Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Morning Skincare Routine - Skincare Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!  thought I would share with you my updated Skincare Routines - last week I shared my detailed 13 step Nighttime Routine
My Morning Skincare Routine

My Morning Skincare Routine is a few less steps! 

STEP 1 - Cleanser 
My Morning Skincare Routine

I like using a gentle cleanser in the morning - either a gel formula or gentle foaming cleanser is good! Something to wash off my sleeping mask from the night before! 

The Tony Moly Banana and Vichy ProEven are great gentle foaming cleansers and the Peter Roth Cleansing Gel is my favorite! 

STEP 2 - Toner
My Morning Skincare Routine

The toner/refresher step is important - it restores your skin's ph levels. It is important to look for a toner that does not have alcohol in it so it is gentle on your skin! Don't rub toner in to the skin - make sure you pat it in to the skin!

The Bath Time Box Rose and Aloe Toner is my favorite! 

STEP 3 - Face Mist 
My Morning Skincare Routine

I love using face mists - personally, I think that this is an overlooked step in the skincare routine! This step preps the skin to help absorb the serums and add moisture to the skin! Just spray a couple mists on to the skin and allow time to absorb. 

I prefer thin, fine mists in the morning and thicker, heavier mists in the evening! Right now in the morning, I'm using Caudalie Beauty Elixer, Tosowoong Syn-ake Mist, and Les Soins de Jacynthe Bulgarian Rose Floral Water! 

STEP 4 - Serum/Essence/Booster
My Morning Skincare Routine

I prefer to use thicker, creamier (less oily) serums or boosters as my morning routine - the oily ones take longer to absorb in to my skin so I need something quicker absorbing in the morning! 

This step is for delivering concentrated formulas in to the skin! For my morning serum, I generally use something for moisturizing and smoothing - you can choose a serum that works for your skin type! 

Right now I'm using the Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Plumping Serum, the Dr. Jart Ceramidin and the Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Supreme. I also really love the Dermalogica Hydrating Booster in the morning! 

STEP 5 - Emulsion 
My Morning Skincare Routine

The emulsion step is a pre-moisturizer - it is basically a very light moisturizer! You may not need 2 moisturizers, but I think this step is great for added moisture (especially with my dry skin!)

The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Emulsion is good, but I highly recommend the Nature Republic Steam Emulsion (it will turn you in to an emulsion believer!)

STEP 6 - Moisturizer 
My Morning Skincare Routine

Because I use an Emulsion before my moisturizer, I like to use a light weight moisturizer for my day routine. I save the thicker moisturizers for my nighttime routine! This step is straightforward, for added moisture to the skin! 

For the morning, I'm currently loving the Eco-beauty Good Day Day Moisturizer, the OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream and if I'm in a rush, I will use the Purlisse Pur-Protect with SPF.  

STEP 7 - Sunscreen 
My Morning Skincare Routine
 This is the most important step of my morning routine - SPF needs to be work everyday (even in the winter!) This added protection for the skin is so important to fight off the damage the sun can do! I like finding a face sunscreen so that it is not to 

My ultimate favorite sunscreen is the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50PA++++ - this is amazing on the skin and it very light and gentle! If you haven't found a face sunscreen you love, you need to get this off of Amazon right away! 

So, my Morning/Daytime Skincare Routine has quite a few less steps then my Nighttime Routine, but targets all my skincare needs! 


  1. Loving your morning skincare routine! I've been debating posting one for some time now :)

  2. Loving your morning skincare routine! I've been debating posting one for some time now :)