Saturday, April 22, 2023

Five on Saturday - April 22, 2023 ~ Remarkably Bright Creatures Book Review, Science Centre Exhibit, Amazon Finds, New Planter and New Plants!

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you all had a great week! 


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I've had book reviews straight for the past few weeks, but man, March was an amazing reading month! Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt is a contemporary fiction novel, following two characters and an octopus as their stories slowly overlap. And, seriously, who knew a story with an octopus as one of the narrators was going to be so cute?! But once you've heard from Marcellus the grumpy octopus, you are going to love him! 

This follows Tova, a woman in her 70s who cleans at the local aquarium to keep herself busy, and Marcellus, an octopus in the aquarium who Tova makes a connection. We also follow Cameron, who makes his way to their town and unexpectedly in to everyone's lives. Tova has had a difficult go, but her cute but matter-of-fact perspective was fun to read. She's recently lost her husband and previously lost her son and we meet her as she is preparing for the next stage of her life. Marcellus is counting his days in captivity and ends up wanting to help Tova, and his perspective is amazing to read from (plenty of research shows how intelligent octopuses are and I adored this). I found Cam's perspective a little harder to get in to - he is down and out and can't catch a break. He's not the most likeable at first, but he really comes through, and the setting and cast of characters bring this story together. It is a slow build as everything comes together, but I loved everyone's lives and small town six-degree-of-separation type stories. 4.5 stars, lovely read! 


Last week we had a day off and finally went to check out the new Digital Immersion Gallery at Telus Spark - it's called The Sacred Defenders. It is presented in a graphic novel style talking about the planet and environment and coming together to do our part. The four corners each have a defender called forward - Water, Fire, Earth, Wind - and it's so well done! 


I picked up a few cute new things on Amazon recently, so I thought I'd share! The journal was created by a blogging friend, Holly's Housewife Life and she created a whole bunch - I'm a To-Do List maker, so this Things-To-Do List journal is perfect for me! Then, how cute is this little Face Planter Pot and I found the perfect little plant to go in it! 


I also picked up this cute little Sweetie Cat Planter from a group buy site - I'm upgrading my plant stand and needed a few new cuties to hold the plants! 


Our succulents have been getting a little crazy, so we decided to re-do our plant cart and we plucked off some babies to replant as well as to try to grow some from leaves and replanted a bunch of smaller ones in to some new pots! They all look so cute in their new places! 

I hope you have a good weekend! 

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