Monday, August 1, 2016

July 2016 Boxycharm - Review and Unboxing

Boxycharm is $21.00 a month + $5.00 shipping to Canada (shipping is free to the U.S.) Boxycharm sends 4 to 5 full size and luxury size beauty items. (This is only the 2nd month they have been shipping to Canada!)

Looking back at past reviews, this box focuses heavily on make-up items - so that is something to keep in mind! (I personally love all the makeup though and they have sent full size palettes in the past!)

There was a delay in shipping this month as they were waiting to see if Canada Post was going to strike/be locked out. They did make it within the month though (just barely!)

Here is a look at July's Boxycharm:
July 2016 Boxycharm - Review and Unboxing

The theme of this month's box is "Modern Merbabe"! 

This box contains a detailed description card of what is included in the box:
July 2016 Boxycharm - Review and Unboxing

Here is a look at what was included in this month's box:
July 2016 Boxycharm - Review and Unboxing

Ofra Professional Magnetic Palette ~ $59.00. This professional magnetic palette made exclusively for BOXYCHARM comes equipped with a mix of six shimmer and matte eye shadows that normally retail $10 for each pan. This versatile formula can be applied dry for subtle shading or damp for more intense color. It is also hypoallergenic and suitable for even the most sensitive eye areas.

I love when boxes include items exclusively made for them. I don't have a magnetic palette yet and was just looking for 1 so I am excited to see this! I do like the eyeshadows included as well - they are all neutrals and very useable. I do wish that we knew the names of them though! The shades are: bohemian, buttercup, smoke, iron, truffle, and millennium gold. This is a great value as each shadow is $10, plus a palette! I'm happy with this. 

July 2016 Boxycharm - Review and Unboxing

PYT Hair Oil Treatment ~ $30.00. The Argan Oil treatment penetrates the hair follicle leaving it nourished, healthy and frizz free. Safe for color treated hair.

The Oil Treatment enriched with Argan Oil provides nourishment and deep hydration for hair in a non-greasy formula resulting in a strong and healthy hair folicle. The nourishing formula prevents split ends and creates instant shine without leaving an oily residue.

This looked like a lucky miss for me - when I got my box the top of the oil container was cracking but luckily nothing leaked or spilled! Hair oil is okay for me - I have gotten a ton of hair products recently and I have to use them sparingly as I have very fine hair that can get weighed down easily. I will probably pass this on. 

Noyah Lipgloss in "Malbec" ~ $16.00. A natural lip gloss made without sulfates, parabens, or phtalates. Packaging is composed of earth-friendly bamboo.

This is actually a very bright pink - I'm not sure the shade and the gloss combination are really for me. I love that this brand in natural, but I do wish I got a different shade! I will likely pass this on. 

Mally Beauty Rounded Blender Brush ~ $15.00. Mally's Plush Blender Brush is specially designed for blending out eye shadows. With with a rounded brush head and luxuriously soft bristles, it is shaped to apply the perfect amount of color every time!

This was a variable item in the box, you either received this brush or an eyeliner - I am happy I received this brush! I love blending brushes and this is nice and soft! 

Boxycharm came with 4 full sized items and a value of $120.00 - I really love that Boxycharm delivers full sized items and came with a huge value! I wasn't thrilled with everything in this box, but I will use all the eyeshadow and the brush so it is worth it for me! 

I know this is a little more expensive than Ipsy or Topbox, but it seems worth it given what you receive. If you love makeup I would recommend this box. 

You can check out my past Boxycharm review here.

What did you think of the July Boxycharm? 


  1. Wow the palette looks pretty impressive! Considering Z palettes are pretty expensive that's a steal! I've only subscribed to Ipsy before and what I disliked was that we never got a card explaining the products! It's nice that Boxycharm does!

    1. Ya I love that this came with a z-palette! pretty excited for it! I love the product card - Ipsy is all on the computer and I'm not the biggest fan of that! I'm glad Boxycharm came to Canada!

  2. That Ofra palette looks awesome! I would've liked that Noyah lipgloss - I love lipgloss and I love pink ones. :-) If I ever want to get a monthly sub again I'll definitely consider this one.

    1. ya i was super happy to see this palette in here and I wish I liked the lipgloss shade more - I'm just getting in to more lip colours and know I won't wear it as much as i should!