Sunday, July 31, 2016

Skincare Sunday Product Review - Upper Canada Naturally Face Sheet Mask Soothing Cucumber

This month with the Canadian Beauty Bloggers group, we are focusing on Canadian brands! Upper Canada Soap is a Canadian company that is over 45 years old and focus on using natural Canadian ingredients (I will say that this mask was made in Korea, but most sheet masks are with any company!)
Upper Canada Naturally Face Sheet Mask Soothing Cucumber

Upper Canada Naturally Face Sheet Mask Soothing Cucumber ~ $3.50. Soothing – reduces puffiness and redness. The ultimate nourishment for your face! Each mask uses a unique fabric blend that tightly hugs the contours of the face allowing for the most effective penetration of our wholesome and natural essential ingredients.

I received this mask as a gift and have never tried a mask from this brand before!

This mask is used as a normal sheet mask - wash face, tone skin, apply mask and wear for 15-20 minutes, remove mask, pat remaining essence in to skin, and complete skincare routine. 

This mask is a thick material and it was big! It did manage to fold and fit my face decently, but I was not the biggest fan of the material overall. This mask did have a nice, light scent and it was very cooling and refreshing on my face! This lasted over 30 minutes on my face and there was still some essence to pat in my skin. I thought this delivered on the soothing factor and did calm my skin - it was good, just not amazing. There are a few better brands with less expensive masks that I prefer! 

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