Sunday, March 12, 2017

Skincare Sunday - Skoah Fitskin Facial at Skoah Kensington Calgary!

Did you know that I have never been for a facial before?! I mean, I have been to the spa quite a few times for treatments, but I just do all my skincare treats at home! 

Skincare Sunday - Skoah Fitskin Facial at Skoah Kensington Calgary!

Clearly I enjoyed my first experience - this is my post-facial glow (also, keep in mind i'm bundled like crazy because it happened to be -25 degrees in Calgary that afternoon!)

I was very thrilled and honoured when Skoah here in Kensington, Calgary reached out to me to come in for a Fitskin Facial and review my experience! I have seen and heard of Skoah, but I haven't tried their products before so I came in with a fresh, open mind! 

Skincare Sunday - Skoah Fitskin Facial at Skoah Kensington Calgary!

Skoah is a company founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2001 - the owners wanted to create a spa experience that focused on the customer and was different than the typical spa space. Think of clean, uncluttered, gender neutral yet a warm and relaxing space. Their tag started as “No whale music, no bubbling cherubs, no pretentious attitudes.” The skoah "krew" is to be empathetic and to understand what the customer wants. Skoah is the go-to spa for personalized skincare training - learning about your skin and how to care for it! 

Skoah products blend science and nature, are cruelty-free and made right here in Canada! Their products are made using a blend of 11 plant extracts, highly-refined lipids and oils, sulphate free cleansers, and paraben free preservatives. 

Skincare Sunday - Skoah Fitskin Facial at Skoah Kensington Calgary!

I will start by saying how cute and simple the store front is, but it is welcoming and comforting it is! The staff were very friendly and welcoming. I could feel the atmosphere Skoah is going with by having a laid-back spa experience! 

Skincare Sunday - Skoah Fitskin Facial at Skoah Kensington Calgary!

The first part is getting set up in a comfortable spa room - the bed has a nice little heating pad in it and a nice cozy blanket. I felt they were very accommodating for me - making sure that at 8 months pregnant I was comfortable in the chair for 45 minutes! You do get the top half of you undressed as this includes a little massage as well! 

Before the facial gets started, your skincare trainer and you have a quick chat about your basic skin type and concerns to make sure the products they select for your facial are the best for your skin type! Once you are all settled, the lights get dimmed and you sit back and relax for 45 minutes (or longer depending on which facial you book)! 

Skincare Sunday - Skoah Fitskin Facial at Skoah Kensington Calgary!

The Fitskin Facial is $85.00 for 45 minutes and is described as ~ "this lighter skin care workout, could easily become a guilt-free habit. Get cleaned, toned, exfoliated, treated and hydrated for completely skoah-cised skin in under an hour. Now there’s no excuse to skip those monthly workouts with your skin care trainer."

Here is a quick run down of my Fitskin Facial (the steps should be similar in yours; however, the products may vary a little for different skin types)
1. Starts with a quick head massage and then your hair gets wrapped up and put out of the way
2. Then a cleanser is applied. My skincare trainer used kleansing lotion and gently massaged it in. This cleanser was very gentle and made my skin feel amazing! Then a warm, wet cloth is applied to remove the cleanser.
3. Next is toner! The toner used on me was tonik and it smells amazing - just like cucumbers! It is not alcohol based and is simply to help balance skin's ph! (I was so impressed with this product, it ended up on my to-purchase in the future wish list!)
4. After toner, is the exfoliating stage (but not a regular exfoliator!) The aha mask is an exfoliating mask with alpha hydroxy acid and peppermint. It is applied and left on for approximately 10-15 minutes. It is so cooling and refreshing! It does have a gentle tingle and you can visibly see that this makes your skin brighter after. The best part, this doesn't feel harsh on the skin at all. 
5. While the exfoliator is working, I was treated to a relaxing arm and hand massage! Then the aha mask is removed with a warm, wet cloth!
6. The next stage is a skincare assessment with your skincare trainer! They discuss their impressions of your skin and any concerns and potential treatments during this time. Their products are discussed but not in a high-pressure way. A few extractions were completed during this stage, but they do note that their facials are gentle and different and no crazy tools or products are used in skoah facials! 
7. Next is a mask/calming step - 2 masks were actually used on me: moisture induce mask and kalm down mask to help hydrate and restore the skin after the exfoliating phase! 
8. While these masks are setting for approximately 10 minutes, you are treated to a relaxing neck and shoulder massage! Then, the masks are again removed with a warm, wet cloth!
9. The serum applied to me next was the skin boost serum and it is great for hyper-pigmentation and dry skin.
10. Next, as a pre-moisturizer the hydradew mask was applied. This is a mask, but my skincare trainer explained that it absorbs so well that it can be used as an added moisturizing step pre-moisturizer or as a overnight mask as well! 
11. The last step are the finishing touches with moisturizer - face skotion, eye cream - eye kream, and lip moisturizer - lip dip! You are treated to a little scalp massage at the end! 

I'm really happy with the Fistskin Facial being my first facial - it was gentle, but the results were visible and my skin was glowing by the end of it! I can't think of a better introduction to a facial. (I think I sometimes worry that you leave facials with bright red skin and tell yourself that it will look better tomorrow - I don't know if that's actually true but it's been my past facial impressions!) Either way, that was definitely not how I felt at all leaving this facial!  

On top of being really impressed with the facial itself, I was happy with all the products used! I kept commenting on good they all smelled and how good they made my skin feel! I actually purchased that Hydradew mask and put a few other products on my to-buy list for the future!

If you are interested in trying a facial, they offer a few different types - you can check them out here! Also, they offer membership pricing if you are interested in keeping your skoah facials a regular thing and getting a reduced rate! I know I will be treating myself again post-baby (this may become my regular treat yourself gift!)

*Service provided in exchange for my honest review - please note, I know this is a gushing review, but I was genuinely very pleased!! 


  1. Glad to see you enjoyed your experience! I actually used to work for them so if you have any questions, let me know! I have had facials at a number of places and skoah is still the best.

    1. That's so good to know - thanks Jayne! I may have some questions about some products! I love how gentle this facial was!

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