Sunday, January 27, 2019

Skincare Sunday - Leaders 7 Wonders Mask Amazonian Acai

Happy Skincare Sunday everyone! I always love talking about new masks on here and I feel like it's been a while since I've talked about a Leader's mask on here! 

Leaders 7 Wonders Mask Amazonian Acai

Leaders 7 Wonders Mask - Amazonian Acai ~ $6.00 CAN. Acai extract purifies skin and curbs damage from environmental stressors.

I came across these Leaders 7 Wonders masks when I was strolling through Anthropologie a little while ago, and I picked up a couple of different types to try! I have tried a few Leaders mask years ago and liked them, so I was excited to try these! Plus, these are a Bio-cellulose Mask and that's by far my favorite mask material to use! 

Leaders 7 Wonders Mask Amazonian Acai

This mask is just like all other sheet masks to wear - the only difference is that this mask comes sandwiched in between 2 protective layers, just peel off one protective layer and apply the mask to your face and then peel off the 2nd protective layer. Wear the mask for 20 - 25 minutes! 

Leaders 7 Wonders Mask Amazonian Acai

It will come as no surprise that I loved the material of this mask! It is so soft and just adhered perfect to my face and was easy to wear. This is possibly one of the thinnest masks I've ever worn and it was lovely! This lasted about 30 minutes and my skin felt good. It wasn't overly moisturizing to the skin; but, it's also a more purifying mask, so I wasn't expecting a ton of hydration - my skin also looked good the next morning; I thought this was very brightening! 

Leaders 7 Wonders Mask Amazonian Acai

I am really impressed by this 7 Wonders Leaders mask and I'm really excited to try the 2nd type I got as well! It is the best material and is so thin and comfortable to wear! It made my skin nice and bright! 

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  1. I think I have a Leaders biocellulose mask from Anthropologie kicking around as well and like you said, biocellulose is one of my favourite types of sheet mask! It's weirdly wonderful to feel, but my skin is always so happy with it!

    1. I really need to see your whole mask collection because every time I think I have lots, I picture yours!

  2. I've only tried one biocellulose mask so far and I really liked it. I think I have a couple lined up for February. So excited to start on Friday!