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January 2020 - Monthly Empties and Month in Masks

Time to look at my monthly beauty garbage! 

January 2020 - Monthly Empties and Month in Masks
Some products may have been received in PR - this post contains affiliate links

Doucce Fierce & Fine Graphic Pen ~ $21.00 US. The design of the felt tip applicator allows you to create either a thick or thin line depending on the amount of pressure used during application. 

This was just okay - it had a decently flexible felt tip which I did like using and the pigmentation was pretty good. It's not my favourite liquid liner and while it's good, it doesn't feel $21 US good. (You can see it in a look here). 
Repurchase: No 

Vichy Teint Ideal Fluid Foundation ~ $38.00. Formulated for normal to combination skin, this fluid foundation fuses with the skin thanks to its ultra-liquid water-based texture and offers light to medium coverage and a luminous satin finish.

This was a past love - I really enjoyed this foundation years ago (you can see it on me here and it made my favourites in November 2016). This is now discontinued so I was using up products in my collection. 
Repurchase: No can do

L'Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Definer Pencil in Brunette ~ $10.96 CAN. The 0.5 mm ultra-fine tip of the pencil is a perfect tool to recreate tiny brow hair, allowing you to precisely draw and shape your brows for a well-defined brow look.

Spoiler alert for my 2020 Project Pan - I finished this brow product already! It's actually really surprising how quick I can use up a brow product when I focused on one! I have like 6 or 7 on the go so I'm not getting through any of them! This one was good; but, not the most amazing formula I've tried -good for drugstore, but I prefer the Benefit formula, so I probably wouldn't go out of the way to purchase this again. 
Repurchase: Mmm... probably not 

Raspberry Mint All Natural Lipgloss/Moisturizer - Cherry ~ $5.00. These are all natural lip moisturizers/lip gloss made with 100% natural ingredients: coconut oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E and natural flavour oils. 

Second spoiler alert from my Project Pan (here I thought there wasn't going to be much action in the first month so I didn't need an update, but I got rid of two products) - this one didn't quite get "finished", but as I was using it, it had a weird moldy looking spot in it and I can't use it anymore. Anyways, this is years old and I don't really find it a nourishing lip oil - it was fine, but I just wanted to use it so I didn't waste it and throw it out! 
Repurchase: No

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation in 1N2 Ecru ~ $56.00 CAN. A 24-hour liquid foundation with a flawless, natural, matte finish that unifies uneven skin tone and covers imperfections with buildable coverage.

I love this foundation - the wear is just fantastic. It is full coverage; but, doesn't feel heavy on the skin and wears all day. I have featured this a ton of times and it's totally my holy grail formula - I will always go to this when I need a trust-worthy base (you can see it in a recent Go To Full Face of Weatherproof Makeup).
Repurchase: Yes - already have! 

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Primer ~ $20.00 US. This cruelty-free primer enhances your eyeshadow and protects your makeup all day. Have a dinner date after work? No worries, this eyeshadow primer stays locked in all day.

Eye primer takes forever to get through; but, I've gotten through this one! And, this one is a really good - it does exactly what it's supposed to and worked really well. I wish it was more accessible or easier to find in a mainstream store in Canada. 
Repurchase: If I see it somewhere I would

Mac Cosmetics Mini Prep + Prime Fix+ ~ $18.00 CAN for mini size. A lightweight water mist that finishes makeup, while gently soothing and refreshing skin. 

This is just such an easy daily setting spray and it's perfect for day wear for me - it's been a favourite setting spray for a while. It's not necessarily the most long-lasting formula of a setting spray, but I love it for every day or work use since it's priming and refreshing. I also love these little minis because I can throw these in my purse and keep my makeup fresh throughout the day!
Repurchase: Yes, I still have more 

Christian Siriano Powder Brush #29 ~ $?. 

This brush was fine - I've been using it for a bronzer brush and it came in a set a couple of years ago. It was okay, but it's broken and I have a lot of other brushes so time to go! 
Repurchase: Nah

January 2020 - Monthly Empties and Month in Masks

Franz Everyday Essence Face Serum ~ $60.00 US. Everyday Essence is a lightweight face serum packed with high performing ingredients for your skin's everyday hydrating needs. 

This serum has hyaluronic acid in varying sizes to moisturize every layer of skin, ceramides to protect the skin, xylitylglucoside are plant sugars to add hydration, and vitamins and minerals for antioxidants for clear and healthy skin. I just reviewed this along with their microcurrent mask - you can see it here! But, it had a very floral fragrance and I used it for 2 weeks straight and felt like it made me breakout, so I took a break and then I reused it and the same thing happened. I don't usually like to toss skincare, but I'm of the opinion now that life is too short to use skincare that doesn't work well on your skin! I'm going to pass this on to someone who is less sensitive! 

