Friday, April 14, 2023

Five on Friday - April 14, 2023 ~ Go As A River Book Review, Easter, 11 Year Dating Anniversary, New Ikea Day Bed, and New Lost in Layers Spring 2023 Outfit

Happy Friday everyone - hope you all had a good week! It's been a little busy around here, but we are over the kid's sickness in the house and have a busy weekend with family planned! 


Go As A River was received as a review copy - this post contains affiliate links

I've been loving having more book reviews on the blog, and it's also helped me work with publishers, so I'm happy to be part of the Penguin Random book reviewers and today I'm sharing my thoughts on the adult historical fiction novel, Go As A River by Shelley ReadThis story spans 30 years and starts in the 1940s with a teenage girl on her families peach farm - she is the only girl in a family struck by many tragedies. She has a quick, passionate affair with a young man passing through town, however quickly finds out of racism and it ends in tragedy. Victoria escapes to the wilderness and on her eventually return to town, a damn is being proposed that would render the town un-livable. She takes her peaches and eventually settles in a new spot, then the book really delves in to found family and friends, re-connection and rebuilding. It is beautifully written and there is a lot that goes on. I enjoyed the setting and the resilience of the characters. I did think it was a slower start and it took me a bit to connect to the characters, but halfway through as we were really getting in, I could not put it down and I was rooting for all of our characters, and it was tragic and hopeful and beautiful! Solid 4 star read. 


Last weekend was Easter, but of course Elliott still had hand, foot and mouth so it was a quiet weekend - I had to do two different egg hunts for each kid, so I didn't even see Damian do his in the basement (teenagers just slink out, get candy and hide). But, we did have a good dinner and a quiet weekend! 


This past week, it was Mitch and I's 11 Year Anniversary - we went out for dinner to celebrate (well Mitch appeased me, although he doesn't agree this anniversary counts after we got married, but I think I deserve my pre-trial credit!)


We've been in our house for probably 7 years now without a proper guest room, so now I've finally found exactly what I was searching for - this is a day bed that's a twin mattress that has a trundle so it extends to a King size bed! I love the drawers and storage and finally a full size bed for people to sleep in! (If you're interested, this is the Ikea Hemnes Day Bed and I love it!)


I've raved about Lost in Layers before - this is a local Calgary brand with everything ethically sourced and made in Canada. They are always gorgeous basics and pieces to layers. They just released a new Spring collection and I picked up two pieces - the Navy Abstract Print Midi Skirt (I picked it up in a Large and it fits perfectly), and the Jade Scoop Tank (in a size M/L). I love this Spring outfit so much! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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