Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Manicure Tuesday - Stone Marble Nail Art!

Happy Manicure Tuesday - my weekly manis may be pushed back to Tuesdays for a few weeks because I started baby classes on Monday nights now! 

But, I have been dying to try Stone Marble Nail Art for weeks now - I love the way it looks! 

Manicure Tuesday - Stone Marble Nail Art!

I am pretty happy with how this nail art turned out - I could have used a little skinnier of a brush, but I still think it looks pretty, just a little different than I planning! 

Here is a look at the products I used for this week's mani:
Manicure Tuesday - Stone Marble Nail Art!

-Rubbing alcohol
-Formula X nail cleanser and base coat
-White polish for base coat (sally hansen xtreme wear in White On)
-Gold Accent Polish (Teeez polish in "pretty in pyrite")
-Black sharpie for accents
-Nail art brush
-Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat
-Plastic bag

Yes, that's a Sharpie pen in there - you use a brush in rubbing alcohol with the sharpie for the different shades of grey! Easier than it sounds! But, let's be real, I can't even start to give a tutorial on how to do this Mani, so I am going to let you know where I followed from! Nina Nailed It gives a really easy quick, but thorough tutorial on her Youtube channel here! It is one of the easier tutorials I watched for Marble nails - there is some that are way too complicated! 

Manicure Tuesday - Stone Marble Nail Art!

Again, pretty happy with how it turns out! What do you guys think about Marble Nails?