Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Manicure Tuesday - Mani/Pedi at Esme Beauty & Floral Bar

Happy Manicure Tuesday - today was my second day officially being off work pre-baby so I decided to treat myself to a Mani & Pedi to celebrate the occasion! 

Manicure Tuesday - Mani/Pedi at Esme Beauty & Floral Bar

I went to Esme Beauty & Floral Bar - this is an adorable little house turned spa on 17th Ave in Calgary! I have been following them on Instagram for a while and have been waiting to pay them a visit! 

The best part of visiting Esme on a Tuesday - during March on Tuesdays they have a buy on service, get on free! So today, I got my Manicure for free! And, they offer daily deals all the time - think, $25 Manicure Mondays, etc! 

They offer a wide range of services - nails, brows, waxing, lashes, makeup, skin treatments, holistic nutrition and more! 

How cute is this little shop?! I love that they have fresh flowers all around and the staff were so fun making everyone feel really comfortable - offering lots of drinks and even some bowls of popcorn while I was in! I could tell that there was quite a few regulars in Esme and I can certainly see why everyone goes back - the atmosphere was nice and relaxed and the services were great! 

The services I had are:
  • Petite Manicure ~ $35.00. A classic manicure including a mineral hand soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, moisturization & polish. 
  • Petite Pedicure ~ $55.00. The baseline for all our pedicures. A detailed treatment including a luxe foot soak, cuticle care, callus work, nail shaping and polish. 
I was happy with both of the services - my nails were shaped nicely, nothing was done harshly! Also, nothing was rushed - 45 minutes booked for the Mani, and 1 hour booked for the Pedi! I would definitely recommend this spot to people and will book here again! 

Manicure Tuesday - Mani/Pedi at Esme Beauty & Floral Bar

This week I was thinking more nude shades or lavender would be a good transition in to Spring - I ended up with a cute nude pink and a pop of pink with it! 

polishes I chose for this week's Mani are Tenoverten in "Watts" (pinkish mauve) and "Elizabeth" (summer magenta). I hadn't heard of this brand before and was so impressed when I looked them up that their formula is 8-free, vegan and cruelty-free! 

Manicure Tuesday - Mani/Pedi at Esme Beauty & Floral Bar

Ugh, you guys - can you believe I haven't painted my toes since December?! (that's how miserable this pregnancy is for me - I always have painted toes!) Anyways, I always gravitate towards the same colour on my feet - with glitter! So I went with a dark purple glitter polish! This shade is Deborah Lippmann in "Let's Go Crazy" - described as outrageous royal purple glitter! 

Love a good Treat Yo Self Manicure Tuesday and Monthly Pedicure days! 

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