Friday, March 3, 2017

Five on Friday - March 3, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have had a great week! Can you believe it is March already?! I feel like time is flying by already this year! 


I just picked up my free Baby Box yesterday from The Baby Box Co. and Baby Box University - this is a campaign to educate parents on sleep safety for babies! This is a huge box and actually has a mattress and fitted sheet in the bottom. It also came with diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, a onesie, a library card, and coupons! This was so cute - if you are a new or expecting mom follow the website and see if there is a free distribution in your city! 

Have you guys gotten in to Podcasts yet? I downloaded the app Castbox recently and have started listening to podcasts (in between my audio books)! 

My favorite right now is "The Snailcast" which is actually a k-beauty skincare podcast by 4 well-known k-beauty bloggers! I'm loving it! 

I also have a few CBC Radio podcasts lined up that are true story/investigative podcasts - "Someone Knows Something" and "Missing and Murdered" 

Do you guys have any favorites? I'm in to anything and am looking for recommendations! 


I have already read 12 book so far this year (woo hoo!) and always have a quick review on my page! Also, I would love if you followed me on Instagram too - not only do I share any and all book reviews there, but I share everything! And if you're a real hardcore bookie like me, please follow me here on Goodreads and I am always looking for people to follow and book recommendations! 


Alright, I told myself that I wasn't going to overwhelm my blog with pregnancy and baby things - but being 2 months away from my due date, it's pretty hard to ignore! 

But seriously, if someone tells you that "baby brain" isn't real, i'm going to go ahead and assume that they are 1. a male and 2. completely asking to be punched in the face. I am losing my damn mind and baby brain is the only explanation! 

I know I have mentioned this before, but it is still happening and may be getting worse. I forget words mid-sentence, I forget everything, and yesterday I actually managed to pump my gas while leaving my car running and not being able to find my keys at all and freaking out - also, didn't notice when I got back in to my car that it was on the whole time. Whoops - hopefully it wasn't as dangerous as I was led to believe! (for other funny pregnancy brain stories - head to this buzzfeed article!)

Is March the Makeup news month or what?! This might get a little long winded let's jump in!

Some of the best news is that Milk Makeup is now in Canada on Sephora - just launched yesterday (March 2) and I scooped up the Holographic Stick and I will of course share it with you guys when I get it!

Deciem just dropped that the incredibly affordable skincare line - The Oridinary is releasing serum foundations in March! Deciem has been super high on my "to try" list for months and I will purchasing these and some skincare this month when they are released!

Holy Moly - how pretty are these duo-chrome liquid eyeshadows from Stila?! Check out this post on Pop Sugar Beauty to see swatches! They are up on the Stila website now and will be on Sephora later this month!

And Too Faced just always has so many cute things always being released! The Too Faced Peanut Butter and Honey palette just got released (only on Ulta or Too Faced website) and then the Natural Love eye palette and Pearl Radiance Highlighter are released on March 9th.

Also, hello Urban Decay also going glittery - they are releasing some liquid highlighters right away this month! Also, they have announced 2 sets of new products (with no release dates yet!) - they are glitter lipstick topcoats and a skincare line!

How pretty are these Rainforest of the Sea lipsticks from Tarte?! I love this line!

If you missed out on the Estee Lauder and Victoria Beckham collection last year, then you are in luck - in March the collection is being re-released this month! This re-release also includes 2 new products in the collection - Lipstick in Nude Spice Matte and Bronzer in Saffron Sun.

Okay - clearly, most of the releases in the Spring are going completely natural or bold and glittery! I know I didn't touch on nearly everything being released this season - this is just some of the boldest or funnest things being released, or what I am most looking forward to! Sorry, this part was a little long winded - but you know I love my makeup releases! 

I hope you all have a great weekend - this is the first weekend for a while that we don't have plans, so I am looking forward to having time to get stuff done this weekend on both boys rooms! 

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