be detoxifying, remove excess oil and draw out impurities from the skin while leaving the face clean and hydrated! It worked really well and my skin felt clean and hydrated.
Repurchase: Yes 

So, in August I used 31 products up - this is pretty normal and there was a good mix of samples and full sized products. 

I'm going to add up the totals of each category I'm using up to see how much I use up by the end of 2020, so these numbers are from the start of the year:

-Makeup: 36
-Skincare: 63 
-Bath and Body: 40
-Haircare: 21
-Nails: 3
-Masks: 33
-Other: 36


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