Friday, May 12, 2023

Five on Friday - May 12, 2023 ~ Funeral Songs for Dying Girls Book Review, Elliott's Soccer, New Succulents, Queer Eye Season 7, and Happy 9 Year Blogiversary!

Happy Friday everyone - I hope you all had a good week! 


I received the book as part of the review program - this post contains affiliate links

Ahh - another great book by one of my favourite authors! I'm excited to share my thoughts on Funeral Songs for Dying Girls by Cherie DimalineWe meet our main character Winifred when she is about to turn 16, so she's at a pretty vulnerable stage in her life, but she's also dealing with the grief of losing her mom and while also facing her father potentially losing his job and them being evicted from caretaker at the cemetery. But, Winifred's late night prowling at the cemetery may have started a rumour that the cemetery is haunted and she wants to find a way to use that to save her home.

But, as Winifred befriends an actual ghost of a young girl in the cemetery, she is quickly faced with choices of how far she will go to save her home - she doesn't want to hurt her friends or family, but the relationships are complex and she faces difficult decisions. I loved the exploration of friendship, family, grief and love with a haunted setting so it wasn't too heavy and still a great read!


This week Elliott started soccer back up - he wasn't really sure if he wanted to play, but since one of his best friends plays with him, he did it again and he played so well! He tried so hard and it was a great start! 


This week I picked up a fundraiser for my kid's school - how amazing are these succulents?! I have been doing so well with my succulents that I thought these would be great because I can use them indoor and outdoor. There was just a random selection but I got so many fun ones!! 


I love Queer Eye so much and I'm so excited that season 7 started today - I'm going to binge this all weekend and probably cry every episode like normal and I can't wait to watch it! 


It's my 9 Year Blogiversary - Yay!!! The past few years I've celebrated with a giveaway, but those have been harder and harder to do - I almost missed it this year, it came up in memories, but I am happy that I've managed to keep this going for 9 years! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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