Friday, July 3, 2015

Five on Friday! July 3, 2015

It was so nice that this week we had a holiday in the middle of the week!! Happy it is the weekend! 

Here is my garden update!!! Woo hoo - look at how much everything has been growing!! I have been able to pull my first batch of radishes and I have been using my lettuce for salads all week!!! So exciting!! 


Ok is anyone else dying to get their hands on this - seriously Sephora Canada was terrible yesterday! Ugh, the product released at 10am MT (9am PST) but not in Canada - I got an email at 2:45 in the afternoon just as I was driving away from work to say that it was now available and 45 minutes later when I was done driving, it was sold out! Not impressed as I refreshed my computer all day for it! Aaaaand, it is available again but only on the US site - ugh, Canadian problems!

It was Canada Day on Wednesday so it was nice to get a day off with the whole family right in the middle of the week! We are super geeky about the zoo and my son loves to run around and take selfies with all the animals - so here were are with a sleepy penguin!! (And, Damian's head looks 3 times bigger than mine in this photo - that's not the case in real life!)

Time for another yearly tradition here in Calgary - the Stampede!!! I usually go only once for a day of rides and trying crazy foods (there is nothing like Stampede Mini Donuts...) - I have tried deep fried oreos and cheesecake and all kinds of awesome goodies. But I just read that they had to cancel the Cockroach Pizzas they had planned this year?! What will people do? My bestie is out of town this year for stampeded so I might not have a chance to go - if you have never been before, it is a great time! 

Bachelorette Party 2.0 is happening this weekend - myself and a group of Girls from work are planning a Girl's Night Out with a limo and a Wine Bar tomorrow night - I am looking forward to it!!  

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