Saturday, January 19, 2019

Five on Saturday - January 18, 2019

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you've all had a great week - I am so damn busy at the moment at work and this week coming up is even crazier (I need a day off soon!!!) So, I'm going to relax and enjoy the weekend! 


So, the highlight of my week is that I got a mini fridge for my skincare! I have been considering buying one for months; because, I love the idea of having some of skincare items chilled! Buuut, when I get ready my master bedroom is a floor up from my kitchen and I will be honest and say I would not go downstairs to get something out of the fridge, apply it and put it back. So, I needed a way to chill them where I get ready! 

This little mini fridge is the Gourmia GMF600 Portable 6 Can Mini Fridge Cooler - it is $50 CAN and it's super cute little cooler (not all out there have a wall fridge), so it works well. It does make a tiny whirling noise, but it's in our bathroom so you can't hear it! For now, I have masks, eye gels, my face roller, mist and eye cream in there - do you have any other suggestions for my little fridge?! 


Do you guys want to know what's crazy?! This is the first month in YEARS that I have not gotten at least one subscription box! It feels a little crazy not getting some type of subscription or surprise because I've always gotten myself a little gift each month, so it seems a little weird! 


I doubled up on my Palette of the Week this week and chose the two Too Faced Tutti Fruitti palettes - the Sparkling Pineapple and Razzle Dazzle Berry! I was getting together a review on these are was inspired to use them more and I'm so happy I did - they are lovely! I just posted a review, swatches and looks and you can check it out here


This 10 Year Challenge is popping up all over the place - have you done it?! I think it originally started as a share your first Facebook profile picture to your most recent. It's funny when people don't age much; but, I will be totally honest, I'm not doing it because I can tell you right now that I have aged in the last 10 years! Hello 2 kids will do that to you! Did you do it? How was your 10 year difference? 


Elliott is already an ice cream cone maniac - he can say ice cream cone and he crushed this whole little kids cone to himself when we went out for a little treat this week! He's so funny! We don't take him out for junk food, so he's pretty funny when we do! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. I want to see 10 years ago Renee! I think it's GOOD when people look like they've aged, it shows we're not the same people constantly and it's also nice seeing people grow up :) But I get it, u do u boo!

    1. You know what, that's a totally good point. I would have felt like a total goon aging in 10 years, where everyone is doing it to show that they didn't age! Lol - maybe should I do it!

  2. I also got a mini fridge, but now it's stuck in customs so I will have to wait patiently! GGrrrrrr!

    1. Oh no! Did you get a cuter one than mine? I just picked one that shipped quick from Amazon so I didn't have to wait!