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June 2015 Mask Genie 10 Mask Pouch Review - Facial Mask Subscription Review

Mask Genie is a newer all mask subscription service - started in January 2015! 

Mask Genie offers 2 different pouches:

  • 5 masks for $12
  • 10 masks for $22
The price for each pouch includes worldwide shipping!  

When you sign up for Mask Genie, you must purchase each month individually (although, Genie does say if you contact her you may request automatic re-billing)

Mask Genie describes their service as:

"MaskGenie is a monthly masks membership service, which delivers a beautifully packaged drawstring pouch straight to your door containing a variety of fun and exciting masks from Asia.

Unlike other masks subscription services, MaskGenie gives you the freedom to choose what you buy and when you buy, so you never feel tied to anything. Throughout the year, there will also be Limited Edition Luxury Mask Pouches that you can purchase as an extra treat for yourself or for a friend.

MaskGenie is not only your usual masks subscription service where you receive a bunch of random masks each month, but with MaskGenie, all products are carefully chosen and curated by us, all in order to give you the best selection of the craziest, coolest, and hottest trends!

No matter what skincare concerns you may have, MaskGenie provides only the best masks that care for your skin from head to toe. You now have an opportunity to try out all the different types and brands of masks from Asia."

I love Mask Genie and usually order at least the 5 Mask Pouch every month!! For June though, I ordered to 10 Mask Pouch! Here is a look:

Mask Genie does not include a product card, but each month she does an un-pouching video on her youtube channel and explains each mask and why she chose it! 

Looks like a great mix of masks!! Here is a closer look at the masks included:

Mio Concentrate Whitening Eye Mask ~ 1 set for $1.90 (box of 5 for $9.50). Protection from the sun is the priority in the hot weather. The second line of defense for healthy skin is to inhibitmelanin production.

I love eye masks, so I am excited to try these! Mio is a Taiwanese brand so these are a little harder to find, but look interesting! 

SU:M37 White Award Bubble-De Mask ~ sample size 4.5 ml for $2.03 (full size is 100 ml for $45.22). Enriched with fermented ingredients NAPS, A-CAI, birch saps extract. Relaxes skin and creates clear and lively face. 

I have heard nothing but great things about SU:M37 - most of their products are very expensive so I have yet to try anything, but I have been waiting to try so goodies! I also love bubbling masks so this is great! 

Secret Key Syn-ake Wrinkle Mask Pack ~ $4. ★SYN-AKE is a kind of Peptides which is similar molecular structure to snake venom. It is developed by Pentapharm company, Swiss, one  of the  best cosmetic company in the world. It has excellent effect for anti-wrinkle.

I have used some syn-ake products and have been good. I love the idea of simulated snake venom - this is great for decreasing the depth of wrinkles. 

BeauNa Whitening Sheet Mask Apple ~ $1.14. Apple extract contains extracts and vitamin C, effectively brighten the complexion, improve dull tired skin condition. Extracted from the hot springs mineral ingredients can reach the underlying skin lasting moisture. Relieve stress due to the external environment and feel tired skin, after the skin is more smooth and supple.

This mask packaging is really cute! I have never heard of this brand so I am looking forward to trying it! 

Esfolio Pearl Essence Mask Sheet ~ $2.52 (5 for $12.60). Pearl extract will make your skin glows and keep it moisturized. Vitamins included in quince extract and ingredients included in pearl powder can get your skin clean and clear. 

Again, this mask is very cute! I know that is why Mask Genie included it! I believe she said it wasn't a mask she likes, but I have really liked pearl masks, so I hope I like this one too! 

Timeless Truth Caviar and Collagen Elastic Mask ~ $1.45. This mask contains Caviar extracts, Peptides, Alpha Lipoic Acide, and Hyaluronic Acid. 

Again this was included for it's packaging - but it sounds like Timeless Truth is a great mask brand as it is the only type of products it makes! 

Aritaum Fresh Essence Mask - Morus Bark ~ $3 (set of 7 for $21). Morus bark consist of excellent properties to enhance whitening effect, removing impurities and residual rough skin.

Sounds like Moruse Bark has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and the benefits are also for anti-aging! Sounds interesting and I will gladly try it! 

Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack - Aqua ~ $3.22. Can be beauty thin white skin, the skin delicate, shiny, flexible, shrink pores, moisturizing whitening, wrinkle anti-aging, improve skin dull.

These masks are so highly reviewed - I can't wait to try it! I am all about the weird ingredients for skin benefits so why not try Donkey's Milk too?!

Leaders Mediu Amino Pore-Tight Mask ~ $2.94 (10 masks for $29.39). Tightening & Firming + Amino acid. Amino acid complex with proline, tea tree leaf oil, zinc PCA.

Leaders is a very popular mask brand - I think I have only tried 1, so I am happy to have more to try! 

Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit ~ $3.50. This is a 3-steps kit perfect for pore control.   The first step opens your pores which allow for removing blackheads easily.  The second step removes blackheads.  The third step to minimize pores.

From Mask Genie's review this product takes a long time to use: 40-45 minutes! I love these type of goodies so I am looking forward to trying this! 

Have you tried MaskGenie's Mask Pouch? What do you think of the June pouch?

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