Repurchase: No

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner ~ mini size for $33.00 CAN (full size is $59.00 CAN). A daily, non-stripping toner with real rose petals and hyaluronic acid that minimizes pores while increasing hydration by 46 percent for six hours.

This is a really gentle toner and I picked it up last year for when I was traveling so it would fit in a carryon size liquid; but, I've used this multiple times and it also made me break out. Usually my skin loves rose products and I love Fresh, so I was really sad this didn't work (hence why I tried it 6 or 7 times before I finally accepted that it wasn't working for my skin!)
Repurchase: No

OleHenriksen Nurture Me Moisturizing Creme ~ $53.00 CAN. A rich, hydrating face moisturizer with vitamins C and E and nourishing oils to leave even the driest and most sensitive skin supple and comfortable.

Okay, I picked this up a few years ago and had so many moisturizers that I finally got around to using this last year and I loved it! It made my Favourites in October and now I'm sad to see the line doesn't look available anymore! It smells like skittles and was so nourishing to the skin, especially in the cold, dry weather Alberta gets! I loved this! 
Repurchase: Sadly, it's not available anymore! 

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel For Acne ~ $11.99. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne is an invisible treatment get that penetrates into the skin to help dry out acne and pimples.

This is recommended for all types of acne - whiteheads, blackheads, etc. I love a good spot treatment and this one does work well - it made my Favourites back in October 2018! I actually really like it for use on my nose too to target those pesky blackheads and it works on bigger breakouts too. I'm only tossing this not fully done (but close), because it's expired now! 

Repurchase: I might yes

TonyMoly Prestige Jeju Snail Cream ~ sample shown (full size is $79.50 US). Contains fermentated filtration of snails feed with gold colloids and cactus in Jeju.

This was actually a really moisturizing moisturizer - it was nice, thick and hydrating! But, it's a little on the pricey side. 
Repurchase: Mmmm.... it looks pretty hard to find

Makeup Remover Towelette ~ $?

This was a little single use remover that I brought on vacation with me and it was okay - I find these are never really amazing at removing a full face of makeup, but instead they are a good pre-wash to help out my cleanser. 
Repurchase: No

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch ~ $7.50 CAN (prices vary by website). Acne Pimple Master Patch heals acne, blemishes and prevents future breakouts quickly. 

These are a holy grail in my collection - these made my favorites all the way back in September 2015! These clear up acne so well and so quickly!
Repurchase: Yes (I'm usually a couple other brands first!)

January 2020 - Monthly Empties and Month in Masks

Banana Boat Kids Tear Free Sunscreen Lotion SPF 60 Travel Size ~ $6.99 CAN. Powerful Protection in a Gentle Lotion. 

I know this is for kids and it worked really well on Elliott in Mexico, but it also worked really well for me too - I like a high SPF so this one was good. 
Repurchase: Yes 

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Gel Lotion ~ $5.00 CAN for 60 ml (full size is $15.00 CAN).  It hydrates skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.

This came in my Body Shop advent calendar and I love this - the lotion was so light and absorbed quickly and it the pink grapefruit scent was so fresh! It's not available in this formula anymore, but I do see the body yogurt in this scent and may have to give it a try!
Repurchase: Yes 

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish - White On ~ $2.97 CAN (price may vary). Bioactive Glass bonds to nail proteins to give a hard manicure that lasts up to 7 days!

I've actually gone through a couple of these White On polishes because they really are the best white polish - the formula is great and covers really well. 
Repurchase: Yes! 

Marvis Toothpaste Flavour Collection - Wonders of the World ~ $23.00 CAN for 3 minis. This set contains three flavors in the Marvis Wonders of the World collection : Karakum, Royal, Rambasin in 25mL travel sizes.

I've raved about Marvis all year and have bought and tried so many of these flavours now! This one was really good, almost a berryish flavor and I liked it!
Repurchase: Yes

Sensodyne Toothpaste ~ $4.99 for full size - travel size shown here. Sensodyne is specially formulated to relieve sensitivity. 

For someone who has sensitive teeth, I don't actually really enjoy this formula! I just didn't think it worked that well and it didn't taste very good. I just finished it because we brought it travelling with us. 
Repurchase: Not likely

Neutrogena Make-Up Removing Cleansing Wipes Night Calming Duo ~ $19.99 CAN for 2 packs of wipes. Gently and effectively dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and make-up from your face.

This is the first pack in a pack of 2; but, these "night calming" wipes apparently have a unique scent to help you unwind - I really didn't notice a scent; but, these worked well and removed makeup.
Repurchase: Yes, they worked well 

January 2020 - Monthly Empties and Month in Masks

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash ~ sample size shown (full size is $8.79 CAN). This moisturizing body wash from Dove combines NutriumMoisture with mild cleansers to help your skin retain its natural moisture.

