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July 2015 Beauteque Mask Maven - Sheet Mask Subscription Review

Beauteque is an American company that focuses on creating a beauty bag subscription featuring Asian Beauty products. Beauteque launched their original "BB Bag" Subscription in January of this year and their "Mask Maven" was just launched a couple months later in March.

The Mask Maven subscription is described as:

"The Mask Maven is a luxurious subscription service offering a lovely assortment of masks each month to keep your skin smooth, soft, and spectacular. 
You will receive all kinds of masks including face sheet masks, hand and feet masks, hair masks, wash off masks, and more."

Beauteque Mask Maven is $15 monthly - if you sign up for a longer subscription, you can save a little money: $14 per month if you sign up for 6 months, or $13 per month if you sign up for 12 months. Shipping per month is $3.95 for the U.S., $5.95 to Canada, and $8.95 to Europe. Each month you can expect to receive 9-11 masks of all varieties.

*So I initially signed up for 3 months, which was March-May and it was a little disorganized and had too many repeat items. I actually forgot to cancel my sub. for June-Aug and I am happy I stuck around, because Mask Maven stepped it up with some much needed improvements last month - same masks for all subscribers (with only a few that could be different types), more brand variety, and a product card! Again, great improvements*

Here is a look at the July 2015 Mask Maven:

Each month comes in an organza pouch (trust me I have a never ending supply of these now) and I forgot to take a photo of all the masks together (whoops!!!) Again, I am happy to see a detailed product card! 

Here is a look at the masks inside:

SNP Bejing Opera Aqua Mask ~ $3.25. Aqua moisture mask to reinforce moisture retention of dry and water-insufficient skin with aqua energy creating moist and silky skin.

I love the design of these - they are hilarious! I will have fun wearing this around the house! I have tried the Otter Aqua mask and it was very moisturizing! I like that Beauteque has included a patterned mask! 

Urban Dollkiss Welcome to Korea Skin-clean Mask ~ $2.24 (7 masks for 14000 won/$15.72 CAN). Hanging to dry and crumbly to cultivate various fruit extracts and hyaluronic acid condensation skin brimming with vitality vitamin nutritional ingredients to the skin is clean skin mask pack. (this may not be great translation as it is from google!)

These are funny - they look like money!! I have never heard of Urban Dollkiss before (I think it is part of Baviphat) and it is nice to see a new brand in this pouch! 

Urban Dollkiss Welcome to Korea Skin Solution Mask ~ $2.24 (7 masks for 14000 won/$15.72 CAN). Fermented horse placenta and Portulaca Oleracea, Centella asiatica, a variety of organic extracts and ingredients of propolis. Given the moisture balance given to help relieve skin problems and stress, soothes the skin gives Lotus Phyto Plage septo culture extracts the moisture and nutrient supply secondary The solution mask pack to cultivate a comfortable and given help to clean the skin.

I don't mind that there is 2 masks from the same brand because they are different and again the brand is new to the bag! 

AngelLooka: Ultra Moisturizing Foot Mask Pack ~ $5.95 (2 pairs for 11.90). Included 5 natural plant essential ingredient. Urea, Calendula officinalis, Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil and Squalene, able to provide motisurizing to your feet skin, kicking the wrinkle away and preventing of ageing. Specially introduce the heating function which could slim up the hand shape due to improve the problem of edema. The heating function also could provide warming to your feet in winter time too.

This mask has a heating function in it which sounds so cool! I have only tried one other foot mask before so I am happy to try this!!

Mediheal: Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask Sheet ~ $1.66 ($4.99 for 3). The synergy effect of Phyto black complex ingredient (Juniperus Communis Fruit extract, blackberry extract, blueberry extract, morus alba fruit extract, Rice extract, Garlic Bulb extract, Sesame Seed extract, soybean extract) give vitality to the under eyes. Silk amino acid component makes vitality to tired skin around the eyes. It is high adhesion tension that excellent adhesion skin, perfectly grips your skin without any gaps. 

That description is a little hard to read, but essentially this mask is all about vitality! I love eye masks so I am happy to see this! I really like that this Mask Maven bag has lots of variety this month. 

Esfolio: Milk Essence Mask Sheet ~ $1.35. As a highly concentrated essence-type mask sheet, the mask pack contains Milk Protein Extract which is effective in keeping the skin clean, Also, vitamins of Chaenomeles Sinensis Fruit Extract and Portulaca Oleracea Extract help to increase skin elasticity and moisturization.

I have heard really great things about milk for the skin - I have a couple more milk masks that I have yet to try (but I will!) Again it is nice to see a new brand in this pouch! 

Esssfolio Gold Mask - Gold Essence ~ $2.47. Containing Colloidal Gold, this sheet mask is great for alleviating stressed skin by adding elasticity and nutrition. 

Oooh Gold sounds so fancy!! This sounds so cool - I'm looking forward to using it!

Holika Holika Vitamin + Pineapple Mask ~ $4.64 (5 for $23.18). Pineapple Extract and Vitamin C derivatives deliver healthy energy of nature to the skin. So it makes the skin sleek and soft.

Yay - out of all the sheet masks I have, I have never had a pineapple mask before! Holika Holika is a great brand and I am happy to try this! 

Tony Moly I'm Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet - Skin Smoothing ~ $1.83 (10 for $18.33). Water type essence mask provides immediate relief for dehydrated and irritated skin, soothing and hydrating with tea tree extract to restore skin health and minimize future irritations. Moisturizing essence sinks rapidly for a long lasting and trouble soothing effect that leave skin comfortable and smooth round the clock. Low irritation sheet mask is free from parabens, talc, benzophenone, triethanolamine and tar dye.

I have tried Tony Moly masks before, but not this type! Again, Tony Moly is a well known brand and I will save this from when my skin needs some treatment! 

This month's Beauteque's Mask Maven subscription came with 9 sheet masks, with a total value of $25.63. I never expect a huge value out of a mask subscription, as long as I get around what I paid. Mask subscriptions are more about the curation and trying new masks, as opposed to overall value of the products. 

I do have to say, this is probably the best Mask Maven bag to date! The variety of masks was really great, I like the inclusion of a detailed product card, and there are new brands that I haven't seen included before! 

If you would like to view my past Mask Maven reviews, you can check them out here.

Did you get the July Mask Maven? What did you think of this month's bag?

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