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February 2020 Tribe Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

I subscribed to Tribe Beauty Box in December when I saw that they paired up with one of my favourite youtubers, and it was a pretty good box! 

February 2020 Tribe Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review
I purchased this subscription - this post contains affiliate links

Tribe Beauty Box is all about indie brands and woman owned companies. They describe the box as "discover the wonderful and untapped world of indie brands through our customizable subscription box. This box gives you a chance to receive a mix of trendy and indie products that have been expertly curated. Every Tribe Beauty Box contains at least 3 items from female owned brands." 

I saw a few spoilers and this box looked okay, I did actually subscribe to this month's box a little by accident - I didn't pay attention to the renewal date and it was earlier in January than I anticipated, so alas here I am with the February box (you know I love subscriptions, so I'm not complaining too much over here!)

February 2020 Tribe Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

Tribe Beauty Box is a bi-monthly subscription, so it ships every 2 months and is $34.99 US + $6.99 shipping to Canada (it is available internationally, with prices varying per country). You can use my referral link here, and you can save 20% off a subscription! 

Each month they include a little product card explaining everything included and for the February box, they let us know there would be including 8 items in this month's box! 

Holographic Makeup Bag by Tribe Beauty ~ $19.99 CAN. 

This is a decent size makeup bag - I personally have lots of bags, but I'm sure most people could always use a makeup bag. I wouldn't give this a $20 value though! 

February 2020 Tribe Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

Iconic Beauty Los Angeles Glow Stix ~ $15.00 US. Filled with Jojoba oil, use this stick on your face or your body to return your natural glow! This is an amazing product to enhance your natural highlight. 

This is interesting - this brand doesn't really have a site (there is an Iconic Beauty London brand, but I think it's different( and I can really only see this on subscription box sites. This was a choice item between the Glow Stix and the Blur Stix and I did log in to my account and select the Blur Stix, but unfortunately it must not have saved and I got the Glow Stix instead. I'm assuming most people are interested in the glow, but as someone who can tend to have an oily t-zone, I don't add a lot of glow to my face! 

Earth Harbor Naturals Luna Lei Phyto-Resurfacing Night Serum ~ $54.00 US. A rich, featherlight serum featuring a medley of Seaweed Collagen, Tropical Superfruit Acids and Botanical Multivitamins that refine and retexturize skin to reveal a smoother and more radiant looking complexion — all while you enjoy your precious beauty sleep.  

This serum targets dark spots, hyperpigmentation, dull and uneven skin, and signs of aging. This is formulate with a 15% AHA + BHA blend, Macro-algae Collagen, and Vitamin C-rich oils - it is meant to deliver effective exfoliation without any harsh side effects. This is a product I'm really excited about as I love AHAs and BHAs on my skin - I can't wait to give this a try, and at 15% I would use this only about once or twice a week! 

Serloom Nectar Lash Serum ~ $29.99 US. Lash serum used to help promote the appearance of fuller, darker brows and lashes.

This is another product that I think most people would be really excited for, unfortunately I don't think it's quite for me. For some reason, lash serums kind of freak me out - I don't know why and I think it's a little irrational, but I won't use them. I'm sure they are fine, but something about a hair enhancing thing around my eyes just isn't something I like the idea of! 

February 2020 Tribe Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

Luxie Beauty Eye Brushes #111 and #237 ~ $24.00 US.

111 is a flat angled brush that's good for blending out harsh lines or densely packing on cream products and 237 is a classic blending brush ideal for a transition colour in the crease. I have received Luxie brushes in past subscription boxes and I do think they are good brushes, so these will work for me! 

The Balm Read My Lips Lip Gloss in Pop! ~ $15.00 US. Read My Lips lip glosses feature a wide range of shades that make a statement without saying a word. “Smart-mouthed” takes on a new meaning with this unique formula fortified with ginseng, a powerful antioxidant known for its mentally stimulating properties. 

I like to see The Balm in a subscription box - this is a brand I've only tried a couple of things from, but I always want to try more. I think their packaging and branding is super cute and these sound like good glosses. I think this came in a couple of colour options and the colour I got is a quite bright orangey coral - it's pretty, but I do have something similar in my collection and I don't reach for glosses a ton. It does smell delicious though! 

Wander Beauty Wandress Fling Eyeshadow Palette ~ $33.00 CAN. This array of flirty, beautiful eye shadow colors delivers intense payoff that lasts all day. An intensely pigmented eyeshadow palette with a range of six buttery eyeshadows for a fun and flirty spring look. 

I'm a always a fan of mini eyeshadow palettes - I love six pans as it's easy to create a bunch of looks with the palette. I'm not sure that this one will quite work like that as this one is all lighter shimmer shadows - they are really pretty shadows though! 

February 2020 Tribe Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

Bouquet ~ foil champagne gold
Blossom ~ shimmer pink
Marigold ~ foil gold
Eden ~ matte nude 
Orchid ~ shimmer light purple 
Cedar ~ satin brown

The shadows are all very pretty - I think they are lightly pigmented and would all make pretty lid shades. With the amount of eyeshadows that I have, this would not get used much in my collection. 

I didn't want this unboxing to come off as overly negative - I do think this box contained really great products, I just didn't think that they were personally great for me. I have a ton of makeup and skincare and am focusing this year on using what I have without a million repeats and only keeping what I will really use. 

Overall, this box is $42 US (plus exchange to Canadian), and it came with $190.98 worth of products! I honestly don't even think they needed to count the makeup bag at a $20 value - this had a great value just with the products and I do think the products were good overall. 

Have you guys tried Tribe Beauty Box before? What did you think of this month's box?

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