These are most of the products that I used up while in Mexico and this was fine - it is a thick formula so it was moisturizing. 
Repurchase: Maybe 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream ~ sample size shown (full size is $38.00 to $65.00 CAN). A lightweight moisturizer that provides 24-hour hydration.

This was pretty good - it's always hard to tell from a two use sample how well something will work for the skin but I enjoyed this - thought it worked well at night. 
Repurchase: Probably not 

Riversol Refreshing Gel Cleanser ~ $29.00 US. Gently removes make-up and impurities to unclog pores.

I got a three week set of Riversol products a while ago and this cleanser packet was supposed to last a week - there is no way. I think this lasted 3 days maybe. It was fine, nice and gentle but nothing outstanding.
Repurchase: Eh, not likely 

Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser ~ sample shown (full size is $42.00 CAN). An innovative jelly cleanser that removes all traces of makeup, excess oil, pollution, and any other grime from the day. 

This was a good cleanser - I do like a gel cleanser, I find $40 a little crazy for a cleanser personally, but it worked.
Repurchase: Nahhh... 

Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer ~ sample size (fill size is $64.00 CAN). A daily illuminating moisturizer to give your skin an instant hydrated glow—with hyaluronic acid, green tea, and highlighting pearl particles, your skin will be moisturized, energized, and glowing.

Okay, I really like this moisturizer - it's super glowy and bright and it's amazing mixed with a light tinted moisturizer just for a gentle glow to the skin (you can see it on me like that here!) This also smells so good! 
Repurchase: I have some samples to finish first before I decide! 

Glamglow TropicalCleanse Daily Exfoliating Cleanser ~ sample shown (full size is $45.00 CAN). A super-fruit-powered, exfoliating cleanser to gently polish the skin and remove impurities for a renewed glow and instant radiance.

I thought this smelled really nice and it was a nice cleanser - I enjoyed using the sample. I personally don't use a physical exfoliant very often anymore, so this doesn't appeal to me in a full size.
Repurchase: No

Whisper Mint Refreshing Mouthwash ~ $? 

This was just a little travel sample size - nothing special, but it did the trick. 
Repurchase: No 

Pharmacopia Verbena Shampoo ~ sample. 

This is a hotel shampoo and I was pretty impressed with it. This actually worked really well on my hair and I liked it - the scent was good too!
Repurchase: No, but would use it again

January 2020 - Monthly Empties and Month in Masks

Lush Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel ~ $12.95. A solid, naked shower gel? We know what you're thinking—isn't that just a soap? Nope! Our innovative new naked shower gels are creamier than regular soaps to leave skin more hydrated after washing.

I got this when it was a new formula and it's okay - it took me a while to use it because I tend to reach for my bottled shower gels. This smelled really good, and I like the idea of a naked line, but this wasn't really a stand out for me. It worked fine though.

Repurchase: No 

Purlisse Coconut and Rice Nourishing Sheet Mask ~ $8.00 US each. Restore, brighten, and nourish your skin with only one mask!

This was pretty good - I find the Purlisse material a little thicker than I generally prefer, but it fit okay. It came with a lot of essence so it did last a long time and it smelled a little coconutty. 
Repurchase: I find these a little pricey for what they do 

Water Nurse Moisturizing Mask ~ $?. A variety of natural moisturizing ingredients: hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, cucumber, etc.; allows skin to retain moisture. In addition, licorice extract and sugar-based trehalose soothe skin's imperviousness, as well as enhancing skin's protection against environmental damage, conditioning, maintains skin elasticity, and delay aging. 

This mask fit was rather big on me so it was a little hard to wear - but it was okay, I wore it for only 15 minutes because the fit wasn't great. 
Repurchase: No

Franz Jet Microcurrent Dual Face Mask System x2 ~ $40.00 US for 2 sets. Patented microcurrent technology helps the absorption of key ingredients (Oligo Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide and Copper Tripeptide-1) to help hydrate, tighten and soften your skin. 

I won't talk too much about this because I've talked about it a lot - my full review is up here and this made my January Monthly Favourites! This is a microcurrent mask and it's really cool to use! 
Repurchase: I've purchased more! 

Ciate London Watermelon Burst Hydrating Eye Patches ~ $30.00 CAN for 6 pairs. Each hydro-gel patch is infused with skin-smoothing niacinamide, a boosting vitamin complex, and brightening watermelon extract. 

How cute are these little watermelon masks?! They are so fun and vibrant. They adhered really well under the eye, but I think I picked a bad time to wear them - I had just removed a very glittery eye look and my eyes were a little irritated and these were hard to wear, so I removed them after about 15 minutes. Good thing, I have 5 more pairs to use and actually see how they work! 

So, in January I used 35 products, including masks, and I'm going to track each category and see how much I've used from each at the end of 2020:
-Makeup: 8
-Skincare: 12
-Bath and Body: 4
-Haircare: 1
-Nails: 1 
-Masks: 5
-Other: 4 

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