Friday, July 15, 2016

Five on Friday - July 15, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a good week! 


Every year in July, Calgary gets crazy for 10 days during the Calgary Stampede. I usually try to go once a year for rides and food! This year, I actually went twice which was great! I went with my husband and son and then with one of my best friends. We all went on rides, caught some fun shows and did lots of activities (I crushed axe throwing!) Also, they have great carnival food - I tired deep fried coffee, pulled pork mac and cheese, mini donuts, pickle corn dogs, deep fried peanut butter cup and oreos stacks!) There is also big Grandstand shows and many more Stampede events! 


Here is a few good Winners finds I got this week! Normally you have to order both of these brands online, so I was really excited! I know deodorant doesn't look exciting, but this is one of the only natural brand I find works, but I hated using potted products so the stick is a newer release and I hope it works! 


Here is a look at my latest Sephora order! The Tarte and Skin Inc are points items, the 3 Fresh items were my bonus code add on, and they had 5 samples instead of 3! 

I'm really excited to try the Too Faced concealer - it smells great and the reviews look good! 


Ahhh - great news, did you hear B. Spear's new song?! So excited! You can listen to it on her youtube page here (or download it anywhere!)

I actually quite like it - I think it is very different than some of her other stuff and what is out there right now! 


I'm am taking a few days vacation today - I'm driving to Penticton to spend a few days on the beach with my family (and some wine tasting of course!) So posting will be minimal, but there should still be a few posts up during this time!

Have a great weekend! 

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